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Like all other cloud services, this is another one. The main function is to take off load from the hard drive. It uploads files of its remote servers or the cloud thus freeing space from the system like this more space is present on your device for important stuff such as installing large applications and games. Google Drive Downloader is a simple app for PC that can help you create links for large files such as video, mp4 and even mp3.

If you have a Google account, then Google Drive is there as well. Sign up and get 15GB of space, which gets you a free plan.

This means that you may want to upgrade to a paid plan. The price of the file is flexible and can accommodate your needs. For a slight upgrade get 100GB in $1.99 per month, if this is not enough then get a 2TB plan for $9.99.

Today, Google has come under fire for its suspicious privacy policies and the drive is around different controversies. Google permits to scan the drive file it wants.

Moreover, there is no zero-knowledge encryption, which means it holds all encryption keys to files and views them when it wants to.

You can encrypt data if you have privacy concerns. When you encrypt files using an encryption service like Cryptomator before uploading them to the cloud makes sure that no one can view or scan them without your permission.

How Google Drive Downloader Works

The main function is to store files and sync them to the system. Use its sites to upload files and online edit them. Also if you install desktop client, use drive folder on system to sync files to cloud continuously making sure they are updated as your work on them. It also allows you to save mp4 and other media with its built-in Google Drive Video Downloader.

Google Drive Downloader Online

It is best for sharing with customization options. When files are shared, set permissions for each person you share with.

Now, this means if work demands online collaboration the best thing may be to use Google Drive especially if you need to work together on many Google files. Also, it has a limit and if you reach that bandwidth limit you can bypass it.

Visit Google Drive

Google Drive Downloader Features

Use search built-in

Google Drive File Downloader

Google Docs come with a feature known as Research Pane. Click on tools > research and it shall bring a pane that allows you to search Google web results without leaving your document. This is helpful when you have two monitors and don’t want to waste your time switching between the two. From in here you can preview web pages, insert links in doc as well and cite references quite easily.

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Search the downloaded files

Google Drive Downloader App

If you are a regular user of the Google Drive Downloader App then you may have a large number of documents you have stored or have shared with you. At times it becomes difficult to remember where you have put a certain document or folder. This is where advanced search features play its role.

It is allowed by Google to search for files and folders that carry specific words in their title or content. Take this further and use the right search strings, search for documents that are shared by a specific person, ones that you have shared with someone, kinds of documents, the ones edited on a certain date, and a lot more.

Note: Keep in mind that if you are searching for a document that is shared by or with a specific person then you need to enter your complete email address and not only their name.

Collaboration with teams

It can collaborate with others on docs, presentations, drawings, and spreadsheets. At the same time, 60 people can work on the same document regardless of place and device. You can also see who is working on the document and see the changes taking place.

Today, gone are the days of multiple versions of the same document flying around. Revision history allows you to go back and see what changes have been made by which particular person and at what time. Like this, you don’t have to worry about some person deleting something.

If you don’t want someone to make any changes then you can ask them to add in comments instead or ask them to change the document to “suggesting” mode. Like this, the changes made by them appear in different colors and you have to approve them.

If many people are working on the same document then the chat function is quite helpful.

App for on-the-go file downloads

Google Drive Downloader for Windows 10

If we talk about Google drive application then it is a lot useful, simply download it for free, whenever you are out and want to save something, take out the camera to scan image and then save it to the drive. This is great when you see advert, sign or business card for an event and want to save it immediately.

Google also carries the option of OCR to turn images or PDF files with text into text files. Go to Drive, click right on scanned image or PDF file, hit “open with google docs” and it will create new documents that include text extracted from the picture. Now you will have image and text extracted which can now be searched in the Google Drive. Make sure the image you are using is nice and clear.

Support for multiple files

On this, you can view files of any kind including Microsoft Office files, image files types, PDFs and much more. This is great, how? If you don’t carry the software on your system to open a file and only want to view it rather than edit it. This means you don’t need to use PDF document downloaders or Adobe Reader to view PDF files, you can just open them up in Google Drive file Downloader.

For editing, if you want to open certain files then you need to use one of the apps from its extensive apps list.

Note: If you want to view different folders simultaneously, hold the shift key down while selecting files and click “eye symbol”. Use cursor or arrow keys at the sides to navigate through files.

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Google Drive Downloader for PC

Google Drive is a great cloud storage service however, it doesn’t have a direct file downloader by default. Google Drive Downloader for Windows 10/11 PC allows you to save files from a link instantly with pause and resume capability. You can download any file such as mp4 or video, and generate direct links for large files.

Google Drive Downloader

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