Course Hero Downloader For 2024: Get ANY Course Hero File For Free

Due to the ongoing pandemic, students are forced to study at home, so all learning is done online via Teams, Zoom, and other means. Teachers provide students with online files and docs that mostly update learning websites like Chegg and others. We have now developed a tool called Course Hero Downloader that you can use for free online or on Chrome browser, Safari, or Opera using the CHDL extension.

Follow through to learn how to download and open Course Hero files for free without the need to unblur or login!

All this is done quickly without logging in or making an account. Doesn’t this sound awesome?

About Course Hero Downloader

What is Course Hero Downloader

It was founded by Andrew Grauer at Cornell University in 2006 for college students to share lectures, notes, exams, and assignments. He knew that information has a lot of value and can be more useful if adequately accessed.

This is an educational platform that provides students with different kinds of questions and answers and online storage. Many have also criticized it as a cheating system, but also praised some of the help students have received.

On this, register for an account for free. It is easy to upload or download to this website quite easily.

You need to have unlocked points if you wish to download complete courses.

It provides users with two kinds of subscription plans:

Standard Packages

It carries minimal features.

Premium Packages

With this open, all files, view and download them all for free using unlock points.

If someone does not have a premium package or unlock points, then don’t worry, as there are free tricks to download its courses.

Follow through to know more details. If you do not own an account or have not registered then you can still download it without the need to log in.

Why Use Course Hero Downloader (14 Reasons and Benefits)

  1. Users can have access to more than 20 million study resources.
  2. The difficult core concepts are clarified and explained in an easy way.
  3. Carries an efficient way for students to study.
  4. It checks work to see if you are on the right track with your work or not.
  5. One can have access to tutoring services and ask questions that are difficult to understand.
  6. With study docs and syllabi uploaded, you shall get particular insight into each course and major under consideration.
  7. Carries free access.
  8. It carries fresh study material.
  9. Its catalog provides students with high-quality study material.
  10. Access millions of documents.
  11. It offers students 5 kinds of scholarships to students worth $5000 per year till they are graduated.
  12. Get access to its material all for free by contributing to the study material.
  13. You will also learn how this process works, so if the downloader goes offline, an alternative method is known to you.

Pricing Options

  • Annual membership: This is $9.95 per month and is billed in one advanced installment of $119.40.
  • Every 3 months: This is $19.95 per month and is billed in one advanced installment of $59.85.
  • Monthly membership: This costs $39.95 per month.

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4 Ways to Download Course Hero Documents (No Login)

One can use the help of a browser extension.

We suggest using Opera or Google Chrome browser.

In this, you do not need to login into the Course Hero account.

#1: Use CHDL extension for Course Hero Downloader

  • CHDL is the Chrome extension that is used to get files from it, this can be downloaded and used all for free from GitHub.
  • Download it.
  • Once done, extract ZIP file.

Enable developer mode on the browser

  1. You need to enable the developer mode before you install the extension into the browser.
  2. For this, open the “menu” there in the right corner.
  3. Select more tools option > extensions.
  4. After this activate “developer mode”.

If you have another browser like Opera then:

  • Click on extensions > manage extensions > activate developer mode on the right side by clicking “toggle”.

Choose the load unpacked option

  • Once this is done, many menus shall appear.
  • Select and click the “load unpacked” option.

Look out for the min folder to get the extension

  1. Look for the folder extracted earlier.
  2. Select “min” to install it.
  3. After this click on the “select folder” button.

#2: Install CHDL Browser Extension (Chrome and Firefox)

Course Hero Download Browser Extension

  1. Once the extension installation has been set up, use it to get files from it.
  2. For this find and open the desired file you wish to download.
  3. Right-click on the body file.
  4. Click the “CHDL” option, and download this file.
  5. Wait for the process to complete.

If you cannot find this extension on the Chrome web store then find these through GitHub.

#3: Course Hero Downloader Online Free

Course Hero Downloader Online

In this method, you don’t need to log in just use course hero downloader web tools.

For this:

1: Copy document URL:

  • Go to “course hero“.
  • Copy URL of doc file from file you wish to download.
  • You can copy from the address bar in the browser directly.

2: Open web tools:

  • Open “new tab“.
  • Go to its web tools page.

