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Since 1991 Linux has been at the heart of the open-source community. This section has various helpful guides for you to learn this OS. You will find various recommendations, easy guides, and FOSS tools.

8 Best Linux Distros for Windows Users in 2022 (Beginner Friendly)

8 Best Linux Distros For Windows 10/11 Users in 2024

It is difficult to adapt to Linux for beginners if they install the wrong distribution. Over the years Windows versions have evolved with time and without any doubt, it has spoiled...
The 6 Best Linux-based OS for Android Smartphones

The 6 Best Linux OS For Android Smartphones (2024)

If you are tired of Android and are looking for an alternative operating system for your smartphone then Linux is the best choice but which one to install in today's era...
CentOS 7 vs CentOS 8 - Which is a better choice for you?

CentOS 7 vs CentOS 8 – Which is a Better Choice For You?

The new release of CentOS is here and has brought in many changes many users have questioned about. I know many of you are considering an upgrade, but why? This CentOS...
9 Best Free Open Source Firewall in 2022 (Windows/Linux)

9 Best Open Source Firewalls For Windows & Linux 2024 – Free Firewall Software...

Firewalls are made to protect the network from any threat by filtering both the in and outbound traffic and ensuring network security. The first thing when we talk about the 9...
6 Best Alternative Router Firmware that are Open Source

6 Best Alternative Open Source Router Firmware (2024)

Firmware is basically the OS that comes on the router pre-installed. Now each manufacturer carries its own version. Just like OS there on your phone device or personal PC, it controls...
The 16 Best and Free Linux Apps To Have

Top 16 Best and Free Linux Apps To Have in 2024

People usually assume that Linux is something quite difficult and confusing especially those who wish to shift towards it and are newbies. But, the story is quite different as like others...

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