StuDocu Downloader 2023: Download Free StuDocu Documents

StuDocu is a platform from where students are provided with resources to obtain notes. It shares the best class notes created by students. As a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based business model it provides access to research, documents and books only online. Many users wish to save a copy offline to access later in case they don’t have an internet connection. This is where our team has developed StuDocu Downloader which can help download free documents online.

About StuDocu Downloader

What is StuDocu Downloader

This platform is categorized as an ad-tech business. Over time it has become a profitable platform that aids in sourcing and sharing student-created notes.

The best thing about this platform is that it uses old ways to help students learn. Today learning through Zoom and other platforms has become easy and taking notes has become nearly obsolete. In this notes written by students are provided to other students who capture the essence of the subject very well. A such valuable resource is made available to those who have subscribed to the site. Though many opt for recording sessions and then playing them again and again still physical notes are more effective.

An interesting fact about the platform is that it was founded by 4 students from the Netherlands, whereas co-founders are Sander Kuijik, Lucan van den Houten, Jacques Huppes and Marnix Broer. It was founded back in 2013 with the aim of gathering students of the same course to help each other by sharing notes which are uploaded and exchanged. Like this, all basics were covered for different classes.

How StuDocu Downloader Works (Explained)

StuDocu Downloader Features

It is free and open-source

At the start, it offered services free of cost. After some time when the founder was about to graduate decided to turn the platform into a for-profit business. Now it had a free version but founders developed a premium model that would monetize the website via a subscription fee.

Research and Documents from around the world

Out of all the documents shared on this the top 20% are offered for a small subscription fee whereas the other 80% come in free. Like this students from around the globe can use these notes and get help but those who want the best notes can pay a low price.

Take Notes on the go

This platform allows students from all parts of the world to share notes among which the best ones are at the premium level. The founders of the website always encourage students to share the best quality notes but those who are not up to this level get through. The website offers incentives such as lottery tickets and other items from superb work when the best premium quality notes are uploaded by students.

Although many Edtech companies are in the market it has an edge overall. It supports more than 30 local languages so students from around the globe can have access to it. It has millions of documents and students are given many choices for notes which are categorized for easy navigation. Millions of students exchange their notes and knowledge through this platform. This can also be done using Course Hero Online Document Downloader for Chrome if you use that browser so the notes are saved and synced with your Google account.

Worldwide Courses Support

At first, it was intended for university students but now, this has changed, like in the UK in a smaller age bracket than university level from 14 onwards and for them notes for A-levels and GCSEs are available. All notes present on the website are categorized into specified curriculums to meet the required objectives.

It is testing itself in different domains and new markets. For now, many new opportunities have not been explored and are still in the testing phase. The aim is to expand services and add new categories.

On LinkedIn, it has advertised for 10 positions. For now, 60 people are currently working on the site. Positions are open for all those who live in Holland and are willing to relocate. It is hiring which means it wants to expand in size and operation.

It has a board of directors but with only one active member. The board of advisors is Mathias Ockenfels who joined back in 2015 as an advisor. He is a partner at Speedinvest and serves in 19 board and advisory positions.

Why every student uses StuDocu

Why use StuDocu

On this platform, there is a win-win for all, not only students are appreciated for their hard work but also receive great benefits from uploading their notes.

At the start, for each document that you approve and get accepted by us, you shall get 14 days of premium access that too for free. During this time you are allowed to view, download as well and print each document from the platform.

Go to the homepage to upload documents directly.

  1. Documents need to be clear and relevant.
  2. For a smooth process fill in all fields.
  3. You need to wait for like 1-2 days for document approval.
  4. Make sure the document and teaching language are the same.

They can gain points on their previous work via contributions

Once your document gets approved you shall get a ticket to enter its lottery. A monthly giveaway is organized in which uploaders are rewarded with an iPad and one hundred cash prizes 10€, 10$ and 10$ through PayPal!

How does this work?

  1. Documents approved shall earn around 50 points each and you shall qualify for the lottery.
  2. Every view shall give you 1 additional point.
  3. Documents that are upvoted shall be given 25 points each.
  4. For every thank you from other students you shall get 50 points.

StuDocu Downloader Alternatives

StuDocu Downloader Alternatives

It has many competitors in the market some of which are even more successful such as Chegg, Brainly, Academia, NexusNotes, StudySmarter and Docsity. Course Hero is its biggest competitor based in the US with around $1.1 billion valuation and reached unicorn status. You may also like other similar tools including:

  1. Academia Free Document Downloader.
  2. Chegg Free PDF Document Downloader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a StuDocu Downloader browser extension available?

Yes, the file you download will include a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. This will let you use the tool directly. This is optional if you want to paste the URLs from the page quickly.

Will StuDocu be available on GitHub?

Currently, this doesn’t look to be the case as the developer hasn’t made the code public. As soon as they do we will provide an update.

Can you download from StuDocu safely?

Yes, you can either use the tool or use their premium membership. If you are worried about the files being infected always run them through a virus scan.

Can I print directly from StuDocu?

Yes, once you have downloaded the files. You can use any application such as Microsoft Office 2019 or a free alternative like LibreOffice.

StuDocu Downloader 2023: Latest Free Document Service for StuDocu Users

StuDocu is an emerging player compared to Chegg or Course Hero, this is where the students got frustrated because they need documents offline, unblurred, or unlocked. Our team of engineers has created StuDocu Downloader 2023 which helps resolve this as they can log in using their account and it will help them. Note that a browser extension is not needed for Chrome or Firefox in order for our tool to work.

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StuDocu Downloader (Latest)

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