3: Paste URL:

  • Click on “GET LINK“.
  • Follow the instructions provided.

In such a case, a method uses the Course Hero download link generator.

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#4: Course Hero File Download Option and Converter

Course Hero Converter

If you have been using Course Hero actively then you would know that there are two versions of using it; free and premium.

Now, both of these are equipped with many unlock doc points that open particular protected files and documents.

All files on this cannot be downloaded for free.

Therefore, fall shall not be legal if the downloaded file is a protected file or document.

If you do not know then most of these web tools downloaders are able to exploit files or files which are labeled as a premium to get them free.

Do not be confused, to know if the download which has been downloaded from it is a free download or not:

  1. Enroll in Course Hero, and sign up easily by connecting to Gmail or your FB account.
  2. Once done, find and open the file you wish to have.
  3. Go down, and click on “view all pages“.
  4. The attached files shall appear as a pop-up.
  5. Hit the “download button” to download the file in the upper left corner.

Later on, these files shall be downloaded from the website. This is in PDF, PowerPoint, DOCX, Excel and many more.

#5: Course Hero Downloader Generator

Course Hero Generator creates download links for any file you provide the URL for, does that make sense? Let us explain.

Because most of the content in Course Hero is behind a locked paywall where a subscription is needed, you need to pay to read it. Simple.

However, the generator and unlocker can provide you with free premium files without a premium Course Hero account or login requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick FAQs

Can you upload your own work?

Yes, as each user either a free or premium account carries the right to upload files without having any restrictions.

Can we share the download links on Course Hero with friends or family?

Yes, copy the file URL you want to share. After this send this to any friend or student.

ALSO CHECK: Premium Course Hero Account Usernames and Passwords List.

Does it work on Android and iPhone?

Yes, we confirm it does. Recently it was queried a lot by users and as it is an online tool It works on all major platforms including all mobile operating systems. Just make sure you are using an up-to-date browser.

Can you get a refund after seeing the document?

It carries a great refund policy. If by using this you are not satisfied or your GPA has dropped down as compared to last semester(s) then it shall give you a full refund. For this, you must provide its support team with copies of your transcript. Plus cancel your subscription at any point you want.

Does Course Hero Downloader work on Chrome?

Yes, it is compatible with all major browsers including Firefox, Safari and Edge from Microsoft. Please ensure you have Javascript allowed so that all the scripts load as expected.

My documents are still blurry what should I do?

Attach the URL and go through steps 1-3 again. However, do remove any files you have locally before trying this step. This will ensure any cache is removed and it is a fresh start so the blur goes away.

Is the tool available on Github?

Yes, you can also install it locally on your Windows PC or Mac using the original source code from GitHub. All you need to do is:

  1. Get the .zip master file.
  2. Load into with the dependency as advised in (Read me).
  3. Launch the icon from the desktop.

I found someone sharing Course Hero files on Telegram, is it trustworthy?

There may be a good samaritan using their premium subscription to provide you with documents. However, it is always a good idea to read and check the academic research level of the file before using it in your work.

Is Course Hero Free Download a Hack?

This is not a hack and simply just a way/tool that allows you to use your premium Course Hero account to download free Course Hero documents. That is all! If you do get such a tool please remote it instantly as it may be a hack.


A new patch has been released that fixes the Safari log-in issue for Mac users. Please install the update so you can resume work.

We can now confirm that our API is fully stable again, once you enter the URL the file will be generated much faster.

Converter Addition:

We have a built-in converter now that can change the format of your documents before you save them locally. The source code for this module will be available for research on GitHub.

Fix “Sorry our services are offline right now”:

If you are using Course Hero Downloader free online and experiencing services offline error then this update fixes it for you! All you have to do is re-add the document URL and try again with the new version. Any feedback is welcomed.

Course Hero Downloader 2024: Download Any Files From the Course Hero Website

Various students struggle online to find quality research papers and sites for their academic work. This is where they start to look at alternatives such as Chegg. We have now provided you with Course Hero Downloader 2024 which allows you to download a document from without and with a URL without having to unblur it.

File Size43 MB
NameCourse Hero Downloader
OSWindows 10/11, Mac, Android and iPhone
Review Score4.5/5.0
Versionv43.0 [Stable]

Course Hero Downloader 2024

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