Top 8 Best Google Doodle Games That are Free (2024)

Google Doodles are changes made to the Google logo when you visit Different international and local topics are celebrated from anniversaries to trailblazing individuals who have impacted the culture.

Then, in the 2000s came the very first Doodle series which told stories of aliens encountering the logo and hauling it off Mars. The same year, it launched the first international Doodle to celebrate Bastille Day in France. The first Halloween Doodle was also featured, portraying a special new element known as animation. This was where animation became an important key element of Doodle storytelling.

In 2010, came the first interactive game, Pac-Man, with the first interactive Doodle game experience. By 2011, it evolved to a full video telling in-depth stories regarding their subjects. The first ever live-action Doodle celebrated Charlie and the Chaplin’s 122nd birthday.

The first multi-media Google Doodle featuring Earth Day came out in 2012. Then in 2018, it jumped off the screen with the first VR-enabled/360 video Doodle.

The first ever AI-powered Doodle celebrating Sebastian Back came out. In this, the team partnered with Google Magenta and Google PAIR teams.

The official Google Doodle Website:

Visit Google Doodles

What you need to know about Free Google Doodle Games

There are a few points about Google Doodle which we have compiled for you to know:

  1. The Google Doodle team receives around 7000 submissions per year.
  2. Sometimes they also have hidden easter eggs just like you may find them in Google Hangouts.
  3. The team sets major principles that every Doodle follows. It does not promote brands and is more like a gift to the audience.
  4. The Halloween Doodle came out in 2018 out of the Googler Hackathon, he said it was impossible but we made a demo and saw how fun it was.
  5. They have a public archive where you can check out every Doodle ever made. It was made in 2011 and allows you to reach out, learn about the topic, and read about the artists.
  6. Doodles are not always entirely digital; a few are sketches, paintings, or others.
  7. Doodles usually involve the work of different Google teams. It is not the game of a single-handed person.

Top 8 Best Google Doodle Games in 2024

We have compiled for you a list of the best free Google Doodle Games, follow through to know more:

Pangolin Love Google Doodle Game

This game was on notice as it came in three installments released on successive days in 2017. It came with an important message to raise awareness of three endangered pangolin species. You need to help the scaly anteaters complete different tasks, from collecting ingredients to baking a cake, writing a song, and learning to dance.

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Champion Island Doodle

This is a 2021 role-playing browser developed by Google in partnership with a company named Studio 4C.

The story is about the Lucky the Ninja Cat as she completes sports events across Champion Island to become island champion and complete different side quests by helping those in need. It was removed in 2021 by Google but can be played in Google Doodle archives.

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Google Doodle Cricket Cricket

Cricket is a great game understood in a few countries, so what is a better way to introduce it to a huge audience than through a better-known kind of cricket? In this, you need to help a plucky orthopteran defend his wicket from all the balls that come.

Moreover, many unsportsmanlike videos are out on the market that show how to cheat within the game, which is not cricket.

Coding for Carrots Google Doodle Game

This is the only game that comes with an educational focus. It was created for Computer Science Education Week and marks the 50th anniversary of introducing programming languages to kids. You must build code that leads the rabbit to hop to each space with a carrot. These are blocks to move one space forward, turn right and left, and repeat section code.

The Google Doodle Crossword

Top Google Doodle Games To Play

These games have not all been arcade or platform-inspired. This masterpiece from 2013 pays tribute to a much older pastime. It celebrates the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle.

Rubik’s Cube

Free Google Doodle Games

The game was released in 2014 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube, a popular puzzle toy that has captivated players throughout the globe. The game is primarily designed to test players to solve a virtual version of the cube by rotating its segments unless and until all the colors on each side match.

The gameplay is faithful to the mechanics of the original puzzle toy, with players using their mouse or touch screen to rotate every segment of the cube to solve it.

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The Gerald “Jerry” Lawson Google Doodle Game

Google Doodle Basketball and Halloween Games

This is not one but five games, yes you have heard correctly, five games. This is more than this as it allows you to modify the games using edit mode.

This makes a perfect tribute to Mark that would have been the 82nd birthday of the late game cartridges and an 8-way digital joystick.

Pac Man Doodle

Popular Google Doodle Games that are free

In this Doodle, the player has to control Pac-man who must eat all the dots within a closed maze while avoiding four colored ghosts.

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Google Doodle has been around since almost Google has been. They portray important times, events and people in history in a fun way for the world to see. These 8 Best Google Doodle Games are free to play and can be accessed from any browser or PC. The cool part? You don’t need good system requirements to play these!

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