Best Document Downloaders for PDF and PPT

We have compiled you a list of the best document downloaders with their features and offers, follow through to know more. You can use these to download PDF documents, courses and files using your account from websites like Chegg, StuDocu and Course Hero.

4 Best Document Downloaders Online for Free

StuDocu Downloader

Best Downloader Software

Students are provided with different resources to get notes. It also offers notes which other students share. This is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) based business model which shall provide you with research access, documents as well as a book but only online. Now what students or many of you do is save copies of the offline to access it when they don not have an internet connection. This is where the team has developed StuDocu which helps to download free documents online.

The best thing about this one is that it uses old ways rather than Zoom or other platforms, handwritten notes are provided to others who capture the subject’s essence quite well.

  1. It is an open-source document downloader that comes in free.
  2. You can research and use notes from around the globe at a low price.
  3. You can easily take your notes on the go.
  4. With time it has changed, at first, it was only for university students but now it has changed like in the UK it is from 12 onwards and for them notes for A-levels and GSCEs are available.

It is a win-win for all, the students are not only given appreciation for their hard work but also get benefits for uploading.

For each and every document that you approve and get accepted you will get 14 days of premium access for free, at this time you view, download and print every document

CourseHero Downloader

Top Document Downloaders Free Online

This is an educational platform that provides students with multiple questions, answers and online storage. Many criticize this as a cheating system but also praise some help that student have received.

Account registration on this is free for Course Hero; you can upload and download files to the site easily.

It offers two subscription plans:

  • Standard Packages

This shall offer you with minimal features.

  • Premium Packages

Get this to open files, view and download them for free by using unlock points.

Now, what if you do not have any account? Well, don’t worry as there are free tickets to download courses.

  1. Access to 20 million+ study resources.
  2. Difficult concepts are explained easily.
  3. Efficient ways to study.
  4. Check and balance if you are on the right track or not.
  5. Free access.
  6. Fresh study material.
  7. Access its material for free by contributing to the study material.
  8. Carries a catalog that shall provide you with high-quality study material.
  9. Get access to millions of documents.

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Chegg Downloader

Best Online Downloader for PDF

This is yet another popular website and meeting place for many independent journalists. It has schools online that charge a little to answer basic queries. Use this to rent books and at unique price buy unique items.

It comes with a free trial with certain limitations, to use test papers you need money. The best thing about this one is that fee which students pay is given to teachers to prepare answers. You can also use this tool to unblur any Chegg documents.

It is the official Chegg tutor on attachment, use this 24/7 for your solutions.

  1. You simply need to sign up.
  2. Once done it shall connect you to the one who can help you.
  3. You shall get a complimentary session of half an hour duration as you sign in.

To take advantage follow the steps below:

  1. You simply need to say your question, mention the time you want it and click on “find a teacher”.
  2. You shall get a list of teachers who are available to help, respond to the message, begin a conversation and get answers.
  3. Click on start your lesson as you want when you find your teacher, he will explain it to you. It would be a one-to-one conversation as you are reading in class.

Chegg Studio Offline

Simply sign up to review it, for this, you need to pay $15. You can stop at any time you want without the need to come back. If terminated, payment shall be made for the original reason. You need to follow the steps below to use it freely:

  1. You need to go to “Chegg search page” and go back to page.
  2. Once done, click on “lead Chegg survey” and click on the plane to wish to have.
  3. Try it out without worrying about the money.

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SlideShare PPT Downloader

Free Document Downloaders Online

This is a combination between social network and online learning resources. Anyone can create a presentation on its site. At times it is also referred to as “slide share net”, while the ones that make high quality yet popular creations like comprehensive webinars can get large following most of the time.

The projects made on this can be posted both privately and publicly. If it is published publicly then others have the option to comment on this and share it as well on their social media platform or embed it on the site. Moreover, you can also download to them offline on official slide share iOS and Android applications.

It is also used to promote brands or companies and even few blogging or newsletter services for the site.

Since it has added support for PowerPoint, PDF files and Microsoft Office documents it is used to distribute files to colleagues, friends or subscribers.

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Using downloaders online simplifies the process of saving files locally from any online websites included above. These are also online versions where you only have to put in a URL and it will give you the .PDF or .PPT file.

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