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Here you will find various software that we have developed over the years along with newly added recommendations. They are handpicked, thoroughly tested and quality verified before being posted.

Top 10 Best Linux Mint Themes Download (2021 Edition)

10 Best Linux Mint Themes of 2024 (Download Links)

One of the best ways to refresh your experience of Linux desktop is Theming, agree?. These are used to add a new experience, be it an icon or a full-fledged theme....
Chegg Downloader 2021 - Online Free PDF Documents

Chegg Downloader 2024: How To Download Free Chegg Documents

Today students have many options to get information from the web. Chegg is the best site among all. This is a California-based technology training company which is based in California. It...
Sordum Monitor Off Free Download (v1.1 Latest) for Windows 10

Sordum Monitor Off Free Download (v1.1 Latest) for Windows 10

A large amount of electricity is consumed by computers which could be reduced by turning off the hardware when not required, a convenient shortcut is not provided by windows for this...

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