3 Ways To Find real IP behind Cloudflare or a Proxy Server in 2023

Cloudflare is a company based in America that deals with the security of the web. It is used to provide internet security for businesses, non-profit organizations, bloggers and others. However, the services are so good that they totally hide your real identity online, well sort off! Your IP address or server host gets hidden behind their service, we share 3 methods that you can use to bypass them and locate the real information.

They are designed to offer their users with content distribution network which is quite popular, houses millions of internet properties and is used to keep them all safe and secure.

Now, a question might arise in your mind is Cloudflare safe to use?

Well, yes and how:

Eliminates risks related to security threats not much considerable.

Internet properties are secured which are registered under their services from DDoS (Distributed denial-of-Service) attacks, spambots, as well as customer data breaches.

About Cloudflare and its protection

For web traffic, it operates as a reverse proxy and provides support to deprecated open-specification communication protocols such as SPDY and also supports HTTP/2, QUIC as well as HTTP/2 Server Push.

It also provides users with DDoS mitigation services which are used to protect them from Distributed Denial of Service. Till now such services have blocked almost 72 billion threats occurring each day.

Back in 2010, its content distribution network came out and to date, it claims to support more than 25 million sites. What makes it different is that it uses distributed caches in spite of a centralized cache for better latency.

It assures all its users that it won’t use any browsing data to target ads. The reason why people tend to use this is that it has always stuck to what it claims and takes its privacy advantages very seriously and does not write IP addresses to disk. Though it does log some data as explained above that too gets deleted within 24 hours.

For now, it has access to 7 million+ domain names on the same server it runs on. User queries are taken seriously and solved in no time as both the resolver and rescuer are on the very same network. The best thing that you shall notice is that it gets updated in no time as it does not wait for TTLs to expire.

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How much safer does Cloudflare make your site?

Strong encryption is not used by the internet service providers due to which queries are vulnerable to data breaches thus exposing all users to threats and serious concerns. At times they keep records of user activity and behavior on the web. Based on their performance they can either be slow or overloaded by many queries.

To solve all such problems Cloudflare DNS public server ( was created and the best thing is that it shall not save any of the logs as after 24 hours they get deleted and are only kept for this time for debugging reasons.

It offers:

  • Query name minimization is a security feature and improvises security in every query.

From this, we conclude that it is safe to use.

It provides security that is tested by internet properties throughout the world. Overtime is has developed a great trust among all companies and organizations.

With the combination of with an in-built WARP VPN then privacy is assured whenever you visit the website. It does not share your information with anyone else thus keeping you all safe and good.

  • It protects official election sites from fraud and theft which today is a big issue in underdeveloped countries but it gets them covered.

It provides different services to users which are as followed:

  1. Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  2. Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  3. DNS management.
  4. Security from all the attacks such as DDoS.

Today it is being used by 600000 sites to

  1. Improvise loading speed
  2. Reducing the load on origin servers
  3. Prevent different online attacks.
  4. Query speeds are at the top according to their tests.

DNS Query Speeds (Comparison)

Being a reverse proxy it acts as an intermediary between the host server and website visitors.

Now, all this makes it impossible for someone to find IP address of any site which uses this service.

To find site details then follow through. Now, we shall see how to trace IP address of a website and find its actual hosting provider.

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Top 3 Ways To Find the real IP Address of a website behind Cloudflare 

#1: SecurityTrails DNS Check – Check Historial DNS Data

Historical DNS Data Checker

Through Old DNS records indicate the last owner’s services. Sites that use its nameservers must have used basic nameservers being provided by their domain registrar or hosting provider. These are used to tell the original IP address of the site hosting provider.

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For this purpose, we can also use SecurityTrails, and follow through to know more.

  1. You need to visit the site of SecurityTrails.
  2. Once there enter the name of the domain which you need to find out about.
  3. Click “enter”.
  4. Go to the “historical data” page and when prompted either log in or signup.
  5. You shall now see all the previous records of a domain name, IP addresses and hosting providers.

Some quick facts:

  • 11 years of data to look through
  • Data of A, MX and NS records are available

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#2 – Use Censys Search – A treasure trove of the web

Give try a service named Censys. It shall help users discover technologies used by the host.

Just put in name of the domain and it shall provide all the services used by the site.

  1. You need to go to “Censys Search”
  2. Once there enter the name of the domain you wish to find details about.
  3. You shall now see the trusted host with the site’s real IP address.

#3 – Kali Linux dnsrecon – Find nameservers

You can also use Kali Linux to find out about the various nameservers and records. However, you will need to install Kali first as a virtual machine, you can do this using a Linux emulator for Windows. This way you don’t have to go through the painful process of dual-boot.

These are all our recommended methods on how you can find the real server or host IP of a website that may be using Cloudflare CDN or WAF services. If you have an alternative way please feel free to comment below and let us know.

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