5 Best Silent Mouses for Work and Gaming (Budget Picks)

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Nobody likes the pesky clickety click of the mouse this is where a silent one comes in hand. Today more big manufacturers such as Logitech are leveraging their expertise to make silent mice for all the users around the globe. This is why we have curated a list of the best silent mouse for work, home and gaming use that is cheap and not heavy on your pocket. Sounds good, right?

When selecting such a mouse you need to know regarding quality, design, customization, in-hand feel, shape, weight and placement of the button. Moreover, you also need to see whether it is able to deliver hours of comfort. We also kept in mind people with Carpal tunnel syndrome so the design is ergonomic and comfortable to hold.

We have compiled for you some recommendations which we have tested personally so follow through to know more.

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5 Best Silent Mouses Available For Work and Gaming that are budget-friendly 

MouseWhat DekiSoft likePrices
Razer DeathAdder Mouse for Gaming1. Best ergonomic design
2. Comfortable to hold
3. Silent and gamer focused
4. Highly reliable
5. 8 programmable buttons
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Logitech Silent Mouse for Work1. Extremely silent and no button noise
2. 24 months battery life
3. Wireless and without cables
4. Compatible with Macs, Chromebooks and Windowws
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Cheap Silent Wireless Mouse1. Most budget-friendly option.
2. Easy to hold
3. Very lightweight
4. Built-in energy saving
5. Long distance wireless range
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Logitech M220 Cheap Silent Mouse1. Cheaper alternative to Logitech M330
2. Great for people who are left-handed
3. Preferred for office use
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TekNet Silent Mouse for Windows and Mac1. TruWave technology for mouse tracking
2. Built to last with 30 month battery life
3. 4 different energy saving modes
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Razer DeathAdder V2 – A true gamers choice

Razer DeathAdder Mouse for Gaming

If you want all the performance of a gaming mouse with minimum sound then this is your go-to option. It features optical switches and uses an infrared light beam so that it can record a click in spite of physical contact. All these things result in lesser noise, no debounce delay, carry more durability which is around 70 million clicks, fast response and quite a low click latency.

It is designed for long sessions and also delivers users with a premium in-hand feel with an ergonomic design, comfortable curves, sturdy build quality including PTFE feet, light 82 g in weight. Its Razers Focus+ sensor is able to deliver great performance with dpi up to 20 thousand, 650 IPS tracking speed, smart tracking, and motion sync for some tight control, fluid movement and pinpoint accuracy.

Along with it comes 8 programmable buttons, onboard memory with space for around 5 profiles, and Razor’s Chroma RGB lighting with around 16.8 million different colors. Since it is wired it features a speed flex cable which is very flexible and keeps drag to a minimum with no resistance.

Keep in mind that this is the loudest in our group but ranks among the quietest gaming option out there. If you are a serious gamer who is aware it shall emit an audible sound then we would suggest this option.

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Logitech M330 Silent Plus – A top choice for work

Logitech Silent Mouse for Work

This one has a lot of popularity among users due to being simple, functional and comfortable with a good price check. If you are looking for a good quality mouse then we suggest you try this one out.

Due to Logitech’s SilentTouch technology, it is able to achieve silent operation and reduces clicking sounds by around 90% when compared with traditional mice. Now, the sound which is emitted is inaudible but still, you shall get a clicking sensation which is a lot satisfying.

It carries an asymmetric shape which is used to promote a natural position that reduces strain and pain. Moreover, it has a rubber surface that is able to balance a grippy feel with great texture. The mouse is around 91 g in weight.

Its navigation is both responsive and precise aided by a tactile rubber scroll wheel along with high precision tracking. It is there for general use and also lacks a sensitivity range that is required for gaming purposes.

Another flaw is that its 24-month battery is driven by a single AA battery that comes with the mouse. The best thing about this one is that is easy plus and play connectivity which provides support to many operating systems including macOS, Windows, ChromeOS as well as Linux through a compact USB nano dongle receiver that is able to support a 2.4 GHz wireless connection up to 10 meters away.

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VictSing Wireless – A cheap and great DeathAdder Alternative

Cheap Silent Wireless Mouse

If you are not able to afford Razer DeathAdder V2 then you can consider this option. For this, you can compromise on quality and performance. Keep in mind and don’t expect it to be a high-end gaming mouse though it is decent in nature which keeps the level of noise in check.

