Windows 11

Windows 11 first announced on 24 June 2021 is the latest operating system release from Microsoft. It brings a redesigned interface, superior security, and performance increase for the users who will upgrade to it.

The 6 Best Monitor Calibration Software For Windows 10 (Download)

6 Best Monitor Calibration Software For Windows 10/11 (Download)

You can now adjust with the right color calibration if your display somehow looks a bit off, not necessarily too bright or too dim, but maybe with some colors not as...
Everything you need to know about Windows 10 Sticky Notes

How to Use, Install & Download Sticky Notes on Windows 10/11

In need to take a quick note on your computer? Forget about pen and paper; now you can use the Sticky Notes app to jot down every information. Did you even...
How To Create a Bootable Windows 10 USB with WoeUSB on Linux

How To Make Bootable Windows 10/11 USB with WoeUSB (Linux)

This is a tool that is used to create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive on Linux and is CLI-based known as WoeUSB. This is under active development and a graphic...
How To Update/Refresh Windows 10 Without Data Loss (6 Tested Ways)

How To Update or Refresh Windows 10/11 Without Data Loss 2024

The big problem with repairing a Windows 10/11 installation is to reformat and reinstall it, correct? The issue is that it erases everything from the storage, forcing the user to reinstall...
How To Factory Reset Your Windows 11 PC or Laptop (Guide)

How To Factory Reset Your Windows 11 PC/Laptop (2024 Guide)

We have seen almost all issues on Windows 11 from file disappearing problems to issues with installing updates. If your system is not running the way it does and shows strange...
How To Enable Hibernate in Windows 11 (Ultimate Guide)

How To Enable or Disable Hibernate in Windows 11 (Guide)

Get to know how to enable and disable hibernation in Windows 11. This is an alternative low-power mode to sleep so that you can save more battery percentage and energy. Hibernate, Sleep,...

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