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Since 1991 Linux has been at the heart of the open-source community. This section has various helpful guides for you to learn this OS. You will find various recommendations, easy guides, and FOSS tools.

How To Enable and Fix Virtualbox Shared Folder for Ubuntu

How To Enable Virtualbox Shared Folder for Linux Distros (Windows Host)

Virtualbox is high in performance product that carries new and unique features for all its users. The best thing is that this is the only software available as open-source under terms...
Top 5 Most Stable Linux Distros To Try In 2021 (Developers/Laptops)

Top 5 Most Stable Linux Distros To Try 2022 (Developers/Laptops)

If you are wondering why the term “stable” comes with a Linux operating system or distro then it is due to the availability of many of these variations per the requirement...
Manjaro Vs Endeavour OS Comparison 2021 (The Differences)

Manjaro Vs EndeavourOS Comparison 2022 (The Differences)

The best non-Ubuntu distros are Manjaro Linux whereas EndeavourOS is seemed to be a well-known and popular arch-based distro. The first one is quite old in the market whereas the other...
Debian vs Ubuntu (2020 Comparison): 14 Different Features Compared

Debian vs Ubuntu (2022 Comparison): 101 Guide to Choose Your Distro

These two are the most dominant distros out there in the market. Roughly there are 290 Linux distro variations out of which 131 are driven out from Debian and 58 directly...
CentOS 7 vs CentOS 8 - Which is a better choice for you?

CentOS 7 vs CentOS 8 – Which is a better choice for you?

The new release of CentOS is here and has brought in man changes many users have questioned about. I know many of you are considering an upgrade, but why? This CentOS...
Manjaro vs Ubuntu Comparison

Manjaro Vs. Ubuntu (Latest) – Which is the best Linux Version?

If you are the kind of user who is associated with computer technology 24/7 and spend most of your time in the open-source arena then you may have worked with popular...

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