How to Use/Install Windows 11 Media Creation Tool (2023 Guide)

With this tool users are able to upgrade their current Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free. Also, create a bootable driver which allows installing this on any other device they are using. You will learn everything about Windows 11 Media Creation Tool and how to use it to your own advantage to upgrade your PC and give yourself a new desktop experience.

About Windows 11 Media Creation Tool

This is a free utility that has been developed by Microsoft. With this users can create a Windows 11 installation USB drive or download its ISO image file which users can burn onto DVD with the purpose to get OS on a different system. With this one can upgrade their OS to the latest version or make a version 11 installation USB drive or DVD disc to repair their desktop. It happens with everyone so this is a must-have.

It is quite easy to use. By following the correct guide you can upgrade easily. You have landed at the right place if you do not know how to use this.

Below are the prerequisites:

  1. A PC or Laptop.
  2. Make sure to back up data.
  3. Have a stable internet connection. You need to have a good internet speed for downloading and then upgrade it or create a bootable USB drive.
  4. Make sure to have a USB drive with at least 8 GB of space. You shall need this if you are creating a USB drive from the tool.
  5. The product key which is a 25-digit code you get when you buy Windows 11, proves that one is using a copy of Windows.
  6. Blank flash with 5 GB free memory, this is recommended else you shall need to go through the process to determine if your system has the right drivers for the DVD.

(Guide) How to use Windows 11 Media Creation Tool

How to use Windows 11 Media Creation Tool

Once you have all the requirements, let’s move ahead.

  • Click on the link which navigates you to Microsoft’s official site. Select “Windows 11”.
  • You shall see information related to it, click on “download now”.
  • Once downloaded, run it on your system. You shall be asked to accept license terms, once done you shall see a screen saying “getting a few things ready”.
  • After this you shall see two options; “Upgrade this PC” and “Create Installation Media” (DVD, ISO file, USB flash drive) for another system.
  • Select option “Upgrade this PC” if you wish to upgrade the system on which you are running this tool.
  • Select option “Create Installation Media for another PC” if you wish to create a bootable USB drive for another system.
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Upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 (Free Tip)

Windows 10 Upgrading to Windows 11

If you select this, then follow the steps below:

  • The tool shall start to download “Windows 11”.
  • Once done, you shall be able to get this on your system.
  • Complete the process of installation, PC shall be prompted to complete setup. Finish it, and you shall be able to use this on your PC.

Create Installation Media using Media Creation Tool

Create Windows 11 Installation Media

On selecting this option, follow the steps below:

  1. On selection for this, you shall be asked to select the “language, editions and architecture” you wish to get. Select “use the recommended options for this PC” if you wish to use this tool to select options for the machine automatically. Hit “next” once done.
  2. After this, you shall see two options on the window.
  3. USB Flash Drive: If you hit this option, the tool shall create a bootable USB.
  4. ISO File: If you hit this option, you shall be able to burn the ISO file later to create a Bootable USB drive or DVD.
  5. If you select the option “USB Flash Drive”, then make sure to connect a USB that has at least 8 GB of storage. The tool shall start to download version 1 and burn it to a USB flash drive automatically.
  6. If you select option “ISO file”, then the ISO file of version 11 shall be downloaded, later on, burn it with burning tools such as Power ISO. Use these tools to also burn ISO to a USB Drive.
  7. Once a bootable USB drive for version 11 has been created, plug the USB in the system to which you want to upgrade.
  8. Once plugged in, boot into BIOS and continue with the procedure as you would normally.

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Windows 11 Media Creation Tool FAQs

Downloading and Installing Windows 11 from this tool, Is it possible?

Visit its website, and click on the “Download tool now” button on the webpage. Install and run it on your system. After this, select to create installation media for another system or upgrade to version 11 with this tool.

How to upgrade to Windows 11 for free?

Visit the official website of Microsoft, and select the “Download tool now” button. Run it and click the accept button to agree with all the terms. Now, on What do you want to do page, click on “Upgrade this PC now” and hit “next”. After this follow the prompt to complete this.

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Download Windows 11 ISO (Full Version)

Is it possible to create a bootable Windows 11 USB?

Windows 11 Media Creation Tool Bootable USB

Yes, for this you need to make a blank USB drive with 8 GB storage, and connect it to your system. Get the free Windows 11 tool from the official site of Microsoft and run it. On the “what do you want to do page” choose “create an installation for another system”, then select “language, edition, architecture” for installation media. To choose which media to use page, you need to click on a USB drive and follow all the prompts to make a bootable USB drive.


Windows 11 was one of the biggest releases and announcements from Microsoft. This is why we made this guide on how to use Windows 11 Media Creation Tool for various purposes including installation, upgrading, or creating a bootable USB.

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