7 Best Cisco Packet Tracer Alternatives For Network Simulation in 2023

Packet Tracer is software and a visual simulation tool through which users can create topologies and replicate modern networks. You can configure Cisco routers and switches by practicing the command-line interface. It is a great tool for learning also if you are training to become a Network Engineer or Administrator. We are sharing 7 free Cisco Packet Tracer alternatives that are open source!

It supports different OS such as Linux, Android 5.0, MS Windows and iOS 8 and many others. It provides users with visualization, simulation, authoring, evaluation and association competencies in order to facilitate both teaching and learning of various complicated technology concepts.

Such a model provides diagrams, tables and many other visual representations of dynamic data transfer and development of packet content. Moreover, users by using real-time visuals can replace whiteboards and fixed slides and also decrease the time of presentation.

The best thing about this one is that it carries two workspaces; logical in which users can build logical network topologies by connecting various devices and other is physical which provides a graphical and physical aspect of a topology.

Cisco Packet Tracer for Windows 11 Download in 64-bit (Student Friendly).

7 Best Cisco Packet Tracer Alternatives for Network Simulation (Open Source Choices)

SNMP Agent Simulator

Free SNMP Agent Simulator

This one makes a network of up to 100000 SNMP manageable devices there on one server. It allows users to simulate any of these centered devices with any public or private MIBs in order to run many devices which are configurable with their SNMP management app. Another feature is that it allows users to create many traps so that they can simulate disaster states.

The SNMP features include many agents for their users in one box; customized SNMP agent simulation, SNMP agent instant configuration and extensible environment. Moreover, it offers users real-time modifiable simulations, configurable SNMP trap generation as well a recording environment.

Virtual PC Simulator

Virtual PC Simulator

This is open-source software that runs both on Windows and Linux where limited network commands can be used. This is an ideal tool-making part of the list as users can use it in simulating networks like GNS3 and has developed itself from robust testing ACLs tool. This is a toolkit for the engineers all due to detailed output of ping replies and commands like to see dumps and much more. You can also simulate virtual LAN networks too however tools like Hamachi may be required.

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It has been designed to simulate up to 9 systems and is more useful when compared with a traditional system as it can send and receive TCP and UDP pings. Moreover being a user you can also ping or trace out other hosts and routers when they learn Cisco routers in Dynamips. It is also able to substitute routers or VMware boxes that are used as PCs there in its network.

Live Raizo – Simulating Router Firmware

This is another open-source software on the list plus a live distribution that is based on a virtual machine which is known as Debian which carries different network tools and services. Moreover, it includes tools that are used to interrelate with real devices like Wireshark and minicom and SSH, HTTP and TFTP servers. You can also install an alternative firmware such as OpenWrt on your home router such

It has many features through which we can build quite a complex virtual network with drag and drop options. As a user, you can link with hubs or even switches and utilize a server or router as a client as you carry a simulated machine that is based on Debian. If your operating system is compatible with Linux, Microsoft, and ASA firewall then you can introduce it. Using the drag and drop option what you can do is connect your simulated network with the physical system.

Router Configuration Generator Tool

This open-source software can be used as an extension for GNS3 which creates the configuration of all Cisco network equipment that is part of the virtual topology. Its configuration files which are produced by GNS3 provide nodes such as switches and routers without opening their matching consoles.

The best thing about this one is that it provides users that which configuration needs to be applied as it includes customized settings like routing protocol and much more. Now to integrate with GNS3 and to run the tool two requirements are there to work with such an app on windows which is GNS3 sources files and rcg-tools latest version.

Dynamips – Router Emulation made easy


This is a PC program that is written down in C language to emulator Cisco routers. With this, you can have familiarity with all the devices, test, and experiment with features of Cisco and IOS and check configurations that are deployed on the real routers rapidly.

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To compile this all you need to do is a working GCC or Clang compiler and Cmake build system. With this code, you can accumulate two kinds of its varieties and to set flags you need to edit the Makefile.

GENESIS Neural Simulator – Similar not the same

GENESIS Neural Simulator

This is a simulation that is used to build accurate models of neural systems. Today it is being used in matching supercomputers to simulate networks that carry millions of multi-compartmental neurons. The software is able to model more intangible networks. To be general it can be used realistic modeling of the nervous system as an instructional tool and for neurobiological study which for all those who do not know is a simulated-based tool.

From modules it builds itself up which receives inputs, makes certain calculations of the data, produces output at its simulator design and its interface is based on the building block approach.

Cisco Systems

This one is used to both design manufacture and design sell premium products that are related to different technologies, crossways security, collaboration, apps, cloud and IP based solutions. Now the technology and products it has include infrastructure platforms, apps, security and much more. It has cloud-based services based on UCS (Unified Computing System) that provides for the hosted versions.

Category of security products for the enterprise includes combined threat management products and advanced threat security products. Moreover, it also offers users software that is able to explore the core networks and data centers on delivering functions. The infrastructure category carries its core networking technologies of switching, routing, wireless as well as data-centered products.

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Concluding Statement

Networking is not an easy career path. The 7 different Cisco Packet Tracer alternative tools will help you get more out of your learning experience. A couple of these are open source meaning that are 100% free and do not need a subscription such as a Netacad account. Our personal pick is GNS3 as it has more modern equipment that you can simulate along with scenarios.

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