8 Best Sites To Download Free English Subtitles For Movies & TV Shows (2024)

First things first for all those who do not know, subtitles are captions that are displayed at the bottom of a cinema or TV screen to translate or transcribe dialogues or narratives. Easy enough to understand. These are perfect for language learners to learn language and slang while watching their favorite shows in a new language.

Now, for those who watch movies all day, they enable dialogue transcription from the source towards the target narrations of the background events, transcriptions of sometimes inaudible sounds, and much more.

If you are not using streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix, stuff that you watch may not carry these at all, it’s not the end of it! Below is a list of the best sites to download English subtitles for movies or TV shows for free.

8 Best Sites to Download Subtitles For Your Movies and TV Shows (Mega List)

Podnapisi – Understanding every movie

Podnapisi Site

This is a good platform to find these in various languages as well as TV shows. For now, it hosts around 3,122,386 subtitles for 60,777 different media and 6715 series in 102 languages of which 717231 are made by the community and 00235 are adapted for SDH viewers.

Now, this one uploads news each day which can be searched by year, genre, keyword, or using options from its advanced search engine. Users can select to create a user account for themselves and engage in the forum where they can post questions, requests and many others.

OpenSubtitles – Multilingual support

This is the biggest platform with 5 million subtitles in more than 50 languages. Elmedia Player for Mac comes with integrated support which can enable you to watch films without the need to download manually. Moreover, you can also upload these, make requests, participate in the forum, install recommended browsers as well as extensions and follow its blog.

The new website features a simplified approach for all the users to find these as they can be searched by using a series or even a title, IMDB, ID, or even go to their favorite yet dedicated pages.

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Subscene Website

This is what we call an old time. This has been serving its users with these in different languages for free since 2005. In this users have the option to make their uploads, participate in the forum, and request for them in various target languages. Remember that a user account is required for all these extra options.

The best thing about this one is that it carries a light and dark mode for UI apart from this. Users can also get these for popular music videos to sing along with their friends.

YIFY Subtitles – The best ones out there

This is a dedicated platform for this purpose which is owned by YTS; a group that is famous for distributing content through BitTorrent. Now, unlike with most of the competitors it uploads were in HD and maintained a file smaller in size. This is what makes it stand out from the rest.

It carries a clean, dark-mode user interface. In this, you can search for subtitles using keywords, the year of release, genres, languages as well as popularity. The best thing about this one is that all these are piracy and ad-free. Unlike others, though, users cannot make any requests or join forums.

English-Subtitles – Most popular

English Subtitles

This one claims to be the platform with the largest collection of English subtitles. This has been doing this since 2015. It carries a simple dark mode user interface with options for you to search using keywords or the linked lists displayed on the homepage.


This is yet another one to make it to the list, a cool one-stop hub to get these for movies and TV shows. Though it does not have a fancy-looking user interface but has an organization that is on point. Our favorite feature is to show the air dates with new releases displayed on top of the page in an RSS feed.

You can make a request for these, upload theirs, take part in forums, and offer to join the development team. It has a drawback; the user needs to be logged in to complete downloads. These come at the cost of creating a free account, while subtitles and user accounts are free.

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The biggest database for this which comes in free, it is legal to use and accessible from video players and media centers like Kodi. Users with permission to share these are able to make uploads and others can participate in the forums.

Users can browse for these by using the listed query links like most comments. It carries the best user interface plus users get the hang of this after using this once or twice.


This allows all the users to search for movie subtitles by title, year of release, genre, or anything else by using its simplified UI. Now, on the homepage it has a list of displayed content it has along with the count, and if the user prefers they can also browse movies by country, language as well and genre.

It was released back in 2015 and for now, has a total of 75,500 entries and 2,699,790 subtitles files.

Final Statement

Well, I know not everyone speaks a few dozen languages. Unless you’re very clever! This is why these are very important because it get the meaning across! I am very certain that at least 1 out of the 8 best English subtitle download sites I have listed above will be helpful to you. I know you will have issues with syncing properly with movies.

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