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FzTvSeries (FzMovies) infamously known as MobileTvShows offers users free downloads of TV shows and Series in various formats including MP4 and HD. It has been online for some time now and was recently just updated with the latest content.

It was initially remodeled to mobiletvshows.com but after some time it reverted back to fzTVSeries.mobi. Since then it has been revamped to the best websites to get series and shows online.

What is FzTVSeries and why it’s the best

This is the one site you must have on your radar if you are looking for a website to get movie series online for free.

What is FzTvSeries

It is a sister website to FzMovies. It is owned by the same person who owns MobileTvShows, surprised? As this is targeted at all movie lovers and likes FzTVSeries is targeted at the movie and series lovers.

It carries a big catalogue of different movies series in its database.

On its homepage, you shall find vital sessions such as:

  1. Latest updates.
  2. Latest 5 series.
  3. Files converted in last two days but pending to be added.

New Useful features discovered in FzTVSeries

Though this is a platform to download series and movies, it has the following features:

  1. Select the file options from A to Z. On the site, you are able to narrow the search using alphabetical order as it is seen on site such as tvshow4mobile.
  2. With search option you can search easily and download the latest episodes of your favorite series.
  3. With Shoutbox, you can give a shoutout to whoever you deem fit. Moreover, you can also request episodes of your favorite shows through this.
  4. All episode is updated in a timely manner, it claims to upload within 1 hour of the release.
  5. You can download it from different servers on the site. For this, if one server is not working or gets slow then you can select to download from another one.
  6. Series on this are compressed just as they are compressed on FzMovies. It means it is better to watch them on phones or tablets than on big screens such as TVs.
  7. Its interface is easy to navigate to the point that even a beginner can find his or her way to the site.

Supported File Formats

You can get your favorite movies and series in the following formats:

  1. MP4.
  2. AVI.
  3. WEBM.

The videos are often compressed regardless of the extension format. Like this, the download size is reduced thus providing you with the ability to get smaller files against larger ones.

This obviously comes at a price, and that is the videos not suggested on the big screen displays except tablets and mobile devices.

What type of content you can find on FzTvSeries Site

  1. Videos for your PC.
  2. Indian TV shows.
  3. Cartoons or Animes.

Animes and Cartoons – These are very popular

The website offers free download of these. So, if you are a big fan of cartoons and the likes then you need to have this quality site on your radar.

The platform carries a huge catalog of these in its database. On this, you can get Likes of American Dad, Vampirina, Radiant, Star wars Resistance and many others.

The files are further grouped into seasons and episodes, which are available for download in AVI, high MP4 and WEBM format.

TV Series

Originally this website is centered around TV series downloads while the site does offer other downloads as well; this is what the platform is major made up of. These also come with subtitle files that you do not need to source from elsewhere.

In here you can get the latest episodes of your favorite shows as well as series. The download speed is fast and has an easy process as well. The site often gets updated within an hour of the episode being aired on TV.

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How To Download Movie Content from FzTvSeries

  1. In the first step, you need to visit the official site fzmovies.mobi.
  2. After this search for the TV show, you wish to get.
  3. On the TV home page, you need to select the season you want to download the latest episode from.
  4. As the next page open, you shall find episodes along with their download formats like AVI or MP4, you need to select between these.
  5. When the download page opens, you need to choose any of the servers by clicking on the link.

How to Download FzTvSeries Site

  1. The download shall begin at this point.

This is how you can get the latest episode on your most favorite series on this site.

How Safe Is It To Use FzTVSeries

How Safe is FzTvSeries

It is safe to use based on our usage of the website. However, you need to be careful of the wrong file type presented at any point.

Though it is rare you need to keep an eye on APK formats being presented. Decline if download options pops-up. Keep in mind that it is a video download site, not an application or game site. Therefore, files such as APK from this website might be toxic to your mobile device.

Also, keep in mind that the site shares copyright content and that it is not legal in most jurisdictions. Your use of this might consent to the use of copy-right content which is referred to as copy-right infringement. In your jurisdiction, if this is a crime then you might want to clear or use VPN to cover your tracks.

Conclusion: Do you use FzTvSeries?

There are a heap of sites out there that would fit in the category of FzTvSeries alternatives. However, they are not close to the giants like KickAss, 1337x and The Pirate Bay offerings. Let me know what you guys think of this and if you have any other in mind.

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