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There are fewer people who don’t know what Office is and for others, it does not need any kind of introduction. Microsoft Office 2019 is the latest yet greatest version of the Microsoft suite for users of business combined with the Professional and Professional Plus edition. The best thing; it comes with a one-off payment unlike regular subscription fees required for Office 365. Great for a set and product software. No more renewal fees and payments.

Though many users shall be switching towards Office 365, you need to have this if you want Word, Excel, Outlook, as well as Outlook on a single system and, are able to live without different cloud-sharing services.

About Microsoft Office 2019 (Features Explained)

Microsoft Office 2019 All Features Explained

Get this to enjoy the powerful apps like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint which give you control that you won’t get from Google Docs or any other open-source alternates.

MS Word – Edit and create documents

With this, you can do any word processing work like:

  • Drafting letters.
  • Writing huge essays.
  • Whipping quick newsletter.

It is very accessible and intuitive all thanks to its Ribbon interface. So, even after 30 years, it remains the word processor to beat.

MS PowerPoint – Presentations are awesome

In this get new presentation tools which are powerful plus includes:

  • Support for advancing slides with Bluetooth pens
  • Zoom interface to jump between slides.
  • Exciting morph transition.

This one is hard to beat.

MS Excel – Best spreadsheet software

No other spreadsheet program matches this in terms of advanced capabilities. It has fewer new features as it is already packed with some amazing ones.

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Access – Small business databases

When you purchase the office 2019 then it shall include this venerable database application as well. It is solid and dependable. It comes with:

  • Improvised chart types.
  • Supports new data types.
  • Accessibility upgrades.

Outlook – Reliable email client

This one calendar, email, contacts, and tasks app rules all over. It has not received many upgrades like Excel but still works best at managing emails across different accounts and now comes with:

  • Focused Inbox to carry the most important messages only.

MS Office 2019 Latest Features

LaTeX Equations for Word

With this type of math by using latex syntax, find this option under the design tab or press Alt + = from the keyboard.

Better Animation and Motion by Morph

With this add-in smooth movement between slides. It is a straightforward way to create any animation in no time. PowerPoint shall do all the heavy lifting for you.

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To use this:

  • Duplicate a slide.
  • Move, resize or edit objects on this.
  • Click on “transitions” then “morph”.

This would create smooth animation from original to duplicated slides.

Navigate in Zoom

Zoom ads in a versatile navigation option for presenting slides. With this, you shall have thumbnails for all slides on a single page. Click on every side and a small transition animation shall take you into that slide.

Now Zoom is fun, engages ways to move between slides during a presentation, and provides a free-flowing approach towards a presentation, unlike the typical default slide-by-slide way.

Surface Pen Slider Support

With changes made in this version, 10 users can now use this or any other similar product to advance through slides. It can move wirelessly through slides at 30 feet of distance. You can also manually disable or enable Pen settings in Windows 10.

  • To advance the sliding press the “eraser button”.
  • “Press and hold” it to go back one slide.

This would make difference to all who give regular presentations to real audiences.

A smarter Excel

  1. CONCAT: It is similar to CONCATENATE, but for now provides support to range references not only single-cell references.
  2. MAXIFS: To return large numbers in a range, set returned result to be a number that meets particular criteria.
  3. MINIFS: is the same but returns the smallest number.
  4. SWITCH: To evaluate one value against a list of values and shall return results that correspond with the first values which match, if no match then you can set an optional default value.
  5. TEXTJOIN: It combines text from different ranges; the user can select how each text is separated like by comma, full stop, or another delimiter.

Inking is now fun

Do you have a touch device? If yes, then you shall be happy to see new inking features added.

Under the Ink tool go to pens and you shall choose the ink color and width of the stroke.

The user can highlight text, delete whole written words or areas of text with

  • Ink tools > eraser option (pen tab).

Find these tools on Microsoft 365 for web, Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android.

Microsoft Office 2019 or 2016? Choose wisely.

Microsoft Office 2019 vs Office 2016 Comparison

Now, it does not carry too many features as compared to previous versions or anything which changes your productivity but has few upgrades which are worth mentioning.

As mentioned Outlook has an inbox that carries the most important messages and moves the rest to the background, it has:

  • Support to read messages out loud.
  • Better time zone support in a calendar component.

Word benefits you from:

  • Improvised translation.
  • Text spacing option.
  • Text-to-speech.
  • Better support for digital scribbles and stylus pens.
  • Focus mode to strip distractions away while reading anything on the screen.

Excel benefits you from:

  • Improvised inking capabilities.
  • A smattering of new functions.
  • New kind of charts.
  • Add 3D models in spreadsheets and view them from any angle you want.
  • Pivot tables.

PowerPoint benefits you from:

  • Morph transition.
  • Better support for digital inking.
  • 3D model support.
  • Export slideshow in form of 4K video,
  • Better options to share work.

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Microsoft Office 2019 VS Office 365 – The Journey to cloud

MS Office 2019 or Office 365

Without any doubt, Microsoft would love as well as prefer to make money each month than just once with no follow-up. With this in mind, it keeps some features of Office 365 quite exclusive, thus be aware of what you are missing before you make a decision.

If we talk about Office 2019 then it won’t get any feature improvements except:

  • Bug squashing updates.
  • Security fix.

The other gets new features on regular basis; all new stuff is available to its users. To have better features in version 2019 you need to upgrade to the next one-off purchase if it is released by Microsoft.

It also has OneDrive which means users can now have cloud storage, sync across different machines, real-time collaboration on docs. You shall also get benefits if working as a team like online versions.

Get these features by using the free, customer version of OneDrive available to all, but it requires combining business and personal computer accounts plus with free 15GB storage. As cloud-based computing has become quite important, OneDrive integration is why you want to jump to Office 365.

Office 365 business is available at $7.90 + VAT per month with an annual payment of $8.25 per month if you are paying month-to-month. This fee covers app installation across 5 systems as well.

If we talk about features and capabilities then Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are hard to touch. Whereas if we talk about cloud-based features and regular updates then they are good for business needs even if you have to pay Microsoft each month.

G Suite is a strong contender for cash if you want to pay per month. It carries powerful apps like Microsoft but they are fast and built by keeping the web in mind. They shall suit you if you wish to have good speed and simplicity other than many features which you are never going to use.

Everything depends upon the needs of the business, if you work on a single system with less sharing and collaboration of docs then this remains difficult to beat, make a single payment, get it installed and you are good to go for many years ahead.

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MS Office 2019 Full Version Download and Comparison (With Product Key)

Microsoft has created amazing products in the past and Microsoft Office 2019 download is one of them. It is highly useful if you get it in the full version with the product key. This will allow you to use it for more than 30-days after the trial period ends and be more productive.

Buy Microsoft Office 2019:

If you would like to purchase it, you can do so officially from Microsoft below, There will be a prompt for entering the activation key, if that is the case you will need to contact their help team.

Buy Microsoft Office 2019 

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus:

This is the most premium version that comes bundled with all the exclusives and power user toggles:

Download Office 2019 (Free)

Microsoft Office 2019 (Full Version with product key)
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MS Office 2019 is one of the best product suits Microsoft has ever released. It is not in the cloud-like their 365 feature and is 100% robust, reliable, and fast for business and personal use cases. It combines the best of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access in one simple

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