GameCIH APK v3.0.4 Free Download for Android Latest Version

This is an original memory editor that was created some 7-10 years back. It itself is quite old and has been since 2006. GameCIH free download for Android came out in Taiwan by a talented programmer going by alias CIH<SoftwareMagician>, this standing for the company/collective it is a part of. This is not seemed to be the first of its kind but also quite an easy tool to use. The best thing about this one is that it has gained a lot of popularity for money cheats.

It lacks a lot of advanced functions but carries the advantage of being able to work with older devices that carry an outdated version of the Android Operating System that the new yet more advanced editors and game modifying tools are not compatible with. The application has not seen an update in the past many years and there won’t be any in the future as well, but it does come in a full version. It is recommended for hardware or software if nothing else works for you.

What is GameCIH

What is GameCIH App

An application through which users can have access to your smartphone devices to get more credit. This can be in any form such as:

  • More lives.
  • More prizes.

One downside of this is that users can play them only offline, this is due to the fact that developers can detect all illegal gaining of coins or more lives. Thus, if you are caught doing this online then there stand chances of getting banned.

It uses a modifier module for no root android devices; this includes mobile phone devices and tablets (no root or System deny to root). Users can get offline installation files available for all gamer enthusiasts out there.

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GameCIH Features

GameCIH Full Version APK Download

Developers have released a new version. Effective tools used in this are similar to gameCIH2 including:

  • Cheat Engine.
  • Game Killer.

This is a famous application for different smartphones. When people get bored, to entertain themselves the tryout games on their phone while playing they get encountered with lack of coins, infinite lives, gems, money, and much more.

Such an application is created to manage, cheat, point out, extend as well as other modifications based on specific vanishes.

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How to Install GameCIH Apk

Following things are required first (requirements):

  1. It needs a rooted device.
  2. Minimum OS requirements: Android 4.0.
  3. Installation of the application by means of APK file requires activation of the “unknown sources” option within settings > applications.

For this you need to follow the steps below:

  • In the first step you need to go to your settings > security > allow the application to install from the unknown security (important).
  • After this install its APK file.
  • Start the game and start cheating.
  • It is available in the English language so that it is easily understood by all.
  • It comes in free.
  • With this become a topper in any game you want.
  • It serves as a memory editor.
  • Use this to modify the speed.
  • Users can modify the state of any title that they are playing including features such as immunity, money, more score, HP, and much more.
  • It works best with a smartphone device that has been rooted already beforehand.
  • Change any memory setting on your device.
  • Quite flexible and easy to use.
  • Carries no complicated settings to be made or any changes to be done to install it plus it is easy to navigate through.
  • It is compatible with older versions of Android OS thus users with an outdated phone can avail of this easily.
  • It is quite a popular cheat used in countless titles over the years as it is quite easy to understand.
  • It works best with app-based releases and does not work with multi-player online versions and another role-playing genre so make sure to check if your game is compatible or not before installing.

It is not available on the Google Play Store thus you need to download it from any link available over the Internet.

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How to use GameCIH No Root

GameCIH No Root Download

  • In the first step, you need to start it.
  • After this go to your game application on open it up.
  • You need to be sure that it is connected to it.
  • After this extract the exact value that you want to change.
  • Now begin with the scan, go back to the game.
  • Change the value that you are looking to score high via gameplay means.
  • Now you need to scan again for the new value and repeat the process unless and until you are left with less than 10 values.
  • After this change the value(s) from 99999999 to whatever you want.
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Watch Video Tutorial

Download GameCIH Android APK v3.0.4 (2022 Latest)

We always like to modify our devices and their configs and GameCIH APK Download is all you will ever need. This works with no root permissions so you are good to go as soon as you follow the installation guide above. Let me know if you like it. Cheers!

Version: 3.0.4

GameCIH Android APK Free Download

GameCIH APK Download
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