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Here you will find all the latest, free, and open-source networking tools and utilities to download for various platforms.

Download Orbot VPN For Windows 10 and Mac Free (2021 Latest)

Download Orbot VPN For Windows 10, 11 Free (2024 Latest)

Different VPN applications are there in the market but a few of them lack some features. Orbot for PC helps browse the internet securely and safely.If you want to use a...
Sentry MBA Free Download 2021 - Latest Sentry Config Files

Sentry MBA Free Download 2024 – Sentry MBA Config (v1.5.1)

We are proudly providing you with the new Sentry MBA free download for 2024. As days pass it is gaining more and more popularity. Shape’s security team shows these cracking tools'...
7 Best Cisco Packet Tracer Alternative Network Simulation Tools

7 Best Cisco Packet Tracer Alternatives For Network Simulation (2024)

Packet Tracer is software and a visual simulation tool through which users can create topologies and replicate modern networks. You can configure Cisco routers and switches by practicing the command-line interface....
6 Best Alternative Router Firmware that are Open Source

6 Best Alternative Open Source Router Firmware (2024)

Firmware is basically the OS that comes on the router pre-installed. Now each manufacturer carries its own version. Just like OS there on your phone device or personal PC, it controls...
Cisco Packet Tracer 32-Bit/64-Bit (2021 Latest) Free Download

Cisco Packet Tracer 64-Bit Free Download (2024 Latest Version)

This is a powerful network simulation tool for Cisco networks. You can simulate a complete one without connecting the devices physically. It is great for learning to become a Network Administrator,...
Havij Download SQL Injection Tool

Havij Download 2024 – Top Free SQL Injection Attack Tool

This is an automated SQL injection tool with which penetration testers are able to find and exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities on a web page. This page provides you with the latest...

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