WIN – Remote is capable of remote controlling Windows. To use the app you need to install the Windows Remote Service on your Windows computer.

After starting the app you will see the Home Screen of the application.

See a demonstration video to access all features.

  1. Download the Windows Remote Service (.NET 4.0 Client Profile is required => will be installed during setup) on your PC
    Note: It has been tested under Windows 7 32bit and 64bit. Also tested under Vista 32bit and Windows 8 64bit.
  2. Download and install WIN Remote on your Android device
  3. In the App: open Preferences >> Server Settings
  4. Change the port(s) if you did so in Windows Remote Service
  5. Select a server – there are two ways:
    • Enter the IP address or the PC name of your PC running Windows Remote Service
    • Click on automatic search and let the device search for a Windows Remote Service in the network
  6. The connection should be established.
  7. If any problems occur, don’t hesitate to contact us! Read the FAQ and User Guide to solve problems.

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