It carries all the features which you expect from a gaming mouse. It has a stylized design with attractive color LED accents which pairs with an ergonomic nature and weights around 113 g. Both its clickers are quiet in nature which means that they can easily be used at night and around other people. Though its quality is mediocre with a lot of plastic it still feels sturdy enough and carries welcome touches like padded feet and perforated sides for extra grip.

Its performance is respectable with good precision and response. Its dpi can be adjusted to around 5 different settings which include 800, 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2400. This is a great option for all the casual gamers out there.

This one uses a single AA battery which can be used for around 6 months that too if you turn off the LED lights through a switch underneath. If the light is on then it shall struggle to hold enough for more than a week. Moreover, it carries an auto-sleep function that is able to switch the mouse off after 8 minutes of idle. The USB dongle is able to handle 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity which is up to 10 meters away.

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Logitech M220 – With SilentTouch technology

Logitech M220 Cheap Silent Mouse

Left-hand users are usually left with fewer choices to select from as compared to right-hand users, this option is able to level the playing field with not only a great design but also near-silent operation.

It takes all we love about the version M330 silent plus but also welcomes a contoured and ergonomic design which is very much comfortable for left-hand-users as well. The best thing is that it responds great to all the movement with smooth tracking and precise cursor control though its DPI is set to 1 thousand thus excluding it from anything beyond work or tasks which run every day.

This again uses SilentTouch technology to keep all its operations silent and also slashes clicking noise by 90% when compared with the run-of-the-mill pick. We suggest that this holds true for everyday use too under normal scenarios plus you would have to glue down your ear if you want to hear even the faintest noise or sound.

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Another good thing is its design which is super compact and also ideal for all those who jump from workspace to workspace and mouse on different surfaces from mousepads to rough surfaces. It weighs around 75.2 g and runs on a single AA battery which can power up to 10 months of average use. It has the same capabilities as the Pricer M330 model with broad Operating System support. 2.4 GHz wireless connection up to 10 meters away along with a small footprint nano USB receiver.

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TECKNET Pro (7 Silent Buttons) – A wireless choice

TekNet Silent Mouse for Windows and Mac

If you are strict on a budget then this is the best option when it comes to entry-level options.

This is yet the loudest noise on the list but you shall be hard-pressed to find anything quieter on the budget front. Without any doubt this is audible but at the same time, you are unlikely to bother others around with the door closed using it.

This again comes with an ergonomic design whose shape feels comfortable in the hand all thanks to contoured supports on both sides, comfort grips as well as finger indents on the top. It is portable in nature and its placement of a button is also good as is the tactile scroll wheel.

Its sensitivity ranges from 800 to 2600 dpi thus offering a lot of scope for battery customization which is impressive too at 24 months on 2 AAA batteries. Moreover, it also comes with a battery level indicator and auto-sleep mode to conserve power. As a user, you shall get more buttons than a cheap mouse having 6 buttons. This 2.4 GHz wireless nano USB dongle handles connectivity up to meters away.

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Advice To Consider Before Making purchase for your next mouse

Keep it cheap, keep it silent and not fancy

A silent mouse comes at a higher price when compared with a typical one. If you wish to have additional features then they cost a price. If you have modest requirements then $30 is more enough to secure one that looks good, feels comfortable and operates near to silent and the most important thing is it should last for years ahead.

How long will it last?

These mice come with a great battery life of at least 1 year in many cases. If portability is a crucial consideration then we suggest you go for a wireless option if possible then those compact varieties can be easily stored in the day bag.

Are the buttons clicky and loud?

First of all, you need to see what suits your interest before you commit to the long term to see if it’s suitably quiet by your standards. What you can do is run it by those who get more irritated by loud mouse clicks and also give it a late-night test drive when the sound is ambient. Head over to amazon and other retailers which carry generous return policies which you can use to test which one is available.

If for you quietest operation is the top requirement then you need to look for those who have certifications from bodies like UK’s Noise Society whose main aim is to combat unwanted noise pollution.

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Final Verdict

As you can see from the above 5 different choices of silent work and gaming mice. We think that the Logitech M330 is the greatest followed by the TeckNet Pro. They are both cheap and won’t break your bank. Both are also Mac and Windows compatible with some providing support for Chromebooks. Let us know if you have another choice that would like added above.

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