10 Best World Of Warcraft Servers in 2022 (Private and Public)

World of Warcraft is a popular game among gamers for the past 16 years and still continues to be. This is a substantial multi-player online role-playing game that is praised for its gameplay. To play it you need to log into its server. This can be played on the official Blizzard server however as that is public the experience isn’t that great, users report high ping lag and disconnecting issues. This is where WoW private servers are a good alternative as they include better matches, lower ping and more population of users.

About World of Warcraft Server Status

Servers need to be maintained and can sometimes go slow because of poor maintenance. This is where their status can get affected because they have to be taken offline to be able to apply patches or any updates for performance and reliability. You have to remember that these servers are working 24/7 and need to be as fast as possible with a fast connection to insure there is no lag for users.

You can find WoW servers in various locations including:

  1. EU
  2. Asia
  3. Americas
  4. Africa
  5. Australia

10 Best Private/Public WoW Servers

Wow Private Servers and Status

WoW Circle

Wow Circle

This has a lot of popularity among gamers who can enjoy different content including Cataclysm 4.3.4, WotLK 3.3.5, Legion 7.3.5 and Mists of Pandaria 5.4.89. Keep in mind that its gameplay is almost similar to the official server of Blizzard WoW.

Ether Side

This marks a new entry on the list. For Battle of Azeroth (BFA) this is the very first server optimized. With high points, one is able to raise their level of character for both kills and quests. It comes with a war mode which is on always. This one is stable when compared with others as it has fewer players.

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RetroWoW Insta 60

This one is a custom vanilla server for this. It is able to provide support to classic Warcraft games. By spending some dollars you can level up to 60. It features cross-faction, battlegrounds, PvP tokens as well as scripted instances. Moreover, it also carries PvP, PvE as well as raid quests from which players can be leveled up.

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Unlimited WoW

This is another option that provides support to stable connections without any delays. Continuously the server updates it and introduced new advanced features. As a gamer, you can also create characters with instant 255-level which could spawn in multiple locations. Moreover, it has many different weapons, gears, professions as well as NPCs.

WoW Freakz

This one is the oldest one on the list which provides support to a bug community. It offers gamers a Buzzlike server experience making it a great alternate. The best thing about this one is that we can set up the required rate when setting up the account and then later in the game as well


This one is quite a stable one with thousands of players to enjoy. It is able to support character levels up to 80. The best thing about this one is that we can boost the rate by inviting subscribers to its paid VIP membership. Administrators are able to create a balance between various factions which makes it playable and very challenging.

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TwinStar-Apollo II

This one is another option on the list which is a European-based server. It provides support to international players and gives us a Blizzlike server environment. As its client is small therefore one can get and play it on spot. It offers free servers with no VIP account.

For an authentic WoW experience, gamers can set x1 and x2 rates. For accelerated development one can set an x3 rate. In spite of visual skins, it has zero shop items that please all who do not like pay-to-win servers.

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It carries an experience that is quite similar to the official server for all the gamers out there. The best thing about this one is that it has the least bugs among all the private servers and is deemed to be high in the quality private sector. It is able to provide support to two extensions having various realms. Moreover, it provides support to great scripting as well as a vibrant community.

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Frostmourne WoW

Frostmourne WoW Private server

This is a great option on the list as it carries many fun yet exotic features. The best thing is that it provides a high rate of x15 through which gamers can easily breeze through the levels. At level 80 we can also begin. It carries different realms and custom quests.

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Its server is able to support custom PvE quests through which we can create our very own characters. It also supports 1v1 and 3v3 arenas which are really fun once we start playing.

Panda WoW

Panda Wow Public Server

This is a private server that hosts many online servers. It is one best yet stable servers for MoP. Keep in thing in your mind that it does not offer a Blizzlike experience but its multiplayer gameplay is quite exciting if you are a game player.

In this, the gamer is able to choose different realms and make a custom character or make a selection from an existing character. As a player one can also select quests and areas which is detailed and a lot of fun to play.

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Conclusion: Private WoW Servers

There are various online WoW public and private servers but we have shared the best list which is always up and filled with players from all around the world from the EU to Asia. These are the ones that are most populated and include vanilla or wotlk. So, which ones are you always playing on and why?

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