ADB & Fastboot Commands List 2024 (Windows 10/11, Linux)

We all know the wonders of rooting and what magic it can bring to our boring phone device, it is used to enlarge the number of options one can get to customize and utilize the device at the admin level. Smartphone device becomes smarter with rooting it. Now you might wonder how this happens. It can all be done easily with Android Debug Bridge, or ADB. The page provides you with all of the ADB and Fastboot commands in a list format along with a PDF file that is the Cheat Sheet.

These are crucial in the process and allow you enough freedom to enjoy your device. Who knows what this is and performs it. Moreover, know-how shall cross their paths with these commands. Follow through to know about the command that helps reboot the system to enter the bootloader.

You need to know what a specific command line does therefore it is important to have a look at the uses of a particular command at first.

Let’s begin.

About ABD and Fastboot Commands History

These are seemed to be system utilities that aid in accessing the back-end android system when the device has been connected to a Windows system or Mac or Linux. The basic structure is the same for all OS but is easier for windows. It would be best if you were sure to send APK or zip files to Android phones or tablets via Linux or Mac OS than windows.

ADB vs Fastboot (Major Differences)

ADB stands for “Android Debug Bridge” and is used when Android OS runs. It allows you to access the system folder, make changes and also open hidden files. Remember that you need to root the device before beginning this procedure.

Fastboot is used when the Android OS is not running on the device. To use this, you need to boot the device into Fastboot mode, you shall have an access partition of the device that shall not reflect in real-time even after changes.

Where are such ADB Fastboot Commands used generally

Many users prefer this on windows terminal on Mac or Linux, but the issue is seen when users are scared to use a code without full knowledge of it and steps to perform next. Following are some pre-requisites that you need to follow before making use of code and using these commands.

Why use ADB Fastboot Commands

Make sure to enable the developer option on the device by:

  • Going to “settings”.
  • About phone.
  • After this click on the “build number” option for the time when the screen shows the message “you have successfully enabled developer”.
  • After this go back to settings> developer options and select “USB Debugging”
  • Hit “OK”.

ADB & Fastboot Commands List (PDF Cheatsheet Download Available)

ADB Reboot Recovery

Developers use this to install phone updates that are not released officially. When installed on the device already, you can sideload an firmware when it comes to updating the APK file which already exists on the device.

Many functions such as “flashing ROMs” to the device do not require to boot in the recovery mode. For this, you need to hold down a certain set of keys or buttons of the device for some seconds. With this command boot into the recovery mode directly.

ADB Reboot Bootloader

Enter into this further for entering the bootloader or Fastboot mode. With this jump into your phone’s bootloader by booting it in that mode, just like the recovery command, this one is more convenient to boot the device into this mode with a command on your system than by using a particular number of keys and patience.

Fastboot device

With this get to know about all the connected devices.

ADB Device

With this, you can check the connection and gather information regarding devices that are connected to the system. While using this, this is the command which you need to run at first. It shall then show you a list of all the devices connected to your system.

ADB Reboot

The device could be rebooted in normal mode by using this, use after flashing the APK file in the system. Moreover, you can also reboot the device getting back to android after recovery of the older operating system.

Fastboot Flash

Flash this through Fastboot mode.

Fastboot Flash Recovery XYZ.img – Great for recovery

Fastboot Reboot and Flash Recovery

Use this to flash the recovery image file into custom recovery.

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Fastboot Reboot Bootloader

With this, you can wish to reboot your device when going for further changes in the back end. Still, you shall have to reboot back to Fastboot.

ADB Install

This is used by debugging professionals and application developers. This aids in installing zip files or the APK file on an Android device.

Use this to install a specific application on the device without even bothering it. Though this is not a handy method with Google Play store applications that can be installed, uninstalled, and updated with some clicks on the screen, it proves helpful and convenient to sideload an application.

ADB Shell wm density (dpi)

With this altered pixel density of phone display without facing any hurdles.

ADB Uninstall

Want to remove an application from the RAM of the device? Then do this by entering in the full name of that package. Use this to vanish the application completely.

ADB sideload

This is used by developers especially to uninstall phone updates which is not been released officially. Along with custom recovery, sideload firmware when it comes to updating the APK file which exists already on the system. Push the flash customs ROMs and zip files from your system.

ADB Shell

Open or run commands in the terminals on an Android phone or tablet host.

ADB Restore

Restore or back up to the device.ADB restore encourages you to point to an existing backup file and restore it to your tablet or phone.

ADB Backup

Create a backup of the Android device and save it to your system. Though you can create a backup otherwise but if you going to do something risky like rooting then it is suggested that you have a complete backup of the device.

ADB Pull

Use this only when custom recovery has been installed on the device, moreover, copy a file placed anywhere on the phone plus save a file in any folder you want to.

You can also copy files from your phone to the system. When you are pulling files you can leave the destination parameter, files can be copied to the folder on the system where it is present. Move this file to any place you want.

Fastboot OEM Unlock & Lock (Unlocks your bootloader)

With this unlock bootloader for android devices, makes root access possible.

Relock the bootloader of the device with this.

ADB Push

Make use of this only when you have a custom recovery installed on the device. Send ZIP or APK file from windows system to android device with this. The file which you wish to copy is there in the tools folder where it is already present then you need to enter the name of the file as the source.

It helps you to copy files from system to phone without bothering the device. It has turned out to be useful while working with bugger files from the system towards the phone. An example includes ROMs or movies, etc. Ensure you know the complete file path for both system and device to copy files.

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Fastboot Format:ext4dara

Use this to erase data of your phone device

Fastboot Flash Command

Use this to flash zip files, recovery, factory images, system, radio and other pictures to android device. Following are some examples:

fastboot flash boot boot.img

fastboot flash system system.img

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

fastboot flash cache cache.img

fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin

fastboot flash sbl1 sbl1.mbn

fastboot flash dbi sdi.mbn

fastboot flash aboot emmc_appsboot.mbn

fastboot flash rpm rpm.mbn

fastboot flash tz tz.mbn

fastboot flash LOGO logo.bin

For TWRP flash recovery use:

Fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

If the recovery file which you carry is a flashable ZIP then you need to use the following command:

Fastboot flash recovery

Note: Keep in mind that such commands can break or damage the device, so use this carefully. If you are a newbie to all these things then please check out reliable tutorials. Moreover, these commands do not work on all Android devices as their compatibility differs from OEM to OEM.

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Download All ADB and Fastboot Commands Cheat Sheet (PDF List)

Fastboot ADB Android Commands Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Download PDF Cheat Sheet File

Conclusion: Which Fastboot commands have you used?

This was all for the complete list of ADB Fastboot commands for Android that you can find anywhere. The most popular ones are the “Reboot recovery” and “Flash Recovery” that can save your smartphone from being bricked. These should work on any device such as Nokia, Samsung or Xiaomi. There is a PDF file made available too for ease of access should you wish to save it locally.

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