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Here you will find various software that we have developed over the years along with newly added recommendations. They are handpicked, thoroughly tested and quality verified before being posted.

Google Driver Downloader - GDrive Downloader for Windows PC

Google Drive Downloader (2024) – GDrive Downloader for Windows PC

Like all other cloud services, this is another one. The main function is to take off load from the hard drive. It uploads files of its remote servers or the cloud...
Download Magisk Manager Latest For Android 2021 (v23.01 APK/Zip)

Magisk Manager Download APK For Android 2024 (Latest Version)

Your phones are always underutilized for what they have to offer! There is always that extra feature or resource you can use.Or that despite your belief that you control your phone...
Download Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Full Version 2021

Download Microsoft Office 2019 Full Version Free Activated (2024)

There are fewer people who don’t know what Office is and for others, it does not need any kind of introduction. Microsoft Office 2019 Download is the latest yet greatest version...
Free EDU Email Generator 2022 (Download) - Enjoy Student Benefits

Free EDU Email Generator 2024 – Student Email and Password

If you studied at College or University you would have been given an academic email and password. This gives you access to their internal portal where you can have a digital...
Best 12 Xfce Themes Collection For Linux Distros To Try In 2021

12 Best Xfce Themes Collection For Linux Distros To Try in 2024

In the world of Linux theming and customization, Xfce is a huge aspect. You can search for yourself as well, and you will find that no other operating system offers such...
DarkComet RAT Download 2021 - #1 Free RAT Utility

DarkComet RAT Free Download (2024) – Legacy RAT (Latest)

This is a RAT, developed by Jean-Pierre Lesueur known as DarkCoderSc, an independent programmer and computer security coder from France. Though it was developed back in 2008 it began to proliferate...

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