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This section is all about in-depth guides and tutorials. You will find easy to follow articles with step-by-step explanations on solving a technical or non-technical problem.

Hike Messenger Features

How To Install and Use Hike Messenger on Windows 10/11 PC

With new technologies coming into Hike it is extremely famous and another mainstream messaging application being used around the globe by users. Due to being rich in features, it outperforms big...
Fix Connection Issues To Bluetooth Audio Devices in Windows 11

Audio Device or Wireless Display Not Connecting in Windows 11 (Fixed)

There is always a music lover hidden inside of us that uses headphones and prefers to connect them over Bluetooth. Well, the same for us who like larger displays and may...
Instagram Voice Messages Download on Android & iPhone

Download Instagram Voice Messages on Android & iPhone

Voice messaging is a new technology in which messages are transmitted through digital media. You can say it is an alternative to calls or text messages. The voice messages are stored...
How To Download and Save Audio from Google Translate 2022

How To Download and Save Audio from Google Translate 2022

You have landed on the right page if you are wondering how to download audio from Google Translate or convert text into MP3. With the help of TTS online, you can...
How To Get Help With Notepad in Windows 11 (Use, Open, Shortcuts)

How To Get Help With Notepad in Windows 11 (Open, Use, Shortcut)

Today notepad has saved us by reducing the wastage of physical paper. Many are not aware and only use it to sometimes put notes in or copy/paste any random text including...
How To Enable and Fix Virtualbox Shared Folder for Ubuntu

How To Enable Virtualbox Shared Folder for Linux Distros (Windows Host)

Virtualbox is high in performance product that carries new and unique features for all its users. The best thing is that this is the only software available as open-source under terms...

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