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This is a free Virtual Private Network client that is quite popular on Android phones. They have over 100 million downloads. By April 2020, it was removed by Google from the Android store and now it appears to be back. Download SuperVPN for Windows 10/11 PC and enjoy unlimited security, privacy, and encryption of your network data.

It has positive reviews on Google PlayStore and a legitimate-looking publisher. At first glance, it looks like a VPN that can be trusted. If you go a bit deeper, things would worry you.

There is no SuperSoftTech, apps “developer” on it, registered in Singapore were claimed by developers to be located. It does not have a website as well. In spite of too many reviews on it there is no talk about this on the application anywhere else online.

To find all the truth behind it, we have undergone some rigorous test processes. Now, what we found was not good. Why I am a little worried about it:

  • It does not have any pros as it is an unsafe application.
  • Carries a limited number of locations.
  • Has the terrible value of a VIP upgrade.
  • Carries too many persistent and annoying adverts.
  • Has a shady developer behavior.
  • Carries a vague logging policy.

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SuperVPN Logging Policy

This is one of the many ones which only look to be good; this is not the only one present on PlayStore.

From now we are going to refer to this as SuperVPN to keep things simple, keep in mind to not confuse them with any alternatives.

An app that has more than 50 million downloads, there is a concerning lack of information available about SuperSoftTech, which is the supposed developer of it.

The privacy policy is hosted on the server there in California and does not carry a domain name. PlayStore listing and this are the extents of the other’s online presence.

Provided lack of transparency from it, we were not surprised to find this privacy policy sparse and lacking detail, even coherent English.

Google search for support email that is [email protected] tells that the actual name of the developer is Jinrong Zheng who is responsible for LinkVPN on IOS as well. This features the same policy, with the same spelling mistakes but this time gets hosted in Germany. Different addresses include Beijing, China.

This is quite a shady setup which means we do not have a real idea that which jurisdiction it is operating out and which companies or governments can be traveling through the data.

As far as this is set out in its privacy policy, it is too sparse for our liking. The following section is very important:

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SuperVPN Logging Policy

Not be able to monitor traffic is quite a basic standard that you need to expect, this is a good start but does not earn any additional points.

It is not a standard practice to monitor IPs against a blacklist. It comes as more of an excuse to keep a record of it than a required procedure.

Now to appear legitimate, the policy refers to the Data Protection Act 1998, which is an outdated UK law that got replaced back in 2018.

Another concerning detail is a reference to where it stores user data:

SuperVPN Latest Version

This sets off alarm bells in our office, what does it collect? And why does it stores data in I privacy-unfriendly US and UK?

To use this you do not need an email address or account, thus it is hard to imagine any information regarding users brings necessary to run the service.

This is quite suspicious. A proper privacy policy like this one from Private Internet Access may be able to solve it but it does not carry a proper one.

The thing which worries me more is when you first install it, it asks for permission in order to access the phone and stored files and media.

There is no reason why it asks for such information; coupled with its reference to store data it implies it may be collecting personal data.

With the best encryption even, when you use such apps you entrust the provider with personal data and information. It is important that you trust it whereas SuperVPN has done nothing to get your trust.

It can excel in other criteria but we still do not recommend using it.

Its shady behavior and vague, overreaching privacy policy are both big red flags that are deal-breakers when choosing one.

SuperVPN Speed and Bandwidth Review

There is no denying the fact that it performs quite well in speed tests, especially for a service that doesn’t cost you.

As it is only available on android, the tests have been performed out on mobile and are not comparable to the bulk of the standard 100Mbps tests. Still, the app performs well though.

Speed Testing

When not using it:

SuperVPN Speed TestWhen using it:

SuperVPN Bandwidth Limit

The results speak for themself.

Long-distance connection download speed drops quite significantly. Two Asian server locations which are Japan and Singapore got 6.9 Mbps and 9.3 Mbps respectively. The speed of uploads remains quite strong though up in the high 30s for both. Even Cisco’s AnyConnect VPN has faster speeds compared to SuperVPN!

Customer Support Does Not Exist

You should not expect much customer support from this. There is a Gmail account on its PlayStore listing but we got no response upon emailing it. there is a FAQ within it, it provides some troubleshooting guidance, but is not comprehensive enough to make up for all the lack of actual customer service.

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SuperVPN Server Locations

The number of locations on offer there in the free version of it has expanded in recent times: users now carry a choice of France, the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Singapore, and Japan (Hong Kong is reserved for the ‘VIP’ version of the app).

There are no disclosed numbers of IP servers or addressers, so you may find the speed to be throttling at some peak times. With too many users it must have a big infrastructure but like much of the organizational side of this, no information is available regarding it.

How to Install SuperVPN Client on Windows PC

How to Download and Install Super VPN on PCInstalling this is quite easy. All you need to do is:

  • Go to “Google PlayStore”.
  • Then search for the applications.
  • Click on “install”.

It might not be that of an achievement to make this with almost no features and just 8 locations that are easy to use, but SuperVPN has quite an intuitive application.

As that has been said, the ads hurt experience and pop at most frustrating times thus increasing the chances of accidental taps

Moreover, there are also many odd and misleading choices of design scattered throughout the application.

“VPN is ready: Continue” screen pops up upon the launch and even then it is active, this can be frustrating as well. The application does not allow you to select a new place unless and until you have navigated past this page and disconnected, either.

Every time you start the application there is a confusing pop-up, it shall ask you to disable the battery optimization so that it can run in the background. It happens even regardless of the settings on your cell and provides you with directions that are not universal to all android devices,

A VIP upgrade is also available, this gets you to access to an additional server in Hong Kong. To upgrade it requires associating a Google Playstore account with this account: this is yet another privacy red flag.

Even we did not think giving SuperSoftTech this data was that much of a bad idea. We think you should not use the free application, let alone hand in more of the data to pay for a risky experience.

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SuperVPN for Windows 10/11 Download (Latest Version)

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about SuperVPN for PC download that you can install to increase your online safety. It works particularly well with Windows 10/11 and comes in its latest version. It is also released for Android which is for mobile users.

Data CapUnlimited
Speed40 Mbps
Logging PolicyNot good
Data LeaksNot known of
ServersMainly Europe or the USA
IP AddressesKeeps changing
US NetflixNo
Works in ChinaNo
Version2.4 (Current)
SuperVPN Overall Verdict
Logging Policy
Server Locations
VPN Speeds
Lee is a full-time developer at DekiSoft that is eager to discover new and exciting advancements in technology, AI, software, Linux and machine learning. He loves playing games in his spare time.
SuperVPN is an overall okay VPN service for those who just want to unblock a service quickly e.g. Whatsapp or a blocked game app. However, if you want full-blown security I would not recommend

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