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Since Microsoft’s initial Windows release in 1985, they have pioneered the desktop operating system. Here you will find various guides, reviews and products all that will help you use this OS much more productively and to its full potential.

Cain And Abel Download for Windows 10, Mac, Android (2021 Latest)

Cain And Abel Download for Windows 10/11, Android, Mac (2022 Latest)

Cain and Abel is a password recovery tool for Windows 10, 11, Android, iPhone and Mac. With this, you can easily recover different kinds of credentials by:Sniffing networks. Cracking encrypted...
InShare App For PC Download (2021 Latest) - Windows 10 and Mac

InShare Apk For PC Download 2022 – Windows 10/11 & Mac

This is an application that has been developed by InShot Co in Hong Kong and is used to transfer files from one device to another with much ease. Today, sharing files...
VLC Arc Dark Layout File

How to Enable VLC Dark Mode in Linux, Windows and Android

Today due to different reasons users are opting for a dark theme for devices. Most of the OS includes Windows, Linux and macOS which provide us support for these visual treats....
4 Best Multi Monitor Software (2021 Edition) - Manage Dual Displays

4 Best Multi Monitor Software To Manage Dual Screens

For many years dual-display setups have been the secret weapon for desktop productivity. These days it is deemed to be more elegant to buy a big ultra-wide screen. Though, simply hooking...
Sensible Note Taker v1.05 Download

Sensible Note Taker v1.05 Download For Windows

Sensible Note Taker is the perfect program for making lists, jotting down quick thoughts, or keeping important information at your fingertips. Take as many notes as you want and you never...
Monitor Off Utility (v1.0) Free Download For Windows 10/8/7

Monitor Off Utility (v1.0) Free Download For Windows 10/11

Do you ever wish you could put your monitor into standby exactly when you want to?Now you can tell your monitor to immediately go into energy saving mode with the click...

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