13 Best WiFi Hacking Tools For Windows 11 PC in 2024

We can say the Wifi is prevalent due to being password protected and password knowledge is required to get online or access the internet. However, this is not and so is anything connected to the internet. Here is where you could use any of the below 13 best free WiFi hacking tools for Windows 11 that you can install to crack WPA2 or WPA3 passwords within hours or days.

Hacking tools are primarily designed to secure and attack wireless networks, get access to the password of the network and the network itself. The others are used to provide structure and traffic flowing over the network information, informing later attacks.

12 Best Hacking Tools For Windows 11 PC (Free)

About Hacking Wireless Networks (WPA2 and WPA3)

About Hacking Wireless Networks (WPA2 and WPA3)

On IEEE 802.11 standard the wireless networks are based which are given out by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics (IEEE) for ad hoc networks or infrastructure networks. The infrastructure networks carry one or more access points that are used to coordinate traffic between nodes, but keep in mind that in the ad hoc networks they do not have any access point in which every node is connected in a peer-to-peer way.

In Wireless Local Area Networks two kinds of vulnerabilities can be found; poor configuration and poor encryption. This poor configuration is due to the network admin who is used to managing the network. This might include weak passwords, lack of security settings, use of default configuration and many other issues related to the user.

With security keys, poor encryption is related which is used to provide protection to the wireless networks. Such vulnerabilities usually are due to problems in WEP or WPA.

WEP, WPA2 and WPA3

These are two security tools that are used in wifi LAN. WEP which is known as Wired Equivalent Privacy is a deprecated security protocol that came out in 1997 as part of 802.11 original standards. This however was quite weak and many weaknesses were found in the protocol the best thing this can be cracked within a few minutes.

Another came out back in 2003 and was known as Wifi Protected Access (WPA). Many routers used WPA and WPA but WPA3 was certified some years back and is designed primarily to replace the existing protocols.

We need to crack these protocols if we want to get unauthorized access to a network. Most tools are used to crack wifi encryption. These tools can either take benefit of WEP weakness or use brute force password guessing attacks or WPA or WPA2 or even WPA3.

Types of Wireless hacking tools

Now, these tools are of two kinds:

  1. To sniff the network and monitor what is going on in the network.
  2. To hack WEP or WPA keys.

Both these are very popular for wireless password cracking as well as network troubleshooting.

13 Best Free WiFi Hacking Tools For Windows 11 (Download)

Wifite – Pentest Wifi networks

This is a Python script that is designed primarily with the purpose of simplifying wireless security auditing. With this, we can run existing wireless hacking, use different tools with different options and eliminate the need to memorize.

You would be surprised to know that this is a rewrite of the original tool and is designed to work on Kali Linux and ParrotSec Linux disorders. It is suggested that before running this you install optional tools as these are needed to run some supported attacks.

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Aircrack-ng - Wireless Hacking Tool

This one has a lot of popularity among users and can be used for 802.11a/b/g WEP and WPA cracking. To recover wireless passwords it uses the best algorithms by capturing packets, as soon as these are gathered it makes sure to recover the password. To make the process a bit fast it implements standard FMS attacks with few optimizations. You can use a free up-to-date password list to get a list of the best combinations from various sources.

If you are not sure about this then the company offers an online tutorial for all the guidance on how to install and use this tool. It comes in the form of Linux distribution, VMware image, and Live CD options. Any one of these can be used. It provides support to many wireless adaptors and is guaranteed to work.

The only drawback is that you need to have deep knowledge of Linux and if you are not comfortable with Linux then you shall not be comfortable in using it, in such as case we suggest you try out VMware or Live CD as this VMware tool requires less knowledge but works with limited hosts operating system and only provides support to USB devices.

Now, before using it ensure that the wireless card can inject packets and then start with the process of WEP cracking. Give a read to the online tutorial and follow the provided steps.


This one is another option that is used to perform man-in-the-middle attacks by exploiting wifi association. It convinces wireless users to make connections with the rogue access point and then facilitates the attacker to intercept as well as monitor or modify all the wireless traffic.

With this, the security theft is able to launch web phishing attacks and collect credentials of the users for third-party websites or credentials of the wifi network. Moreover, with this, we can write custom code in order to expand its capabilities.

