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Since 1991 Linux has been at the heart of the open-source community. This section has various helpful guides for you to learn this OS. You will find various recommendations, easy guides, and FOSS tools.

6 Best Alternative Router Firmware that are Open Source

6 Best Alternative Open Source Router Firmware in 2023

Firmware is basically the OS that comes on the router pre-installed. Now each manufacturer carries its own version. Just like OS there on your phone device or personal PC, it controls...
9 Best Free Open Source Firewall in 2022 (Windows/Linux)

9 Best Open Source Firewalls For Windows and Linux in 2023 (Free Firewall Software...

Firewalls are made to protect the network from any threat by filtering both the in and outbound traffic and ensuring network security as well. The first thing when we talk about...
The Best 5 Linux Smartphones of 2021 - Use Linux on the go

The 5 Best Linux Smartphones of 2023 – Linux on the Go

Today our data is becoming vulnerable each day. This is attributed to how some operating systems are not giving enough attention to privacy or malware, phishing, and viruses which with time...
How To Install and Play League of Legends on Linux 2021

How To Install and Play League of Legends Linux (2023)

LoL is a 3D multiplayer online battle arena that runs in 3 different modes:Twisted Treeline. Summoner’s Rift. Howling Abyss.In each game, the teas bypass defensive line structures in order to...
Etcher Free Download (Latest) 2021 - #1 OS Image Flasher Tool

Etcher Download (2023 Latest) – #1 OS Image Flasher Tool

Etcher or actively named as balenaEtcher with which you can create a bootable USB flash drive easily. It is open-source! USB drives are the go-to portable hardware device in today’s era...
Ubuntu vs Arch Linux for Performance, Gaming & Programming

Ubuntu vs Arch Linux for Performance, Gaming & Programming (2023)

A completely different desktop experience is offered by Arch Linux and Ubuntu, it becomes quite a tough choice on what to select as our daily driver especially when we cannot ignore...

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