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This section is all about in-depth guides and tutorials. You will find easy to follow articles with step-by-step explanations on solving a technical or non-technical problem.

2 Ways to find real IP behind Cloudflare or a Proxy Server

3 Ways To Find Real IP Behind Cloudflare or Proxy Server (2023)

Cloudflare is a company based in America that deals with the security of the web. It is used to provide internet security for businesses, non-profit organizations, bloggers and others. However, the...
How To Fix Nexus 5X Bootloop Issue (2021 Solution)

How To Fix Nexus 5X Bootloop Issue (2023 Solution)

Nexus was one of the best devices launched by Google during its journey in the making of the smartphone. It was launched back in 2015 but there are many users who...
Root Android Phone Without Using TWRP Recovery

How To Root Android Without Using TWRP Recovery & PC 2023

In summary, We can root an Android device in two ways; one uses a custom recovery like TWRP while the other is without the use of any recovery at all. This...
The Quick Access Toolbar in Windows 11 (The Ultimate Guide)

The Quick Access Toolbar in Windows 11 2023 (Complete How-To Guide)

The quick access toolbar is overlooked by most of the users in Windows 11. This is not good as the feature is subtle, practical, and easy to use. The best thing...
How To View Private Instagram Profiles and Pictures In 2021

How To View Private Instagram Profiles or Pictures 2023

When someone especially your friend is cheating on you then it becomes quite difficult to anonymously view their private Instagram profile. This tutorial shows you how you can view someone's private...
How to Install and Use Google Photos For Firestick (2021 Guide)

How to Install & Use Google Photos on Firestick (2023)

With Google Photos one can share pictures from one device to the other. The best thing is that it uses Google’s image analytics technology which places all pictures in an organized...

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