5 Cheap & Great Gaming Monitors for League of Legends

You need to have a good gaming monitor for a smooth playing experience. We spend a lot of money on games but these are of no use if do not have a proper system that executes them or a display to show the beautiful graphics. It is imperative when you own a system that carries a low response time and high refresh rate. We have tested and reviewed the 5 best monitors for League of Legends that are cheap for budget-friendly builds.

League of Legends is quite a popular game that is on-demand and quite addictive. For this, you need to have a system which is matches and fulfills your enthusiasm.

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5 Recommended League of Legends Gaming Monitors (Budget Focused)

Alienware AW2710HF – Futuristic design

Alienware AW2710HF

This one comes with quite an attractive design with good features which makes the user want it more. It has a 27-inch display along with an IPS system.

It is made of plastic mostly but has excellent build quality therefore it won’t get fragile. The on-screen controls are user-friendly all because of 4 hotkeys and a joystick. It comes with a stand with which we can adjust the height, tilt, pivot as well as swivel of the monitor. Moreover, it has a Y-shaped bottom which drops the need for VESA mounts but if you prefer you can go with a 100 x 100 VESA mount.

If we talk about display then it carries:

  • 1920X1080 resolution.
  • 27-inch panel with a refresh rate of 240Hz.
  • 1ms response time.

The best yet strongest feature it has is “high motion handling capability” This is quite helpful when we game. Now it is FreeSync but also has compatibility with G-sync. To put the long story short this is a good option with its RGB execution. All the ports are placed by keeping many things in mind and proportions as reasonable as well.

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Dell Curved Monitor S2721HGF – Immersive experience

Dell Curved Monitor S2721HGF

If you wish to have something that is easy on the pocket but still performs well and carries high-end features then this is a good option on the list. It carries quite a stylish curved monitor which is 27 inches in size. If you are a vivid gamer then this is an ideal choice as such players require a monitor with a strong display. With this, you can have FHD 1080p resolution and 1m response time along with a 144Hz refresh rate. The best thing is that as a gamer you do not need to worry about screen tearing and other display distortions because of its AMD FreeSync Premium Features.

Now it might not be as unique as other options on the list but carries an all-black body with a minimalistic design. If you are not looking for something which is overly extravagant then go for this as you shall find this to be aesthetically pleasing on the mind. It only needs 9 inches of space which means you have a lot more space to place other gaming equipment to complement it. It carries a thick and sturdy base therefore don’t worry about the shaky or unstable monitors.

It carries 2thin bezels; the bottom one being thicker than the others. The monitor can be tilted 21 degrees upwards and slightly 5 degrees downwards. Moreover, you can also adjust the height up to 4 inches but keep in mind that this one cannot pivot or swivel.

The setting is up is easy, simply attach the monitor and stand and by turning the knob tighten it up. It carries 4 buttons and a joystick at the back which can be accessed easily to launch the menu, change brightness/contrast, display, audio, and other personalization settings according to requirement.

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BenQ 144Hz ZOWIE XL2430 24 Inch

BenQ 144Hz ZOWIE XL2430 24

This is yet another option available for all the dedicated gamers around the globe. Big organizations such as Team Liquid, Immortals and Cloud9 use BenQ products extensively which gives us a sign that it exhibits high-quality monitors.

This is the best option for all those who are looking for 144Hz monitors. Get the best gaming experience with its unparalleled performance plus innovative technology. In this game speed is of prior importance which determines win or loss, therefore, it offers users the lightning-fast speed with a refresh rate of 144Hz and 1ms response. Overall the detailing is made good with excellent contrast and vivid colors.

Its hardware comes with a matte black coat which is used to prevent glare plus gives it quite a smooth look. What makes it look more good-looking are invisible bezels. Behind the left bezel, you shall have; audio jacks, 2 3.0 USB slots and a headset hanger. On the right bezel, you shall have; 5 OSD buttons that are used to adjust aspect ratios, blur reduction, picture modes and many more OSD options. To meet the input requirement of this it carries many connectivity options so you would not have any issues related to connectivity.

If you intend to upgrade from older systems then it gives gamers a robust gaming experience. It comes with some basic yet excellent contrast and color performances. To put the long story short all the features are worth the price.

As we know nothing is perfect therefore its factory’s presence lacks accuracy and picture input but still in the standard model it can be customized. Now, keep in mind that if you are a newbie having no technical knowledge or any experience then it might not be user-friendly.

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Asus VG248QE 24 – Cost friendly choice

Asus VG248QE 24

This one on the list has much popularity among gamers around the globe as it is a durable, versatile monitor on which gamers can rely for pretty sure for all their needs. This can pivot in different directions and has a lot of flexibility thus making it easy to set it up on any desktop.

Its response time is 1 ms therefore without any doubt we can say that it is the fastest among others we can find. It meets up with speed requirements for the game. Its prices and a few features such as GamePlus might issue many but it is not necessary for League of Legends.

The monitor has some really thin, black bezels with a glossy finish along with a black cabinet with a rounded-base stand. The base supports the Lazy Susan Swivel function and adjustable height mounting arm which the user can pivot and tilt. The best thing is that we can find 6 function buttons under the bottom bezel which are used to adjust picture presets, aiming scope, and game timer using the GamePlus feature.

If we talk about performance then it is quite impressive. It features TN which is a Twisted Nematic Film panel with a response time of 1ms which is used to prevent trailing and ghosting visibility in the game. Input lag time goes up to 5ms only at 144Hz thus making it perfect for gaming even at the professional level. If we talk about the viewing angles then it lacks performance is not deemed to be ideal for 3D games but if you need something like fluid handling then it shall deliver at its best.

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IIYAMA GB2560HSU Monitor

IIYAMA GB2560HSU Monitor

This is a brand that is well known for catering to all professional markets and manufacturing all high-end products. For quite some time they also have been creating screens like IIYAMA GB2560HSU Monitor. It carries premium features thus offering adaptive sync along with a high refresh rate but keep in mind that it is priced.

It features TN paneling and carries a fast 1ms response rate which is deemed to be best for gaming as you shall not experience any sort of ghosting. Keep in mind that the color and contrast in TN panels are poorer as compared to VA and IPS technology. It carries a 1000:1 rating along with brightness up to 400cd/m2. Moreover, it also offers support to AMD FreeSync which is quite important for a monitor which is designed for obvious reasons.

It has a frameless design with thin bezels on the sides. On the bottom bezel base, you shall see buttons which is quite different from the other screens that carry touch-sensitive controls. It shall take more space on the desk. The best thing is that we can adjust the height up to 130mm; pivot, swivel and also tilt it to the position you wish. It carries a display port, and HDMI port along with 2 USB ports. The monitor has excellent speed as well as graphics.

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Conclusion – Which monitor is your pick?

Monitors are a very important part of the setup. It is what you will be looking at and interacting with. This is why we found 5 of the best gaming monitors that will work better with League of Legends. These all range with different qualities, refresh rates and resolutions to suit different gamer needs. Do let us know in the comments which one was your choice. Cheers!

Alienware AW2710HF
Dell Curved Monitor S2721HGF
BenQ 144Hz ZOWIE XL2430 24 Inch
Asus VG248QE 24
IIYAMA GB2560HSU Monitor
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