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It is important to know about alternative sites especially when you are dependent on one for your movie series entertainment. If we talk about ( then its server tends to get down frequently, at times it does not even load. If we know about similar sites then we can enjoy our favorite series on these choices. I mean who doesn’t like to have more options available to them to choose from?

This is a popular site that carries many movie series content with full complete episodes. It covers content since 2016 and in recent years many people have become aware of this. Different people from around the globe visit it online for free.

It uses cheap hosting and due to high traffic and load on the server at times, it does not load and takes too much time when there is a traffic spike it becomes too tough to stream movies online. Now, to ensure that no movies are missed even when it is down you must know about the alternatives. For this follow-through:

About sWatchSeries – What happened to it?

This is a web portal that is used to serve people’s movie series in different languages. It is a well-known site that has become popular in a few years. The reason behind all this is its provision of original series and full episodes. Unfortunately, the original domain was shut down by the authorities due to piracy concerns.

To jump to another episode it comes with the previous and next episode buttons. The best thing is that you can also know when a new series is aired and read its review and details. You shall have more than five streaming links for each series and episode so if one does not work you can try the other one. It uses third-party streaming services like clip watching, Flix555, Gamevideo, Powvideo, StreamPlay, Vidlox, Vidoza and many others.

It provides all its users with many opportunities to watch or stream movie series online. It does not stream all series from its server and uses the third-party services mentioned above. This should not be your only destination to watch as you will get hurt a lot. However, third-party services that allow video streaming often get down due to too much load. Many other sites use such services.

9 Best sWatchSeries Alternative Sites

Tubi TV – New Domain

Tubi TV

This is a premium platform where you can watch movies and TV series all for free. On this, the user can enjoy tons of movies and TV shows from anywhere. For this, you need to register an account without paying any penny and access its huge library of series and movies. You can also watch without making any account but in this, you shall not be able to enjoy the full version.

If you are a registered user, then shall provide you with premium content every other week. You can normally enjoy old movies and series. At the end of the week, you will get something new that you would love to watch.

It seems to be a good alternative and you will love its premium service so make sure to give it a try.

FlixTor- Safe Alternative


This is a famous website that is well-known for its services like online streaming of shows and movies. It is a freeware site. It is better to compare as it does not use any third-party streaming service. To watch this you do not need to go to any third-party site and you can stay on this and watch desired shows.

It has a lot of content available; you will find some good movie series. The best thing about this one is that you will not be frustrated by ads on the site as it does not use any ad type on its site which means it shall load your browser fast. It provides users with a VIP membership plan to which they can subscribe to get premium content.

This seems to be a good alternative where, without any distractions, you can enjoy your favorite shows. Watch it on any device you have.

Moreover, use a VPN extension if you want to watch any movie which is not for your country.



This one is quite similar to ShareTV and carries the same features it has but also has cool stuff that you would love to explore. With this, you shall be able to know what is coming up and enjoy the latest show first. An excellent website that allows its users to stream shows and movies all for free and also lists trending and latest shows before anyone else does.

With a single click, you can watch the complete episode without getting any frustrating ads. Moreover, it has made a requesting system where you can request a certain movie or TV show. By this, the hall adds that content to their site and you shall be able to enjoy it.

We suggest you check this one out. You can sign up for the premium subscription and also for the premium content. In our opinion, you shall be very satisfied with the free content, therefore, check out this version first. If you like the services then you can go for the premium subscription without any doubts.

Most Recommended: Top Sites like Goojara that you should check out.



If you are a fan of network television then this online community is designed for you. It is a full TV platform that charges not even a single penny to stream content. Enjoy watching your favorite movies, TV shows, full episodes, and much more. They are partnered with known names such as Hulu, Fox and others.

You shall also get great content from this. It comes with a basic website design which means that anyone can navigate it easily and watch their show. Before streaming, you can get to know about details of the show like how many episodes have been aired and are available on it, its genre and the channel on which it is aired.

We suggest you check this out and give it a try.



If you are looking for an all-in-one place to watch your favorite show then you have dropped at the right place, this is deemed to be a final destination for all those who have never found any great site to stream shows. Here you can watch trending yet latest shows from your Android device and watch many shows all for free.

It comes with a new feature called tracking which shows users the stats of watching like for how long the user watched a certain show per day, and which one he watches longer. If you suffered from limited watching time then use this to take some control. There is one downside that you would require to sign up on this but don’t worry as it is freemium.

This is an amazing website to watch shows as it is authentic and always uploads new content at first.



This is a popular and well-known site for streaming shows and movies and covers new movie series first. Stream content on this on the go; and the best part is that it does not even require a fast internet connection. Choose the format, and stream in your desired video quality manually. If you have slow internet and go through buffering issues then we suggest that you give this one a try. To stream content, it uses its own server, and each episode present on this has different formats available.

Users can resume and pause quickly during streaming, moreover, you shall not face any issues while switching to different episodes as below the streaming window you will get quick buttons to change them and it shall quickly load. Overall this is a great optimized site that is capable of streaming video content in a way that is user-friendly.

StreamingSites Mania

com site

This is a good platform for streaming where you can find more than 400 sites reviewed and sorted all by quality, in here the sites are arranged in 26 categories and if you wish to watch your TV series without paying then you shall find the same 51 sites like watch series.

Over here all the websites are free to use but you may bump into some ads. Its design is amazing and user-friendly. It shall save you a lot of time. So, give it a try and check it out.



It has it focuses more on live streaming and is different as it provides more live shows in it site such as live sports, live video and many others. Get the first updated episodes on this even though you are not sitting beside any TV.

Most Recommended: Top Sites like FzTvSeries that have free TV shows.

Couch Tuner

This is a new website and has not been created for a very long time but still is great. It has a simple section so users can enter the episode page that they want instantly. The best thing about this one is that users do not need to have an account to log in. With this, watch any series you want to easily.


sWatchSeries New Domain

The above new domain is tested to be working on all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I suggest clearing your browser cache and try opening the URL again. Not Working

The reason why this is happening is that your ISP is blocking it. You can use a VPN service like Orbot or Super VPN. This will allow you to bypass their blocking and access the site.


Due to the pandemic situation, many of us who are stuck at home get bored a lot, agree? This is why we compiled this list of the best alternative sites with a new domain to help you find free TV shows, episodes and movies to watch to enjoy some time and not get bored. Cheers!

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