Top 12 Best CMD Commands Used for Hacking in Windows 11

Being a powerful tool, CMD (Command Prompt) lets users do anything they want on a Windows system or laptop via CLI. There are many common examples such as MD, CD, Ping and sfc which users are mostly aware of so we shall not get into them. We bring you the most advanced, useful and ethical hacker commands for Windows 11 that will help you to be a power user.

Enable NetBIOS in Windows 11

Windows 11 NetBIOS

Now, before we start sharing the ones used for security theft let’s first see how to enable NetBios.

For this:

  1. You need first to open the “network connection”.
  2. Once done, click right and choose “properties”.
  3. After this, you need to select “TCP/IP” and hit “properties” once again.
  4. Click on “advanced” followed by the “WINS” tab.
  5. Next, choose “default for NetBIOS.
  6. Back to the main local area connection window, select “file and print sharing for Microsoft Networks” and press “Enter”.

Follow the steps to enable it; we shall have a lot of fun with NetBIOS on CMD.

Now, if you are not aware of how to get CMD click the Windows icon present at the left-hand bottom of all the windows versions and hit “start”. Click run from the start, type in “cmd” without any quotes.

12 Best Windows 11 CMD Hacking Commands That Are Very Useful


This one has many functions for the users. It can resolve DNS into IP. Like if you know site URL but are unaware of its IP and wish to find it out.

Usage example: nslookup ( is the site and you are trying to find out its IP)

The best thing about this is that it can find IP of certain Mail Servers.



set type=mx

This command shall be able to provide the mail server IP of There is no limitation of using a server use anyone you want and if it is present on the list of DNS then you shall get the IP. Moreover, also send in a spoof email to your friends and close relatives by using IP address of the mail server


Ping command for Windows 11

With this, you shall be able to know whether the host you are pinging is alive or not which means if it is up at the time of executing the ping command.

Ping x.x.x.x (x is IP address), you can also give a try to which belongs to Google.


Ping (this is the site you wish to ping but are unaware of the IP.


Use this to have a show of the ARP table. Moreover, you can also get to know if anyone has done arp positioning in your LAN.


arp –a


This is an interesting one the list which shall give users the hope that the packet shall travel to reach its final destination. This command is quite handy if you are aware of the route that the packet takes before heading towards the target box.


Tracert x.x.x.x (in here x is the address of IP)

Example usage:

Tracert (this is the site whose IP you don’t know.


Ipconfig command

Use this as it shall show you many beneficial things such as Gateway, IP, DNS in use and much more. Moreover, it shall also provide you with all the information, but you may have it for all networks.



Example with more information:
Ipconfig /all

Now if you are having a dynamic IP and wish to change it then you need to type in:

  • Ipconfig /release: (this shall release your IP and ask for a new lease to be given)
  • Ipconfig /renew: (this shall renew your IP so you get a new identity)

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With this one, you shall be able to see the routing table, gateway, interface and metric. If you want to look like a security theft, this one is a great yet simple cmd command.


Route print


This is yet another option on this list with which you can reset Windows users’ passcode without even knowing the old one.


Net user yourusername *

All you have to do is change yourusername with your PC user name and hit “enter” once done type in the new passcode.


Use this and get to know regarding connections stats of the networks available.



Other examples with extensions:

netstat -a (this shall all the listening ports and connection with DNS names).
netstat -n (this shall all the open connection with IP addresses).
netstat -an (this shall combine both mentioned above).

Net view x.x.x.x or name of the computer (this shall list in all the available sharing folders there on the target box).

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Tasklist Command

This one can open up the task manager there on the CLI. For this, all you need to do is enter the tasklist on the CMD and see a list of all the processes running.

If you wish to kill PID 1479 then you can enter the command, PID stands for (Process identifier).


Taskkill /PID 1479 /F

Net View

This shall display a complete list of resources, systems or domains shared by a certain system.


Net view Myfriendsdesktop or computername

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Net use

net use\ipaddressipc$ “” /user:administrator

With this, you can connect to the target as an administrator.

Now if you wish to connect with the target as well as browse the complete C drive then you need to use the following command:


net use D: \yourlaptop\C$

This shall make a virtual drive inside the “my computer” folder.

This shall only work if the target PC or laptop has set administrator passcode or is controlled by Active Directory.

Help command


Type any command /help


Type any command /?

If you are a newbie then this shall help you to find what a certain command does.

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Conclusion: Command Prompt Hacking Commands

There are hundreds of commands in CMD.exe out there. However, if you don’t know the useful ones or those specifically used in ethical hacking, it is not utilized to its full potential. This is why our list has the 12 of the best most useful and give the most technical information such as the IP addresses, configurations and ping.

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