Best PS2 Games for Emulation and SteamDeck

PlayStation 2 is a game console which has been manufactured by Sony. It is one of the most popular consoles with more than 55 Million Units sold in Europe alone. It was not only a major highlight in Sony’s history for both its games business and the company as a whole but also helped in the launch of the DVD format. If you want to go down memory lane then these best PS2 Games for Emulation and Steam Deck are the best to install and play.

It has the longest continuation dates for a console from 2000-2013. The next version is its successor. Till now the system is supported and new games are being released every week which is a strong testament to its staying power.

Today if there were no PS2 then the world of gaming would have been quite different or in other words would not have the spark!

If we talk about the life span it is the longest console among others. It has released 1500+ games which made it the best-selling console.

Did you know this?

On the first day of release PlayStation 2 sold 100,000 consoles Worldwide.

What are PS2 Games With Emulation Support and Steam Deck

Best PS2 Games To Emulate

Playing video games on your system or mobile is possible with programs called video game emulators. Each and every is made by fans or fans. This allows you to play PS2 games without the need of having a PS2 console. Isn’t that cool? Well, it’s not the games that support emulation it is the Emulator.

In PS2 its function is to emulate PS2 hardware by using a combination of MIPS CPU Interpreters, Recompilers and virtual machines which manage hardware states and PS2 system. The basics and functionality remain the same when you compare it with newer emulators such as the PS5 emulation utilities you can install.

Best PS2 Games to Emulate on SteamDeck

This will allow you to download PS2 games directly on the device thus making it easier to play. Once you have enabled the PCSX2 emulator on this it will allow you to play PS2 games providing you with a nostalgic gaming experience. To play this you need to get PS2 game ROMs and files, otherwise, they won’t work.

As the Steam Deck has 8GB of RAM, you can easily play much lighter games that require only 1GB of RAM.

Before you begin: If you have a PC, you will need an emulator such as PCSX2. Make sure you have it fully installed and configured.

8 Best PS2 Games For Emulation and Steam Deck

We have compiled for you a list of the best PS2 games that you can emulate on PC or Steam Deck, download and enjoy for a better gaming experience.

Note: The list below isn’t in any specific order, they are all awesome.

Resident Evil 4 – Best PS2 Game to Emulate on PC

It needed new fresh ideas after years of tank controls and fixed camera angles and Capcom delivered them at the right time. They started with getting rid of zombies, Los Ganados were clever and cooperative and they could even use weapons. The worst part; was that a shoulder perspective meant that you were closer to action.

The game switch to more action-oriented games was a big success and influenced many other games.

Gradius V – Overall best PS2 Game for Steam Deck Emulation

Best PS2 Exclusive Game for Emulation

Playing this game will make you feel that PS2 is retro yet. Image the kind of cosmic alignment that would be needed to get Konami to publish a boxed, retail shoot-em-up developed by Treasure in today’s competitive market.

This is a great continuation of the classic gaming series with excellent graphics and a few inventive new ways to use option drones which have been a staple of the series. This is a decidedly old-school experience and a must-buy for any fan of the genre.

OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast – Best PS2 Game to Emulate on Windows

Best Steam Deck Emulation PS2 Games

This is a simple thing as all you need to do is drive beautiful Ferrari cars through scenic sceneries along with taking advantage of the satisfying drift machines.

Sumo’s digital conversions add in a lot more through Coast 2 Coast 2 mode with all driving challenges to keep you busy. If you are a big fan of arcade racing games then you find a better option than this.

God of War 2005 – Best PS2 Game to Emulate on Windows 11

This is an adventurous game that leads us through ancient Greece as Kratos, a Spartan warrior turned God of war, seeks retribution against gods who have manipulated him. This game has robust combat, engaging puzzles, rip roaring boss battles which make for a great gameplay experience. It has a bold portrayal of mythology and an iconic protagonist. For now, it has become an important player in the annals of video game history.

Burnout 3 Takedown – Best PS2 Game to Emulate on Steam Deck

Top PS2 Games for Emulation on PC

The first two burnout games given by Criterion Games were excellent arcade racers but their crashes were always something to avoid. This third version somehow corrected the injustice by making combat a key part of racing. There was nothing off-limits, you could slam rivals into walls, run them into oncoming traffic, or even drop on them from above just to win.

The game is fast with great graphics but the cathartic release of aggression was the highlight. This seemed to be the best racing game ever.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Best PS2 Game for Steam Deck

PS2 Emulation Games For Steam Deck

This game has a lot of popularity, we are saying this as there is no gamer today who has not played this or had it on his system. It represented a leap forward like we have never seen before. It included three cities namely Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

It came with revamped and more responsive gameplay mechanics, brand-new vehicles, tons of upgradeable skills and more than 100 missions. You wouldn’t be surprised to know that this is also one of the top paid games for Android.

What makes it great is the great storyline, open-ended gameplay structure, and two-person multiplayer elements. This game delivers goods as no other on the list. It offers a variety and ways to make it your own.

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Kingdom Hearts

When beloved characters of Disney were smashed with the popular Japanese RPG series then it was bound to create some fandom explosion and it did. Even today the game has passionate fans, including me!


This is a great game given by Clover Studio. In this, you are put in control of Amaterasu which is a goddess in wolf form whose aim is to save the land from darkness. This is close to the Legend of Zelda series which the Sony console has and gives Nintendo’s classics a run for the money. Its unique visual style has been inspired by Japanese artwork which gave it a cult appeal and saw the game converted to many other platforms regardless of the disappointing sales of the PS2 Fat.

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Even though the PS5 is the latest generation of consoles from Sony, even the Slim is out people still like to go and play the old titles. This is where you can play any of the 8 Best PS2 Games For Emulation or Steam Deck. There are some PS2 exclusives to emulate too but others are icon nevertheless do let us know which game you have emulated the most and still play to this day in the comments below. Thank you.

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