Kismet – Cracking Passwords Easily

Kismet WiFi Hacker Tool

This is a wireless network sniffer which is designed to work on Bluetooth, SDR (software-denied Radio), wifi and many other wireless protocols, collects packets that are being broadcasted in its vicinity plus analyzes them to detect wifi networks that are hidden as well.

The best thing is that it has support for all most all OS (using WSL on windows). It had its last release back in 2020 which re-architected the systems to improvise performance as well as add in new advanced features.

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This one is yet another option on the list which is a network protocol analyzer. With this, we can get to know what is happening on the network, capture packets live, inspect them and even see the values of certain fields within one. We can run this on Linux, Windows, Solaris, OS X, FreeBSD and many more.

Its user interface is friendly and provides users with many functions. If you are a strong understanding of network protocols then this would be quite beneficial as well as interpreting traffic that you would be seeing.

inSSIDer – Keep an eye on your network

A popular option is a wifi scanner for OS X and Windows OS, with this we can perform many tasks like open access points, save logs, GPS records and track down the signal strength.

It works on the freemium model; basic functions come in free whereas for particular ones we need to pay.


Airjack for PC

It is a wifi 802.11 packet injection tool and is quite useful for injecting forged packets, taking networks down through denial of service attacks and also used in man-in-the-middle attacks on networks.

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CoWPAtty – Automate Brute Force Attacks

This is another option on the list which is an automated dictionary attack tool for WPA-PSK. If you are a user of the Linux operating system then this is a great option as it can work on it. It carries a command-line interface and runs on a wordlist that carries the password being used in the attack.

The tool is simple yet slow and the reason is that hash uses PBKDF2 with 4096 iterations in order to generate potential passphrases from network SSID and password. As every calculation of PBKDF takes some specific time, the entire process of brute force guessing is slower.

However, it carries a rainbow table designed to mitigate such an issue. While most of the routers carry common SSIDs, pre-computed tables are generated for these and common passcodes. Now, testing against a pre-computed dictionary is very fast; target network is one of these.

OmniPeek – Analyze any protocol

This is another packet sniffer and network analyzer tool which supports Windows OS. It has been made part of this list due to its advanced and extensive features. It aims to be an all-in-one wifi network management solution and carries packet capture, network diagnostics, protocol decoding, troubleshooting as well as playback and analysis of voice and video traffic log for certain diagnostic reasons.

Airgeddon – Great for wireless audits

Hack wireless networks

An all-in-one tool that is used to perform security analysis of wireless networks, now for this what is does is integrate many existing tools and provides a single command-line interface for all. This in return reduces the complexity of performing wife security audits as its CLI walks the users through the complete process as well as handles interactions with underlying tools available.

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Kali Linux NetHunter – On the go

The ones which have been explained above mostly focus on wireless hacking from desktops. Today we have many new mobile devices coming out and eventually that seen creation of many hacking tools which are designed for smartphone devices and other similar ones.

This is one of these. It is open-source and runs on Nexus phones. Moreover, this one is a complete Kali Linux toolset.

CloudCracker – Cracking DES 


This is an online password cracking tool that is used to crack WPA-protected wifi networks. Crack password hashes with this, for this you simply need to upload the handshake file, enter the name of the network and start the tool. The best thing about this is that it carries more than 300 million words to perform attacks.

CommView for Wifi

This is the last option on the list which is quite a popular wireless monitor and packet analyzer tool. Its GUI is easy and understandable and works fine and neat with 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac networks. In the form of a list, it is used to display useful information of each packet. Get all the information such as stations, access points, network connection, the strength of the signals and protocol distribution.

With the help of user-defined WEP or WPA keys, we can decrypt the packets captured.
This tool is designed primarily for network admins, home users who wish to monitor traffic, security professionals, and programmers working on software for wireless networks.

Conclusion: WiFi Hacking Tools for Windows 11

We have given you a wide range of choices however all of them are free, mostly open-source and compatible. Our list of the 13 best wireless hacking tools for Windows 11 will leave a massive smile on your face with their capabilities and abilities to crack WPA2 and WPA3 encryption standards on new routers.

Kali Linux NetHunter
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best-wifi-hacking-tools-windows-11Wireless hacking tools come in all shapes and sizes hence the big list above. The ones we have shared are the best in class, free and quick to crack both WEP, WPA2 and WPA3 protocols and give you valuable information about a network.

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