UPDATE: Program has problems with network shared databases (e.g. database location is set to “\\mario\database”)


The new HomeMedia is out now. I guess, it works so good, that it can leave the BETA stage :)

You can download it in the Download section.


  • DatabaseManager:
    • IMDB grabber works with new IMDB design
    • Movie folder scan (scan by folder name or file name); If your movie is not parsed correctly adapt the “ignorelist.xml” in the “info” folder
    • The local folder paths are now stored in an xml file (in the “info” folder); so you can easily add new folders if you dislike to do this in the settings dialog
    • The local folder scan is in an extra tab
    • The Regular Expression of TV Series has been changed, should work better (please tell me any titles, which are not parsed correctly)
    • The size of banners and posters can be changed; if you use the Android App and you don’t need the bigger sizes, you could enhance the download speed of the covers by decreasing the size
    • Banners/Posters of TV Series and Seasons can now be changed
    • Check for update (in the menu >> Help >> Check for update)
    • And some other bugs have been solved
  • Watcher:
    • Double-click on a movie in the list opens the player as well
    • Watched movies/episodes/series/seasons are marked
    • Check for update (in the menu >> Help >> Check for update)

Upcoming features:

  • Translating the program
  • Displaying the online banners/posters of TV Series, Seasons or Episodes will be faster (e.g. in the Pick-a-Banner/Poster dialog)
  • More movie grabbers (particularly more languages)
  • Import of XBMC database
  • Java version

Recommended Reads:

TheTVDB.com was used for grabbing TV Series details – A site that is open to anybody.

If you experience any trouble, just let me know by posting a comment below or starting a thread in the forum.

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