9 Course Hero Alternatives For Tutors and Students

This is an educational website that provides study tools, class notes as well as homework help. Keep in mind that it is not the only option for academic help.

If you are looking for Course Hero alternative sites that are for tutors and students? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Follow through to learn about similar sites and key competitors and find out which learning application can help you get good grades and improve learning.

A brief of features it has to offer:

  • Course-specific resources, with this you can avoid generic online information like you can look for 101 class notes from Rutgers University or English composition study guides for UCLA.
  • 24/7 homework help, with this you get on-demand access to personalized help from tutors.

The features seem to be good, but is there another application similar to this? Let’s have a look at different choices. You deserve better!

Why consider sites like Course Hero

It is quite similar to it as it shall give access to the same two functions that have been mentioned above. Users can find course-specific tools with which they can learn more efficiently by focusing on content that matters to your class plus you can get 24/7 help to get some expert solutions when required.

Quality can be better

Students who upload documents have the option to share material of top quality. Its elite note takes can earn more than 400% by producing good quality study resources. In comparison, the other does not provide any quality incentives to take note-takers.

We think that top-quality documents can be quite helpful to students. By being willing to pay more to students for good quality class notes all users benefit from.

You can be the top person in your class

Both are different in the potential impact on grades, the first one has an astounding impact. With this, more than 90% of students have improvised their grades by one letter. Whereas the other one has not released any information regarding how it has it has an impact.

Although both provide similar online tools, the first one seemed to be a good choice as its commitment to high-quality tools for study and academic improvement to all its users.

9 Best Course Hero Alternative Sites for Tutors and Students

Course Hero Competitors

Following is the list we have compiled for you; learn about every educational platform in order to discover which can be right for you.

These services have marked a difference in grades and 90% of students have improved.

The platform pays students to share some high-quality notes as well as study guides. The subscribers also get unlimited access to documents and can also search by school name or course.

It provides 24/7 help, and students get on-demand access to online tutors. It even has a database of millions of previously answered questions. Before you continue, you can also learn how to unblur any document you want with our guide:

Unblur Any Course Hero Document (The Easy Way)

Quizlet – A quiz powerhouse

This is a different kind of learning application that has its focuses on a flashcard format which can be quite helpful when you are memorizing a set of information like language translations.

Chegg – best site like CS

It provides various learning tools and a textbook portal to buy or rent books. Keep in mind that learning tools are generic and not tailored to any school or class. As generic information can be quite helpful, it is more relevant to rely on resources that come from class fellows who are attending the same college.

Brainly – Students top pick

This is a platform for homework help where students answer each other’s questions. Many students report that the application is helpful others say that there have been errors either because they might not understand the material better than you. In a few cases, the users do not try to answer correctly as they try to game the system and rack up points.


This is a homework help application that is powered by Artificial Intelligence rather than real users who are subject matter experts. This kind of educational support might be something to watch. Verges says that it only answers only 50% of the time and Android Police commented that the application choked when there is a large amount of text.

Photomath – Math made easy

This is another Artificial Intelligence application for math homework. It has geared toward younger students who work on simple assignments. Reviewers at the Guardian and Entrepreneur Magazine found that the application has accuracy issues.

It is the most accurate and widely used application in the world. It quickly scans, solves and explains math problems to all its users through step-by-step explanations. The aim is to help all users to understand and master math.


This is a question-and-answer application that can be a quick fix to get all answers. In this, however, you cannot ask a question by snapping either a picture, or it offers access to learning tools such as class notes.

This is deemed to be the most valuable resource. Its unlimited practice problem allows users to gain experience and confidence in math.

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It provides students with a huge range of study resources but keep in mind that your location can affect the relevance of the application. Universities in the United States only account for 12% of the top 50% of most popular schools which are listed on its site.

With this, you can download free study guides, summaries, practice questions, lecture notes, assignments, solutions, and much more. In this, all the documents are rated by our students to maintain good quality. It keeps all of you informed of the new documents that other students have uploaded for the courses.

Docsity – Learning hub

This can be a helpful alternative if you are living in Italy, Spain, Latin America, and Brazil where the applications learning resources are focused

Signing up for this is free. Users can share their documents and join our community to earn points and download the content they require.


This was acquired by Chegg recently. It comes with flashcard tools which can be quite helpful when memorizing information, but its homework help tool relies on the content which is generated by students, you might find that answers can be less reliable than the solution from a subject matter expert.

It also has an iOS application and an Android application for mobile users. though the basic product is free, it carries upgrade options of $3 per month with a one-year commitment or $9 per month.

Final Verdict: Course Hero Alternatives

Sites liike Course Hero for TutorsAll of us want top grades and to be the best in our class or year. This is why the above list of Course Hero alternative sites is great for tutors and students who want to seek options. We shared top sites like Course Hero above that you can use when you are not able to find the answer you need.

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