Sensible File Renamer Download for Windows PC

Sensible File Renamer is a powerful, easy to use file-renaming tool. It has a clean and simplified interface. It features an exclusive Number Preservation mode, which allows you to rename files without losing their current numbering system. This is great for renaming television shows. Other renaming modes include: number generation, left trim, right trim, replace character(s), insert character(s), delete character(s), single file rename, and case conversion.


Real Time Preview:

You will always know exactly how your files are going to be renamed, the preview instantly updates whenever you make a change.

Number Preservation Mode:

This mode will allow you to rename a large group of files while preserving their current numbering system. This is ideal for renaming something like a television show where using a number generation file rename would screw up the episode order.

Number Generation Mode:

This mode is ideal for renaming large groups of images such as screen shots or pictures from a digital camera.

Other Rename Methods:

  • Left Trim
  • Right Trim
  • Replace Character(s)
  • Insert Character(s)
  • Delete Character(s)
  • Convert To Upper Case
  • Convert To Lower Case
  • Convert To Sentence Case
  • Convert To Proper Case
  • Change Extensions

All renaming methods include the ability to change the extension at the same time.


This will allow you to rename only files containing certain text or a specific extension.

Single File Rename:

If you need to manually rename a single file you just double click on it.

Out other programs:

  1. Sensible Note Taker v1.05.
  2. Monitor Off Utility (MOU) v1.0.

Download Sensible File Renamer v1.0

Below is your Sensible File Renamer download for Windows XP/7. Do let me know how this program is helping with organizing file renames.

Author: Dale Nurden

Sensible File Renamer v1.0 Download

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