How To Download and Install Minecraft Windows 11 Edition (Completely Free)
How To Download and Install Minecraft Windows 11 Edition (Completely Free)

A popular game developed by Mojang in the year. It is a sandbox game for PCs, mobile devices and many console platforms. For now, more than 127 million people play it. This is an insane number. This is why we bring you Minecraft Windows 11 Edition download and install guide for all the loyal players.

It was bought by Microsoft in 2014 for $2.5 billion, since then it has been releasing different compatible editions. Out of all Minecraft for Windows 11 is designed with direct storage optimization for faster frame rates.

This one is a bedrock edition that allows cross-platforms across different devices like iOS, Xbox One, Android smartphones, Play Station and Nintendo Switch. Now this edition is also available for the new version systems and also works great on the latest operating system. Follow through to learn how to download and install the latest version of Microsoft.

Minecraft Windows 11 Edition Download and Installation

For those who do not know Minecraft itself is a huge 3D world in which gamers are able to build, craft, mine, battle, and explore. This in actual is an infinite virtual land made up of cubic blocks where the players can create their very own worlds and have great experiences.

Download and install it for version 10 (bedrock) editions through its site or even the Microsoft Store, but keep in mind that you can only get Java edition from its official site.

Minecraft for Windows 11 in the Microsoft Store

Minecraft in Windows 11 Store

  1. In “Search”, search for “Microsoft Store”.
  2. Open it.
  3. Here, search for “Minecraft” in the search bar. You shall get different versions of the game.
  4. You need to select from 3 versions; Minecraft Master Collection, Minecraft (only provides a free trial) and Started Collection.
  5. From the result, click the “Minecraft Windows 11” edition if you wish to give it a try before making a purchase.
  6. The Bedrock edition shall cost you $29.99.
  7. Hit the “money” option, select the method of payment, and buy the game.
  8. Click on “free trial” if you want to try it all for free.
  9. Once done, it shall begin to download.
  10. Hit the “play” button to begin the game or in search, you can search for “Minecraft” and select an application from the result that appears to launch it.
  11. Once it gets loaded, hit the “play” option.

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Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

  1. Go to official site.
  2. After this click on the “games” option present at the top of the page and choose “Minecraft”.
  3. For a free trial click on the “try it free” link at the top.
  4. On the next page, click on “Windows logo” in order to get a trial version.
  5. If you wish to buy the game, click on “Get Minecraft” button on the homepage.
  6. On the next page, you need to choose the device (in such case “computer”).
  7. After this, select the platform which is “PC”.
  8. Select edition > Minecraft: Windows 11 Edition to get Bedrock edition.
  • Next, select either the “starter collection” or “master collection”, hit “buy” to go to the order summary page to buy the game.
  • If you getting it for version 10 edition then it is suggested you buy it from the Microsoft store as you shall get a good price and get cost in currency. If you make a purchase from the official site then a dollar to your currency conversion could be high and out of your budget.

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Minecraft Java Edition for Windows 11

Minecraft Java Edition

  1. Go to its official website.
  2. Click on the “games” option there on the top of the page, and select “Minecraft”.
  3. Click on “try it free” link.
  4. Go down, and click on the “download now” option there under Minecraft: Java Edition for the Windows section.
  5. Select a destination and save the installer.
  6. To install the installer double click it.
  7. In the setup, hit “next”.
  8. After this, you need to select where you want to save it using the “change” option and hit “next”.
  9. Click on “install”.
  10. If user account control seeks for permission then click on “yes”.
  11. Hit the “finish” button.
  12. This shall update its launcher and open it.
  13. In here you shall use either the Microsoft or Mojang account in order to log in. If you do not have any then click on the “create new Microsoft account” link to make an account.
  14. Enter your username and hit “next”.
  15. Enter the password and click on “sign-in”.
  16. You shall see a welcome page with a username randomly generated.
  17. Once logged in, it shall take you to its home page where you can manage the account, buy some skins, change settings and install mods.
  18. Click on “play demo” to begin the download of game files for the trial version.
  19. It shall begin to download the game files.
  20. Once downloaded, you can play the game.
  21. This is a demo version, it shall last “five in-game days” or about “300 minutes”.

If you want to see if your system can handle it, try out the trial version. Once this is over, you would have to make a complete purchase if you want to continue playing.

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How To Install Minecraft Full Edition on Windows 11

Minecraft Full Edition

  1. Go to its site.
  2. Click on the “get Minecraft” button.
  3. Select the device (computer).
  4. Next, select “platform”.
  5. After this select “java edition”.
  6. In the end, click on the “buy” button.
  7. This shall redirect you to the order summary page, in here select the country or region and the payment method. Buy the game for around $26.95.
  8. Once payment is made, you shall get a download link to get the launcher set up.
  9. After this install and configure the launcher to play the game.

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Conclusion: Minecraft for Windows 11

Without a second thought, Windows 11 is the best OS for gaming. This is why gamers go for it and popular games including Minecraft Windows 11 edition are famous. I hope you know learned how to install the different versions and get them from the Microsoft store as well. Have fun playing!

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