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This is a utility used to switch off a desktop or laptop monitor with a single click of the mouse or by pressing the keyboard key. Turn Off Monitor is also used to support turning off different monitors on a multi-colour system, this is a very exciting feature. Once it is switched off, the user can turn it on by providing any kind of user input such as mouse movement or by pressing any keyboard key. It is currently available to download for Windows 10 and below.

Systems consume a lot of energy. When you are using devices such as a laptop that runs on the battery you can increase the life of the battery by simply turning off the system when not needed, or when performing background tasks such as virus scan, listening to music or programming. When s system’s display device cannot be turned off due to any technical reason, then using this will help you display a blank screen in order to avoid glare or light emitted by the system device.

Turn Off Monitor Software Top Features

Turn Off Monitor Software Features

It offers different compute control features. The following provides you with complete control over your system. Automating system shutdown, managing screensaver, configurable keyboard shortcuts to launch apps are just some features.

  1. Turn off the monitor only if the system is idle for a specific time interval.
  2. Shutdown, hibernate, restart after the system is inactive for a specified time.
  3. Shutdown, restart or logoff after a configurable time period.
  4. Lock screen and turn off the monitor with a keyboard shortcut.
  5. Turn off the monitor based on the position of the mouse.
  6. Schedule monitor off and on time for automated monitor control.
  7. Lock keyboard and mouse in order to avoid any accidental keypress or mouse movement.
  8. Start the screensaver quickly or change the default one.

All from individual users to network administrators, all can use this to control desktop and laptop computers. Following are some benefits of using this software:

  1. Simple yet easy GUI.
  2. It supports turning off different systems.
  3. It can display a blank screen in order to stop glare emitted by the monitor.
  4. Turn off the monitor quickly and easily with this software application.
  5. It is free to try without any functional limitation.
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How to use Turn Off Monitor (Step-by-Step Guide)

It helps to create a desktop shortcut and keyboard shortcut to turn off the monitor. Using any of these shortcuts can help you power off your system instantly when required. To turn on your system; you need to move the mouse cursor or press any key on the keyboard.

Turn Off Monitor Tutorial

Use Desktop Shortcuts

When you are creating a desktop shortcut you can launch the software easily from the desktop. Now, apart from creating a shortcut for powering off your display, you can create shortcuts for different functions such as shutdown system, restart the system, log off the signed user and many others.

You need to follow the steps below to create a desktop shortcut to turn off the system:

  • Is the first step you need to double click on the “settings” shortcut which is created on the desktop by the software installer.
  • From its screen, click on the “create desktop shortcut” button.
  • Choose the “turn off the monitor” from the list of actions displayed.
  • After this hit the “ok” button, shortcut shall be created.
  • To power off the system, double click on the new desktop shortcut. In case if you have different systems connected to your PC, all monitors will be turned off instantly.

Important Tip: After successful installation, turn off monitor installer also creates a desktop shortcut to power off your system by default. Just double click on the shortcut which has been created on your monitor shall be powered off.

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Use Keyboard Shortcuts 

Display Turn Off Shortcuts

Follow the step below to turn off the monitor with a keyboard shortcut. Pressing the key on the keyboard is important to turn off your monitor without many efforts to locate as well as launch the desktop shortcut to turn off the monitor. User can configure their own key to perform an action.

Follow the steps below to create a keyboard shortcut or a hotkey to power the monitor easily:

  • In the first step, you need to double click on the “settings” shortcut there on the desktop.
  • From here you need to press a keyboard key to be used to switch off the monitor and press on the button titled “change”.
  • When you are assigning a key, you can optionally enable a configuration screen to come before the software actually turns the monitor off.
  • You need to check and verify that the shortcut turns off the monitor by pressing the shortcut on the keyboard.
  • To turn it on again, you need to move the mouse cursor and click on the “save” button to close the “turn off monitor settings screen”.
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By following these steps, you can create a “keyboard shortcut” to lock your system and then power off your monitor. This not only saves energy but also protect your system by locking it.

Use the Taskbar Icon

You need to drag the desktop shortcut to power off the monitor and then pin it to the taskbar. Only with a single click on this, you can turn off the monitor without having the issue to locate the correct desktop shortcut.

Turn Off Monitor Windows 10 ShortcutsYou can even drag the “turn off monitor shortcut” in the taskbar towards left or right. To unpin this, click right on the shortcut and click on “unpin from taskbar”.

Alternative: Download Monitor Off and switch off displays with shortcuts.

Download Turn Off Monitor Utility Software

Download this for free switch off your monitor without waiting for the power settings to switch off your system. It can be used on a laptop, Notebook or desktop system running Windows OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and other older versions such as Windows XP or Vista.

To install the software you need to follow the instructions provided in the installer wizard. Register for the full version by paying minimal fees. The free trial comes with all functions and limits the number of uses. The user is able to explore all the features of this monitor control app by watching video tutorials.

Below is the Turn Off Monitor download button, which will give you it’s latest build release.

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