How To Get Unlimited Data Using APN Hack in 2024 (Working Settings)

APN stands for Access Point Name which provides internet connectivity information. To put it short, this is the access point of a mobile phone to the net and indicates the phone through which path it should connect to the web. Moreover, it serves as a route for phones to send and receive MMS. Learn how modifying APN settings can get you an unlimited amount of data on your smartphone for free.

Depending on how the operator’s network is structured, it is mandatory to have different configurations, the rest however can be varied. This is not inherently illegal. You must always stick to the terms and conditions of your network provider.

Should You Modify Your APN Data Configuration?

There are always upsides and downsides to modifying a configuration set in place by a carrier or company. It is there because of a reason to allow you connectivity. Modifying it can cause problems or worse get you banned from using their services at all.

If APN settings are not changed correctly then this can disrupt your device’s ability to connect to the net. In extreme cases, it can render few services inoperable. There can also be security threats as you will be bypassing network restrictions so be careful and know what you are doing when making changes in the settings.


  1. Freely browse the net, stream videos, and download applications.
  2. No need to worry about overage charges.
  3. Freedom and flexibility.
  4. No need to check usage or restrict heavy data activities such as online gaming or video conferencing.


  1. Poor performance
  2. Get your sim banned.
  3. No Signal.

How To Get Unlimited APN Settings on Android

It is not likely to provide unlimited data for free due to the following reasons:

The cellular service carries a robust mechanism that both monitors and controls network access. If you change the settings of APN then it will enable you to bypass such mechanisms. Mobile data access is tracked and controlled at the network level, and there is no impact of APN settings on this control.

For those who do not know APN settings are a gateway between cellular networks and the net. The main aim is to guide data connection on how and where to connect to the net. Inherently they can’t give you free or even unlimited data.

When someone finds a loophole and gets extra data then many carriers implement this after a certain threshold resulting in slow speed.

Your experience depends on the network provider and geographical location. However, if you tweak these settings then it might boost your chances of getting extra MBs.

  1. You first need to access the settings menu, you will find this by clicking on the “gear icon”. Free APN Data Hack for Android
  2. In settings, find and click on “connections” or at times known as “wireless and connections’. Configure Mobile Data APN Settings for Free
  1. Next, go to mobile networks > APN. At this point, you are at the settings screen, let’s see how to create a new one.
  1. Click on “add” or “Plus” sign depending on the model of your phone.APN Settings for Unlimited Data

Once everything has been filled, save the settings and make sure they are selected for use.

Many say that these methods provide free data access without any limitations, experiences vary depending on factors like network congestion and location.

Since we are rooting for all to enjoy surfing in a carefree way keep in mind that results are not for sure.

This usually depends on certain factors. At times network providers and smartphone manufacturers restrict access to APN settings. In iPhones, this is more common because of software limitations and carrier restrictions. On Androids, you can use apps like Hackode and SB Game Hacker to modify values within an app and make it do actions you would like to do.

There are different ways to maximize data usage without changing APN settings. Few include using different data saving modes on the device, limiting background data usage, using different wifi whenever it is possible and using data compression in browser settings. Few carriers offer add-on data packages for free.

How To Get Unlimited Data APN Settings on iPhone

Let’s see how to tweak APN settings on APN or free unlimited data.

  1. Open settings in your iPhone. How to get Free Data on Android with APN Hack
  2. Once there go to cellular > cellular data options > cellular network. Insert image 6
  3. You will see options for APN settings if your device allows it.
  4. Here you will put new details.

For cellular data, APN: internet

LTE Setup (optional): APN: internet

Keep in mind that if the configuration is not correct then this could disrupt data connection completely.

Configuration change may result in benefits but it does not guarantee any kind of endless data flow.

When you change APN settings then it allows you to have access to unlimited data. What is important is that it depends on location, network congestion, and specific mobile network provider. The results are not guaranteed but few say it has been a success for them.

Where does Unlimited Data APN Hack Work

Not all mobile carriers support custom APN configurations but we have curated a list of ones that are known to work in the table below:

Mobile CarriersAPN Works?

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APN is the core config when you need to connect to the mobile data provider. With this article, you can learn how to have unlimited data using an APN hack by modifying key configurations. This works for 4G and 5G networks but rarely for 3G as the workarounds have now been patched by the providers.

Do let us know what APN settings for free unlimited data you use and what has worked for you in the comments below!

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