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Kali Linux, formerly known as BackTrack is a Debian-based Distro that is geared towards people that are in the Cybersecurity, Audit and Research field. It comes with preloaded tools for Forensics and Penetration Testing.

How To Reset Kali Linux Password (The Easy Way)

How To Reset Kali Linux Password 2021 (The Easy Way)

As you already know Kali is an open-source, Debian based Linux distribution that was previously known as BackTrack. It aims for advanced penetration testing and security auditing. If you have forgotten...
Parrot OS vs Kali Linux (Ultimate Comparison): Which To Choose?

Parrot OS vs Kali Linux vs Ubuntu Comparison: Which To Choose?

Linux has been known for its different distributions that cater to different needs. The most famous among all is the Kali Linux which is a penetration testing oriented for security professionals....

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