StuDocu Free Premium Accounts and Passwords (2024)

StuDocu is designed to help students excel in their studies. To become a major part of the community, the site wants to give the necessary information as a guide. For now, it has more than 2 million students who help one another and share all the useful knowledge they have. We provide you the most up-to-date and working list of StuDocu Free Premium Accounts and Passwords which consists of working logins to allow you access to their paid subscription for free!

How StuDocu Premium Accounts Work?

With a premium account, you get complete access to material including the popular content and useful features such as downloading and printing.

  1. Upload study material for 14 days of full premium access per accepted document.
  2. Opt for a paid quarterly or yearly subscription.

The cost of such an account depends on your location and local currency. Once the subscription has been purchased, you will be charged and given full premium access when you are subscribed.

You can cancel your premium StuDocu subscription anytime and no further action will be taken. Once canceled, the plan will expire at the end of the current payment cycle. Make sure to cancel at least one day before the next scheduled payment date.

As you register, you get access to over 5 million study resources and 90% of content for free. You have full access to the material if you have a premium account.

You can unlock premium content and features in two ways; upload one of the study documents for 14-day access or get a subscription.

At any time, you can stop the subscription, for this, you need to access the subscription page and no deductions will be made. Until the end of the paid period, you will have premium access.

What do Premium StuDocu Account Offers that Free Doesn’t?

You will find books, courses, and papers on the platform if they are uploaded on the platform.

To ease it up, use convenient filters which are present at the top of the page. These can be filtered by institution, course, language and type of document.

Every day a new document gets added so be regular in checking. You can also upload your own document.

It empowers students from all parts of the world and provides them with effective study resources. It carries more than 16 million contributed documents from 5000+ institutions. It is more like a global student community where both students and teachers engage in discussions on academic subjects, and share practice questions, summaries and lecture notes.

StuDocu Account Email and Password

The platform aims to empower all to excel in their studies by providing them with the best tools.

This has been created by students for students so we understand that access to material is not always democratic among students globally. It is open for all students and teachers to discuss academic subjects, summaries, lecture notes and share practice questions.

Sharing the study material is legal, however, guidelines may vary from institution to institution. Make sure to check the guidelines of your institutions before sharing content.

When you upload documents, you agree that you have the necessary rights and permission from the author(s) to share content on the platform.

The mobile application is free for both iOS and Android platforms. It provides free access to all documents that are available on the site.

From the app, you get easy and quick access to relevant study material so you can study on the go easily.

For now, document uploads are unavailable on mobile devices or applications, but you can effortlessly upload yours using any laptop or desktop. To upload material, we suggest you use the latest Chrome version. If a different browser is being used, switch to Chrome before starting the upload.

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StuDocu Premium Accounts Features

StuDocu Premium Accounts Free

When you upload a document, you will not only help others but get some benefits from uploading notes, at first for each upload you do you will get 14 days of premium access for free, you can now view, download, and even print every document on the platform. for this the documents need to be clear, make sure to fill all fields for a smooth process and wait for 1-2 business days for them to be approved and be sure that language is the same as teaching language.

You will get a ticket for each approved document to enter in its lottery and win prizes like an iPad and other cash prizes.

Get access to more than 1 million resources for free. Access, print, and download premium documents with a subscription. You also don’t have to use the StuDocu Downloader to view premium documents; you can use just the account online!

This allows you to view all premium content and it is available only once for each user.

After the trial period, if you view or download any document, the account will automatically become a premium paid subscription.

When you sign up for a trial and agree that, you canceled, the account will start a premium paid subscription after the trial ends. The platform can deduct the agreed amount incrementally from the BAC account that you have provided.

You can unsubscribe from the subscription page during the trial period whenever you want. For this, there will be no deductions. For the remaining trial period, you will have access to trial benefits.

Sometimes, a refund might be granted if you forget to cancel the subscription on time. Depending on your case it can either be full or partial.

Remember, if you have used the paid premium subscription by downloading or viewing content since payment was made, you will not be entertained with a full refund.

Premium StuDocu Account Download Limits

StuDocu Premium Account Login

  1. You must wait 24 hours if you have reached the daily limit before downloading documents again.
  2. You must wait 30 days if you have reached the monthly limit.

If you reach the download limit then you can still view and save all content on the platform, like this you will have access to all those important materials.

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How To Delete Your StuDocu Premium Account (or Cancel Subscription)

If you want to delete your StuDocu Premium account, the option is at the bottom of the settings page.

Pause Subscription

Pause whenever you want and you can always return when you change your mind.

Delete Uploaded Documents

Deleting an account will not remove uploaded documents automatically.

Disclaimer: These credentials are not hacked or as such of any matter. These are collected from various public sources from the internet.

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StuDocu Free Premium Accounts and Password

Below is a table with StuDocu Premium Email and Password accounts that allow you access to StuDocu Premium membership.

Note: Please DO NOT COPY Copy/Paste these credentials, you will need to type them in because of special characters for security.

StuDocu Premium EmailPassword
[email protected]sNt3Rm598Shm
[email protected]brXcX9yhTG4x
[email protected]Lh8g28EMdRYy
[email protected]CMwAkPbXyTeJ
[email protected]wmVpVBmFDhEa
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