10 Best Free Note Taking Apps For Windows 10 With Stylus Support

As we are living in a digital world, people today are note-taking today on smartphone devices due to the following reasons:

  • These are convenient as you can use it anywhere anytime.
  • It’s easy to search for anything you have written and saved on your phone.
  • They provide remarkable accessibility.

However, we want to change this! This is why I have compiled a list of the 10 best note-taking apps for Windows 10/11 that support a stylus. This should make it easier for folks who spend most of their day on a PC, right? I think so!

Top 10 Best Note-Taking Apps For Windows 10/11 (With Stylus Support)

Google Keep – The standard

Google Keep

This is a good option to have in your phone as it simple and completely accessible. With this you can:

  • Make.
  • Save.
  • Copy text.
  • Record audio notes.

Use this for very lightweight task management with reminders.

Good Points

  • With Google suit, take meetings or lectures on a browser or phone device through an app and it stays with you.

Band Points

  • Quite harder to do formatting of text or markdown.

Google Keep for Windows 10/11

Notepad by ClickUp – Jack of all trades

Notepad by ClickUp App

This is a chrome extension that can be downloaded and used across the web. It stays in the bottom corner of your choice; creating simpler ways to write down reminders and do research.

For this:

  • Click on the purple icon there at the bottom of the screen, the complete list of notes is here.

With rich text editing, you can:

  • Format, emphasize, or even mark in the browser.

This is designed primarily for users who want to maximize their productivity as it connects them to their favorite project management software, ClickUp.

Notepad by ClickUp Features:

  • Use this as part of it.
  • Record meetings.
  • Make checklists.
  • Create tasks.

Users can synch their chrome extension with mobile and desktop app. It works wherever you need to go. It is the only software that carries this open and transfers the same notes from the browser right into it.

Good Points

  • Easy to use for project management.
  • Take them on the web easily.

Bad Points

  • No standalone mobile application.

Visit ClickUp Website

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Workflowy – Manage and Track projects with side notes

Workflowy App

This is a note or project management hybrid but works great for such tasks. It takes the idea of an outline to an extreme. This one is designed in a way to drill further down into an outline thus creating a hierarchical structure right from the beginning.

Workflowy Features:

  • Provides flexibility.
  • Plan books.
  • Create quick tasks.
  • Create checklists.

Users can also add tags and more organizations’ tools emerge.

Give it a try with its new mobile application.

Good Points

  • Easy to see zoom in and out from big images to small details.

Bad Points

  • Carries a plain approach.
  • Quite simple, the blank page can be daunting

Visit Workflowy Website

Bear App – Be on the go

Bear App

You can find this one only on Apple products. Carries a simple left-to-right interface with the main menu, snippet display of most recent ones, and real note-taking area.

Bear App Features

  • Carries an organizational system, users can use hashtags to categorize, and use the slash command to create sub-folders. This can be done from anywhere in it. Quite a simple way to organize and categorize.

The new folders created appear in the main menu automatically. To link them together, it uses a markdown text editor.

Good Points

  • From anywhere in it, use hashtags and categorize accordingly.

Bad Points

  • Does not have any separate workspace.

It is available only for iOS.

Visit Bear App Website

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Paper from Dropbox

This is a different yet unique app that is designed for all the visual thinkers out there. It is made more like a sketch pad thus users can

  • Go into paintbrushes, swirls, and shapes.
  • Create mind maps or draw quick cartoons as reminders.
  • Carries notebook feature which helps you set organization that you require to group drawings and others into various categories.

Good Points

  • Able to capture quick design ideas.

Bad Points

  • Does not carry many keyboard functions for text types.

It is only available for Mac or iOS.

Visit Paper (Dropbox) Website

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Evernote – The pioneers

Evernote Note Taking App for Windows 10

This is considered to be the OG of all the applications but over the years has lost some shine due to losing a few executives in the C-site. Users feel quite stuck especially after they started charging for premium prices but with some product details.

Its fundamentals remain the same:

  • Take notes.
  • Add lists.
  • Attach files to them for safekeeping.

Carries an interface that has set the tone for other apps.

Users can also export; this can be done but keep in mind that it is quite tricky.

Good Points

  • The card system and web clipper are similar.

Bad Points

  • High on prices.
  • Uncertain product leadership.

Download Evernote for Windows 10/11

SquidNotes – Good for Stylus users

SquidNotes for Windows 10

This is yet another one to make it to the list, one of the applications that are designed to capture the real handwriting of the user. It is able to mimic an actual notepad or legal pad. Users can use a stylus or write with the help of their fingers.

SquidNotes Features:

  • Resize notes.
  • Add shapes.
  • Export to PDF.
  • Best for commenting on pictures.
  • Suggest edits.

Good Points

  • Use real handwriting.

Bad Points

  • This is not as concise or compact as the rest of the apps.

Visit Squidnotes Website

Ulysses – Multi-platform support for writers

Ulysses App for Windows 10

This is a hybrid writing program. If you are a Mac user and looking for something that lets you transform them from raw form into something that seems presentable then this is for you. what you can do is take notes in plain text mode and then throw it in some other theme to export.

Ulysses Features:

  • Provides writing goals.
  • Able to link to outside resources such as PDF.
  • Carries a clean interface.

Good Points

  • For long-form writing carries a minimalistic interface.

Bad Points

  • Requires ongoing subscription therefore it is recommended to rake a test run before committing.

Visit Ulysses Website

Simplenote – For Bloggers

Simplenote for Windows

The teams of Automattic who are creators of WordPress want to solve all your problems related to taking notes with this application. It is a free yet open-source platform.

Simplenote Features:

  • Let’s sync it across all your devices whether it is Windows, Mac, or mobile phone devices.
  • It has a markdown, a huge bonus to share code or to emphasize any point.

There is no rich text editor.

  • It carries drag and drag-and-drop interface for revisions and history. To go back in time, just drag the toolbar.

Good Points

  • Easy to review history.
  • Can be used across desktop and mobile devices.

Bad Points

  • It is the best choice for attachments, settings reminders, hard to format texts.

Visit Simplenote Website

Microsoft OneNote – Average user’s choice

OneNote for Windows

This is a great choice if you want to annotate and comment on PDFs. The best thing about this one is that it combines the function of traditional notes with a sketchbook approach. It is best in doing both.

OneNote Features:

  • Take audio dictation.
  • Made a to-do list.
  • Uses a keyboard and sketching in the same app.
  • Do not give up on your handwritten ones easily.

Users of Microsoft would want to take advantage as it connects to their 365 accounts which can be used to sync all their browsers, app, and mobile devices that they use for it.

Good Points

  • Carries sketches and types notes in one place. Good for saving time.

Bad Points

  • Lacks major integrations.

Download OneNote for Windows 10/11

Alternative: Sensible Note Taker v1.05

DekiSoft Sensible Note Taker is great if you want to quickly create notes on your desktop. What makes it stand out is that it has:

  • Autosave
  • Quick access
  • Allows for multiple tabs to be open, great for lots of lists

Download Sensible Note Taker for Windows 10/11

Do you use a Stylus when taking notes?

Above are all the free note-taking apps with stylus support for Windows 10/11 that you can use. They are free and only cost you a simple sign-up with your email. My personal TWO favorites are Evernote and Simplenote. What are yours, are you a student or employee and does it make a difference in productivity? Let me know in the discussion below.

Lee is currently a full-time writer at DekiSoft that is eager to discover new and exciting advancements in Technology, Software, Linux and Cyber Security. Lee has spent the past 18 years working as an Systems Engineer providing support for various operating systems and networks. When not at his desk or writing, you will find him tinkering with retro tech.


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