About Us

About DekiSoft

Founded in 2004 all the team at DekiSoft has been creating very powerful, smart, and sensible software. We have spent just about two decades creating high-end programs with quality at the core.

The Software we created

  1. Sensible File Renamer
  2. Sensible Note Taker
  3. Monitor Off Utility

Yes, that’s right above! We are the authors of SFR, SNT and MOU! These were and are still loved by their users.

Our software has been featured on sites like:

  1. CNET
  2. Microsoft
  3. Softpedia

What we do

The programs that we have created have helped people make their work and home lives better on their PC. We have now stopped developing software due to changes in circumstances. However, we are now going to be using this platform to educate users about using clever and smart tools to make their everyday computer usage more fun.

We will now be providing highly-researched, tested, and clean software reviews for technical and non-technical audiences. We will be using plain English and explaining every term to the readers.

Why we are doing it

Since DekiSoft.com started in 2004, I still see a major search/hunt when someone is looking for recommendations or alternatives to something they are using, and don’t like it!

This is why we wanted to gather our expertise in software development, testing, and publishing together to recommend people around the globe the right tools and advice! That will help them to make a much more informed decision on what they will install on their computer or laptop.

Contacting Us

If you have any queries or simply just want to provide some feedback please contact us at ([email protected]).

Alternatively, you can also use our contact page to get hold of us for any questions or queries. Please allow up to 24 working hours for a response back. You can use that form to report a bug or simply let us know what you think.

Location: London, United Kingdom.