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Here you will learn about the different physical parts of a Computer or Laptop. There are also comprehensive comparisons and recommendations between the different components and hardware to help you make an informed decision.

How Many Types of Processors are in Laptops and Computers

How Many Types of Processors are in Laptops or Desktops 2024

A processor is a chip that reacts to fundamental instruction and input processes to operate a system. It is used for getting, decoding, and processing, executing as well as writing feedback...
10+ Main Types of Computer Mouses (Special, Ergonomic, Gaming)

10 Main Types of Special, Basic & Gaming Computer Mouses (2024)

Different kinds of computer mice can be found in the market today and it has become difficult to select one. Among all the species some seem to be the generic cord...
5 Best Silent Mouses for Work and Gaming (Budget Picks)

5 Best Silent Mouses for Work & Gaming in 2024 (Budget Picks)

Nobody likes the pesky clickety-click of the mouse; this is where a silent one comes in hand. Today, more big manufacturers such as Logitech are leveraging their expertise to make silent...

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