Download Magisk Manager APK Latest For Android 2022 (v23.1)

Your phones are always underutilized for what they have to offer! There is always that extra feature or resource you can use.

Or that in spite of your belief that you control your phone device; it is your phone which is controlling you. This is where Magisk and Magisk Manager download comes in place in its latest version allowing you to easily root your device.

We would not believe it probably. After all, our everyday needs for using our phones are being met. We make calls, scroll social media platforms to download whatever we want, but our tech-savvy friends always do something new and fancy with their devices. Don’t you wanna try it too?

Why Root with Magisk Manager

Why use Magisk Manager App

This is giving you privileges to access features on the phone which either would be blocked by the carrier or actual phone provider. There are many applications, access to which can only be granted if the phone has root permissions like you can download an advanced screen recorder.

Rooting particular apps help:

  • Increase battery.
  • Make in-app purchases.
  • Increase the speed of the phone’s CPU by overclocking it.

To put the long story short, it is a gold mine of apps and an opportunity to enhance the phone experience.

Now, How to root your phone? The answer is “Magisk and Magisk Manager”.

About Magisk Manager

Users new to rooting, you are in safe hands. Ones who do, how irritating it was to keep phone rooting/unrooting constantly to get OTA updates or the inability to use bank apps on your phone? Well, we feel you.

People tend to look for the root cause; we shall give you a root solution to each feature we have wished for on our phones.

This is a systemless rooting system, which means that we can modify the phone’s system without making changes to the core code.

It was developed by Topjohnwu and launched in 2016 and since then it has been widening its horizons. Magisk Root is a boon especially when it comes to run financial apps.

Using this get Youtube Vanced Manager, it helps to run Youtube without any ads.

Let’s suppose that you wish to run a bank app but each time you open the app you get notified:

Error: “Your phone isn’t rooted and you won’t be able to use this application on your device”

Now to run this:

  • You might select to un-root your phone, work on the app, and re-root the phone using Chainfire SuperSU.
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Keep in mind that this is a lengthy process, you might do it once but doing it, again and again, will feel tedious for sure.

Now, what if you want to use this app on an urgent basis? You don’t want to be stuck on rooting the phone; this shall help you to make changes to run the app.

Magisk Manager New Features

  1. Helps to pass Google’s safety tests.
  2. You can add and modify files without any issues. If you know the code and wish to make changes to default coding, then you can.
  3. With its mount feature, you can make changes to the core and partition level without any problem. Divide your system, core files, and other media files and store them anywhere in memory storage.
  4. With Resetprop feature make changes to system prop files including read-only files. You can also make changes in the build.
  5. It can be downloaded on a non-rooted phone and can help to root the phone.

There used to be different files for this where you need to download .zip file and also get the app which was a bit time-consuming process.

Now, with this, you can install this by renaming the .apk file to .zip file. If you want to uninstall it, then rename it to and that’s it.

  • Grant and deny permission for any application.
  • Many free modules are available on this; from here get apps and games to your android device.
  • Add your own or customized repositories to get stuff from.

Always Remember: Have a backup of your android device before following this process.

Before Getting Started

  1. Learn basic commands of ADB and fastboot.
  2. The device bootloader needs to be unlocked.
  3. If using the boot.img then you need to flash custom ROM again to use stock boot.img.
  4. Install custom Kernel after installing this on phone.

How to Install Magisk Manager v23.1 on Android (Safe and Working Method)

Installing Magisk Manager on your phone

Get Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) which is a custom recovery image for android based devices, with this users can get third-party firmware and backup the current system.

  • After this download Magisk APK from the below button.
  • Once done, rename .apk file extension to .zip like Magisk-v23.1.apl to
  • Check two times that you have installed TWRP on phone, then reboot the phone into recovery.
  • Click on “install” in TWRP.
  • Go to on internal storage and click on “select storage”.
  • Get the zip file on the device and wait till it is installed.
  • It has been installed on your device successfully, open the file and click on “reboot system” to check to see if it works or not.
  • All done and sorted.

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How To Remove Magisk Manager from your phone (Safely)

Remove Magisk Manager from Phone

This is quite easy and can be done in two ways:

Solution #1: Remove Magisk Manager with TWRP

  • Get this app and save it to the phone’s internal storage.
  • Once done, rename the .apk file extension to like Magisk-v23.1.apk to
  • Switch off your phone.
  • Once done, press and hold the “power button” and “volume down button” at the same time to boot the phone into TWRP recovery mode. Click on the “install button”.
  • Select “Magisk uninstaller zip file”.
  • Slide the slider towards the left and installation of the file shall begin.
  • Reboot phone once complete.
  • As you click “reboot system”, it shall be uninstalled from the phone.
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Solution #2: Use Magisk Uninstaller

This can be uninstalled simply from the android phone from the application itself.

  1. Go to the “Magisk Manager” application on phone.
  2. Hit the “Uninstall button”.
  3. You shall be prompted to an alert, click on “complete uninstall”.
  4. The app shall ask you for permission to install and activate the uninstaller file. Click on “allow” for approval.
  5. Once the file is downloaded, it shall uninstall Magisk and reboot the phone automatically.

Keep your apps running with Magisk Hide 

How to use Magisk Hide

With this, you can hide the root from gaining app such as Pokemon Go and also any financial apps including bank apps. To make sure you take full advantage of this it is vital to activate it. This works in a similar method to hiding locally installed apps on your device.

Here’s the process:

  1. There is a specific application that does not work on rooted devices, like the banking app. A dialog box shall appear on trying to gain access to the app.
  2. To get access, open the application and select the “menu button”.
  3. Click on “settings”.
  4. Go down and enable the “Magisk Hide” option.
  5. Again click the “menu key” and you shall see the “Magisk hide” option, click it.
  6. Select the app from which you want to hide the root. Go down and find the application.
  7. Run the app without any hassle.

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Magisk Manager FAQs

Does Magisk Manager pose any risk when installed?

It is a well-developed rooting app which is compatible with android phone device and does not include any kind of malware. It does not modify boot partitions either touch the system partitions. It does not install any third-party app, unlike other rooting apps. Hence, it is risk-free.

Is it totally free to use?

Yes, it is a freemium application. You do not need to spend a single penny to download it, root it, or manage rooted devices.

Phone not supported? Here’s why!

For now, it does not support any Iz4 compressed boot image. If your phone device has gzip.img then it should work fine on the device.

The phone is not rooted at times, what’s the reason?

If you enable BusyBox in settings then some LineageOS ROM might face issues of losing root. Turn the feature off by going to settings > enable BusyBox.

Magisk Manager v23.1 Download 2022 – #1 Rooting App

If you were looking for a Mod Manager then Magisk Manager’s latest version download is the top choice. This is without a second thought the best app to allow and deny root access.

ApplicationMagisk Manager
First published17 June 2021
Compatibility5.0 Lollipop
Total Installs:60 Million
APK and Zip File Size7.20 MB
Trust score8/10.

Download Magisk Manager APK

Download Magisk Manager ZIP

Magisk and Magisk Manager (Latest) Download
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Magisk Manager is the only app of its kind that lets you run various financial apps that block you if you are using a rooted device. It is easy to use, safe and the developer is frequently providing updates to keep it stable.magisk-manager-apk-zip-download

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