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Today students look for something which is ready to be learned without putting in such an effort. This is where Slideshare comes in handy though it is an overlooked social media platform still its use is on the rise with many academics discovering its benefits too.

Slideshare Downloader is now available for PC, Chrome, Android APK and macOS. You can now get your favorite PPT and PDF presentations in one click using our next-generation advanced online tool.

What is Slideshare Downloader

This is a site on which users can post content which includes PDFs, PowerPoint slides, videos and others like presentations. What is interesting about presentations is that you search them, view and share them with anyone we wish. For now, it has around 60 million visitors per month.

It has gained a lot of popularity among users and the best thing is that it comes in free but offers a premium version as well which carries uploading videos, analytics, private sharing and professional branding all of which start at $19 per month.

Now, it optimizes content for smartphones automatically so that content is available for all. It has a high rank in Google search from which we can assume how circular the site is.

To upload your content just sign up and you are good to go but wait is your content created equally? If not then how to make yours stand out?

Slideshare Downloader Features

Slideshare PPT Downloader

Search for more PPT slides

Search and look for different sites producing the same content so you have an idea that which is more effective and what content it includes. The ones which are displayed on the homepage are the most effective ones as they are picked by the site itself and set good examples on how to put together a great presentation.

If you want more and more people to engage with your content and make maximum shares of your presentations then you can easily make a custom template that helps to make your presentations easily recognizable. Put a little effort into finding your style and if it works for you, stick to it.

Add beautiful styles to them

Content alone does not make a lot of difference, good content needs to have some relevant images and attractive layouts as well. This helps to grasp user attention and increase viewership.

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Make them compatible with browsers

One unique thing is that you can repurpose content you have already. Make use of older presentations; add in relevant images and templates and who knows they might be able to make a good position.

People tend to visit the site is that it’s easy and helpful to them. Make sure to keep things simple by adding a relevant image, some templates, few bullets per slide and you are good to go. Don’t complicate things, keep in mind that people have visited your presentation for ease of the underlying concept.

Optimize the slides

You are uploading content for users to find and visit easily and how this can be done is by adding 20 tags or keywords to it. Make sure to keep an easy title that has all the words of the relevant topic, and add a brief description when adding tags.

Share it with people

As it helps students with difficult topics so make sure that you are sharing this through your other social media networks as well as this shall extend reach and alert readers towards new content.

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4 Different Types of Slideshare Presentations

Slideshare PDF Downloader


These are made with one goal in mind which is to inform others. It needs to be direct and concise. These usually include facts in which large chunks of information are broken down into smaller bullets for easy understanding.

These include research and analytical results, background content information and much more.


These are made to teach the audience, and provide them with directions to guide them through stuff such as navigating software or using an online tool.

These are not simple but are longer and time-consuming and usually range from basic instructions to a more advanced direction.

It is best found in the form of video tutorials but Slideshare works great as well.


Such presentations create interest in the topic under discussion among users. To have a greater impact these include narrative-driven, real-time stories as well as examples.

These are both motivational and encouraging and allow users to take a call to action in the end.


Presentations need to be persuasive and convince the audience of what points and facts you have mentioned. For all this, you need to have supportive facts to heat up your arguments and often present your points as solutions to a certain problem.

This again ends with a strong call to action through which users can come to a decision and act on the basis of what information is provided.

These include debates and business proposals.

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3 Benefits you get with using Slideshare Downloader 

Slideshare Downloader Benefits

If you are a market professional then it can have many benefits for you. If you add your marketing plan to your content marketing strategy then it boosts your content marketing strategy which is a core foundation for any business which aims for success.

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These are more valuable to those who intend to strengthen their brand by using LinkedIn

Exposure is increased:

If you are new to this then you can reach a massive audience as of now it earns around 25 million views every month.

When there are more views, there is more exposure and thus results in more great followers. This then helps to increase sales prospects, and networking opportunities partnership offers.

Content can be improved:

It’s not like you have to create new content and then post it all time, you can repurpose the best ones in a fresh way.

If you carry a long blog post with many views then all you need to do is convert it into an easy presentation that is easily read among users.

Like this you are delivering information in a new way, continuing to promote material, and expanding your audience.

As you share your knowledge viewers get to see your innovative and forward-thinking mindset.

People shall turn to you whenever they are in need of information on any specific area.

Share knowledge

It is a great platform through which we can seek out information. When content is being posted by worldwide experts then you have the quality information on your fingerprints from which you can learn.

Make sure to use all the resources in order to enhance your knowledge and gain new on wide topics.

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Slideshare Downloader FAQ

Does Slideshare downloader work on Chrome?

Yes, this works through the browser extension which automatically enables it once you have installed the downloader.

How to download PPT from Slideshare on my mobile?

You can use the SlideShare downloader apk or use the free online tool to achieve this. Don’t forget you also have the option to save them as PDFs.

Is Slideshare downloader available for PC?

Yes, you can download it for Windows 10, 11 and macOS. It works without showing you the download option and is seamless with only three clicks to get you the PPT.

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Slideshare Downloader (Latest) – Free PPT/PDF Download Tool

Slideshare is a great tool for showcasing and sharing your presentations with the world. Now you can utilize Slideshare Downloader to download free PPT and PDF presentations. This tool is supported on Windows, Android and iPhone.


You can use the extension to download the slides directly from the website by just clicking on the DL icon. This is supported in the newer Chrome and Firefox browsers.


Our Slideshare downloader tool for PC is simple, light and just works. It works without login and having an account.


If you are an Android user you can use the mobile app to save the PPT presentations directly on your device.

SlideShare Downloader (Latest Version)

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