12 Best Paid Android Games of 2024
12 Best Paid Android Games of 2024

Today on the Play Store there are millions of Android games, many of which are free. It is always free to play games that we opt for after all it does not make sense to buy a game when there are many free options to choose from, Right? Well, that depends on what you are ready to settle on. 12 Best Paid Android Games 2024 give you the premium mobile gaming experience you deserve with PC and console-like graphics.

Paid mobile games have a lot more advantages than free games; the most annoying thing while playing any game with concentration is ads that are going to detract you from the gaming experience. Yes, you can put the phone on flight mode but what if the game requires an internet connection?

When it comes to free games there are in-app purchases and you will often see that you can progress quickly or have access to special in-game items without paying.

Paid games come in good high quality, stunning graphics, good dialogue, creative story-telling and all-around polish. By buying games you will give back to the industry by supporting it financially.

Also, when you buy games, you are supporting mobile game developers, especially the smaller indie ones, they do not have much exposure or big resources and struggle for profit. When you buy such games, they continue to develop new ones with confidence.

12 Best Paid Android Games 2024 – Most Premium Mobile Games

The below list of premium paid mobile games is in no order and covers various genres from action, adventure, shooting and puzzle. Paid games for Android have their pros when looking at free choices as well:

Paid Android GameFree Android Game
Higher quality graphicsLower quality graphics in some cases
Longer and more detailed storiesShorter missions and limited stories
Access to all perks, mods, levels and toolsLimited and locked access unless you purchase add-ons or DLC
Better support from the game studio or developerAlmost no support or little support from the game developers

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Overall Best Paid Game for Android

This has been developed by Rockstar Games which is a PC classic. It has been remastered and revamped by War Drum Studios for Android phones. This is a popular game among game lovers. It carries purpose-built-high-resolution graphics, cloud save support, customizable control, gamepad compatibility and tactile effects. This is not a game that is under 20 MB file size though.

This is all that you are expecting from a GTA game like drugs, guns, murder and whatnot. With more than 70 hours of gameplay, this is well worth its price.

Play GTA San Andreas

Dead Cells – 2nd Best Paid Android Game

Best Free Games for Android that were Paid

This is a great game of the last decade. The rogue-like metroidvania with souls’ elements is a genuine masterpiece. For now, it is available on Android with an excellent port. It is difficult to find any fault in the game as it works so great. It comes with intense challenges which some might not like but it is subjective.

It comes with a choice between Bluetooth controllers and excellent touchscreen controls. We must say that the port has been done excellently. We have not seen any glitches, hiccups, or bugs.

Being rogue-like, death is permanent which means if you fail then you have to start all over again in your cell and be forced to begin anew. When you head back out, things won’t be the same, so you need to be prepared for each run.

Play Dead Cells

Stardew Valley – Best Paid Mobile Game

Best Paid Mobile Games

This has been developed by Chucklefish Limited. The game combines the joy of owning a countryside farm with RPG mechanics, social simulation, mini-games, as well as an intriguing plot. Even on Android, it has many mods to select from.

With this title, you will find days or weeks’ worth of content and gameplay all hail to the myriad things that you can do in-game.

Play Stardew Valley

Hitman Sniper – Best Premium Android Game

Best Premium Games for Android

This has been developed by Square Enix Co which is a great hitman game for smartphones. Hitman Sniper allows you to play as a famous character known as Agent47.

Now, this is not a normal FPS game in this you are forced to be creative and think on your feet. It carries 150+ missions with ten different contracts and all with multiple ways to have your objective.

Play Hitman Sniper

Crypt of the Necrodancer

This is a great hit of the last few years and has made a name for itself by executing and using your dungeon crawler along the diverse universe experience.

Both combat and movement are tied to the sick beats of the soundtrack. Even a single slip-up can have you running from hills and missed beats will give enemies an opening to attack you.

The best part is that the game comes without ads or in-app purchases. You will spend most of your time trying to beat the main story so it is a solid deal for Sun, a unique and high-quality game.

Play Crypt of the Necrodancer

Transport Tycoon

The Best Games for Android that are paid

This has been developed by 31X Ltd, another classic game option on this list. It first came out in 1995 and helped spawn a wave of transport and tycoon games which boomed in the late 1990s and 2000s.

The Android version is a complete remake of games but keeps the mechanics of the game and the lovable sprite art of the original game alive. It carries the very same features such as 100+ types of vehicles and roads with proper signals that mimick realistic cities.

Play Transport Tycoon

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Minecraft for Mobile

Best Paid Android Games for Free

It was developed by Mojang Studios in 2011. It carries a complete Android port which port. Its Android version is remade. Get this to explore, build, and craft in a wide-open world to your heart’s content. You will need a Minecraft account if you don’t already have one it is free to create but premium unlocks all of the mods.

It has all that you can find in Bedrock edition though it might be a version or two behind Minecraft for Windows and Mac.

Play Minecraft

Mini Metro

This has been developed by Dinosaur Polo Club and is a much-acclaimed casual game. It is a balanced hybrid between puzzle and management genres. It has a simple goal; to create a metro system that is efficient for some of the world’s biggest cities.

It tries to simulate metro foot traffic of the big cities such as London, Beijing and NewYork. You will spend most of your time tweaking and fine-tuning trains and railways to deliver passengers to their desired destinations. This is a small train that fits in an Android smartphone and can be played whenever you want.

Play Mini Metro

Assassin’s Creed Identity

Best Paid Games for Android to play

This has been developed by Ubisoft Entertainment. This has long hard releases for mobile phones. Among these, it tries to earnestly run at bringing the joy of the series console as well as computer versions to Android.

It does have many deficiencies when compared with series titles on other platforms. It includes a limited play map, a more text-based dialogue system and rudimentary touchscreen controls. This is a game that you would need at least 1 GB or more of RAM to play. However, this is a good game which covers all the basics.

Play Assassin’s Creed Identity


This is a side-scrolling action RPG that comes with tight features, great movement abilities, an interesting albeit familiar story and wonderful graphics. Learn all tactics on how to approach enemies and level up character. There is a lot that you can explore as well with secrets hidden throughout.

The paywall however is soft which means you can try out the game for free as a trial period and then decide if you want the full version or not. You should start with simple controls so it isn’t very hard for you.

Play Grimvalor

Monument Valley 1/2

For now, these are practically ubiquitous in the mobile gaming scene. It has around 2 hundred and thirty thousand reviews with 4.8 stars. The game is doing something very right to appeal to all gamers.

It carries a stunning geometric art style, lovely color palettes and whimsical architectural design. This is a good game to uplift your creativity as it challenges skills of critical thinking. The second one is similar but it features a mother-daughter duo for you so that you can assist as they continue to explore the mysteries of this impossible realm.

Play Monument Valley 2

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The Banner Saga

This is a character-driven tactical RPG set in a Norse-like setting. In this game, your choice truly matters. It has an art style that is eye-catching from character design to breathtaking vistas. It is intense and requires every ounce of strategy that you have. It depends on you and your choice of how to approach battles and how to interact with a cast of characters.

We suggest Banner Saga and Banner Saga 2 if you are a fan of tactical RPGs, but if you have never played one then this is a great start. You will find the story to be moving, the characters are written excellently and the game itself is gorgeous.

Play The Banner Saga

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Premium Android games have come a long way and their graphics, mechanics and stories are phenomenal. These 12 best paid games for Android will increase your thought of the gaming experience on mobile. These premium games for Android are a great start even if you are not a mobile gamer to know how it feels to play a high-quality game on a handheld. Happy gaming folks!

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