Palworld Free Download For Windows 11/10 PC 2024 (Full Version)
Palworld Free Download For Windows 11/10 PC

Want to play Palworld and can’t find a suitable download link? This article allows you to get a Palworld Download for Free in its full version.

The developer of the game Pocketpair earned a lot in 5 days just because the game had 5 million sales as soon it was released under 5 days. So, what is the plan? Well, a road map has been given in which the developer has promised to highlight bugs, and critical issues like immediate focus as well as plans to implement “improvements to base PaI and AI and pathing” very soon.

What is Palworld PC Game?

This is a third-person survival game in which you explore a vast map and interact with its numerous animal-like inhabitants called Pals.

Download Palworld Free Game

From the game, you can expect all the usual trappings of the genre including the hunger meter which needs to be full, and emphasis on resource-gathering and crafting to make items that will be useful in the present or near future, including building bases. The thing that makes it hook to it, comes in the form of “adorable pals

In total, there are 100+ Pals which can be battled in combat, weakened and then captured using a “Pal Sphere”. Once Pal has been captured there are several things you can do with it depending on the kind of Pal captured. These usually range from summoning them in combat to stationing them at home base to help with crafting. A few of these can also be used as mounts to make island traveling easier.

It allows up to 4 “Pal-Tamera” to team up and roam the island. It also supports a comedic tone with tongue-in-cheek references to illegal hunting and forced labor.

Palworld Download For PC

You can buy this from Steam for $26 too which is a discounted price for early launch. However, shortly, the price will increase. Xbox players can buy this for $29 from the Xbox Store with the free 60-minute trial.

It is available on Xbox Game Pass for Console and Windows PC, if you have a Game Pass Subscription already then, you’re good to go and don’t have to pay anything extra to build your collection of Pals.

Palworld PC Game Features

In the future it has planned; PvP for Pals, new Islands, Xbox and Steam Crossplay, Raid Bosses, Pal Arena, Steam Workshop support, Trading Pals with other players globally, Major building system updates and Server/Save transfers for transitioning between single and multi-players.

For now, the game is still in the testing phase for this feature and experimenting with different approaches. The developer is still working to find a form of PvP that fits with the design of the existing game. Moreover, Pals shall also get their own PvP form in an arena.

It states that there will be Raid Bosses which guild members must gather and cooperate to defeat.

Palworld Full Version For PC

The game developer says he is working to make this possible as soon as he can.

For now, it has not been elaborated by the developer on how Trading Pals will work with other players, but we can assume that you need to be in the same multi-player session or on the same multi-player server to trade; perhaps the feature will go hand-in-hand with its plan to let players transition their save files between single-player games and multi-player servers. You can also join servers from public or private lists that are also found in other games such as World of Warcraft.

After launch, this feature will be added and the developer states that he is looking forward to seeing what kind of mods players will come up with. The game already has a mod adding actual Pokemon to the game.

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How to Play Palw?

As the game is still in its early access, you can play it with Xbox Games Pass or on Pc through Steam

If you are an Xbox player then you can play it for free with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass, the monthly subscription to Game Pass Ultimate will cost you 12.99 Pounds per month, Microsoft has a deal on subscription service which is 1 Pound for 14 days.

In case you do not have a Game pass then it will cost you around 24 Pounds to buy and play.

If you are PC gamer then you can buy the game on Steam. The store has an introductory offer which will cost you 24.99 Pounds and save 10%.

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Palworld or Pokemon – Which game did it better?

Remember that Palworld is not an official Pokemon game, though it is easy to see that this mistake has been made before. The new game is filled with creatures known as Pals who share similarities with Pokemon from design to abilities.

Similar to Pokemon, you can catch Pals by throwing balls and keeping them to complete tasks and battle with other PaI trainers. This is the core gameplay of the Pokemon franchise, catching all you can and then battling with other trainers.

The game Palworld however is meant and designed for an older audience. This is something that Pokemon lacks. In Pokemon, the mainline games have their focus on catching and battling Pokemon whereas Palworld is a survival game in which you craft bases, tools and weapons to survive. Pals help you out with this.

Build structures and factories where you can use these for free labor, as well as poach rare Pals to sell for profit. On the other hand, Pokemon do not have any kind of building capabilities and are not used as sweatshop workers.

Palworld carries weapons like guns used to take down large boss Pals and give your own to use too.

Palworld PC Requirements

Palworld has beautiful open worlds and graphics hence the requirements are modest and on the higher side you will find:

CPUIntel Core i7th Gen or above
GPURTX 2070 at 8 GB VRAM or better
Disk Space50 GB
OSWindows 10/11 64-bit

Further Reading:

Palworld Download For Windows 10/11 PC Full Version

Palworld has taken over the world as the most favorite Pokemon game. This is without a second thought! Palworld Download for PC is only a click away and is also free. Do let us know how you downloaded Palworld and if it was either unlocked or a full version.

Authors:Pocket Pair
File Type:.Zip and .Rar
Version:Unlocked / Full Version
Size: 17 GB
Platform:Windows 10/11 (64-Bit)

Palworld Free Download Full Version

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