How To Play PlayStation 5 Games on Windows 10/11 (3 Effective Ways)

There is no fun than playing your console on big HDR/4K Television from your couch, but the issue is that you cannot always be hogging the living room. Sony comes with a solution if you wish to play some casual Rocket League in bed or get your Fortnite fix away from home. This article explains how you can play PS5 games on a PC.

Confused, right? This is different from the PlayStation Now service which allows users to stream many games from Sony’s servers to their device for a monthly fee. With this, you can stream the games you own on PS5 to another compatible device such as your PC, phone or PS4. There is nothing to pay as you own the device devices, games and the net connection.

First, you would need a bit of setup. Follow through to get started with this so you can still game when you are away from the console.

Before you begin: Get your PS5 Ready

PS5 Console Windows 10 Compatibility

  • Enable features on this.
  • Go to “settings menu”, then go to system > remote play and then flip the enable remote play switch on.
  • You shall also want to go to settings > system > power-saving > features available in rest mode > turn on “stay connected to the internet” and “Enable turning on PS5 from the network”. Like this, if PS5 is in the rest mode, you can wake it up remotely for streaming.

Make sure you have a strong network connection, if you are streaming games from one room of your home to another, the net speed does not matter – only the strength of the home network. Net is needed to connect to PS network account but shall not use data for streaming purposes if you are on the same network as where the console resides.

Some fast connection is required but if you are streaming for this at home to your phone or tablet anywhere else like from a friendly place then Sony suggests that both upload speed at home, as well as download speed at your streaming destination, be at least 15Mbps although speed as low as 5Mbps shall work.

Regardless, the game might lag, shutter, or even lose connection if you are away from the router. For good results, we suggest that you plug it into the router with an ethernet cable. Do the same with PC or PS4 to which you are streaming games. You shall be stuck on wifi unfortunately if you are streaming to hone as this cannot stream over mobile data.

Now, during the setup process, test your net connection check how connection you carry. You have the option to drop streaming quality to 720p, 540p or even lower if required. If wifi at home is lacking then you can find out ways over the internet to improve it.

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Play any PS5 Game on PC without having a PS5

If you want to play these games on a desktop or laptop then you can always stream them by using the PS Remote play application.

  1. Download it for Windows or MAC.
  2. Install it.
  3. Log into your PSN account.
  4. It shall then search for all its consoles there for streaming.

Play PS5 Games Without Console

At this point, connect the PS5 controller to your system to begin playing. DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers both work for these games but other controllers such as Xbox won’t work. The caveat however with the windows version of the remote play is that supported controllers could only be connected over USB. The macOS version only works for both wired and Bluetooth connections.

The quality by default shall not be stellar on the big PC monitor, so you might want to click on the settings cog from the application’s main menu and change video resolution to 720p or 1080p – provided that your network could handle it without any stuttering. If you carry a monitor which supports HDR then you can enable it as well.

  • Download the PS remote play application for iOS or Android.
  • Open it, log into your PSN account.
  • You shall now be prompted to connect the PS4 controller via the phone’s Bluetooth settings; yes you can play PS5 games with PS4’s DualShock controller.

Now, you can also play with touch controls if you do not have a gamepad handy and on iOS. We found out that Made for iPhone (MFi) controllers such as Gamevice worked quite. PS5’s DualSense controller, for now, is not supported on mobile platforms.

Stream using PlayStation Now

Once you are connected, you shall see its menu on your phone; pick a game to begin playing. If you see any lag, go back to the remote play app’s menu, click on the settings cog in the corner. From here select video quality for this from 360p all the way to 1080p. You can even enable HDR if you carry a phone which is capable of high dynamic range.

Do you have the old PS4 handy? If yes, then it should have the downloaded remote play application through an automatic update. It allows users to stream their PS5 games to their PS4 so that they can enjoy playing on another TV in the house. Open it and it shall search PS5 and connect automatically.

No Remote Play Needed

In our testing, it adjusted the resolution based on the network speed automatically. So, you should not have to do anything else – it shall just work instantly.

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Conclusion: Which PS5 Game are you playing on PC?

Remote Play has been an awesome feature that was originally released with the PS4. It now allows you to play any PlayStation 5 game on your PC, and it doesn’t care about which version of Windows you are running! I have currently played Cyberpunk 2077 and Spider-Man – Miles Morales using the DualSense Controller and the experience was amazing. Let me know what you think of the quality and if you have suffered any lag or stuttering.

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