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Shutterstock was founded by a programmer and photographer named John Oringer back in 2003 which is a new stick photography business based on licensing pictures under the Royalty Free License at lesser prices along with minimum payment requirements. An online tool namely Shutterstock Downloader has been developed allowing you quick access to saving high-quality images without watermark all for free!

Now, this is what we call microstock and was being offered initially at many of his photos, but in a short period of time they also made up space for contributor images.

After this came out another company by the name iStock but Shutterstock made its position due to self-innovation method which is stock photo subscription. It offered its users a good number of downloads each day for a fixed price. Their method was adopted by iStock as well other industries which were deemed a great success.

What is Shutterstock Downloader

About Shutterstock Downloader

This was one of the biggest stock image libraries with more than 95 million pictures also added around 1 million new files per week. They offered diversity in content and images in high quality to be used in different projects and also check submissions for technical standards. All this was granted to them by the Royalty Free License.

Talking about technical development then they come with user-friendly websites. Recently they have had some new additions which include the following:

  • Mobile platform and applications.
  • Free online media editors.
  • Advanced reverse image research.
  • Tool for the content suggestion.

All this is based on computer vision technology.

For the past few years, they have had their focus in growing business with the aim to become a one-stop for visual creatives. Today they have included stock footage and audio, first-class editorial imagery services for celebrity and newsworthy content and some amazing content integration all thanks to acquisitions, partnerships and expansions.

Today, after 13 years they have a good yet reputable position in the industry. Their popularity is due to having a great deal for most of the buyers.

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How does Shutterstock Downloader work

How Shutterstock Image Downloader Works

RF files are flexible in nature and can be afforded by all. The company sells RF (Royalty Free) licenses.

For those who do not know Royalty-Free means that we don’t need to pay further royalties once we have paid our price for the license. If you have in mind that it is copyright free then no you are totally wrong as these pictures come at a price for use but they need to be paid only once. Once licensing fee has been paid, you can use the file forever in multiple ways without any hassle.

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With a license, you have the authority to use them for different commercial, promotional and personal reasons like:

  • Marketing and advertising.
  • Graphic design.
  • Personal decoration, artwork and much more.

It is quite a smart choice to use it for commercial content they have a check and balance on all the images for model and property releases. Now, if they have been listed as commercial then you should know that they have been revised and are safe to use.

Keep in mind that there are some restrictions in standard license in which few are irrevocable like:

  • The pictures cannot be used in any defamatory way.
  • We cannot use the images with models in a way that recommends that they are endorsing a certain product or service.
  • They cannot be used if they have any connection with concepts that are morally questionable.
  • You cannot resell, distribute them or sell them to anyone.

It has some other restrictions as well:

  • We can only print run and digital reproductions of the pictures to 5 lakh copies.
  • We cannot use them in products with the intention to resell them

Keep in mind that all these restrictions can be removed with having an extended license, with this we can get rights to unlimited print and reproduction copies and also used for resale purposes obviously for a good price.

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Shutterstock Downloader Features

Shutterstock Downloader Features

Free Images Without Watermarks

It provides users with a great free trial offer in which they can get around 10 free images of personal choice that too without any watermark and price.

To download non-watermark images you need to:

  • Visit Shutterstock’s free trial page.
  • Click on “start your free trial” and you shall be directed to the checkout screen.
  • Next, you need to log in to your account or sign up which is totally free.
  • Once done provide all billing information with a valid payment method, the best thing is that you won’t be charged for this.
  • Click on the “complete checkout” button.
  • This is it, you are done. The process might take a few minutes to complete and your trial shall be activated and then you can download 10 of your desired images.

This is great if you intend to use them in commercial projects like marketing and advertising; if you use them unlicensed it can cost you a lot in legal costs.

All the images are royalty-free with a valid license and are free-lighted for commercial reasons and above all they are free.

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Now, if you remain subscribed then you can still cancel the annual plan anytime you wish on monthly basis.

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Image Pack Saver

The images it carries have a watermark and are at low-resolution reduced pixel count, there is the preview feature when looking at their catalog and when selecting one to see in a bigger size. Once it has been licensed which means you are downloading them from Shutterstock legally through a free trial or paying for them, you shall be getting high resolution and images without any watermark.

Buy a demand image pack if you want media without any watermark. All the other ones are purchased at one time where we pay for the number of downloads upfront and then they can be used for one whole year.

These packs come at a reasonable price and they also have coupon discounts that apply to on-demand packs. These can be bought at a discount of 15% and also save some money.

Premium Subscription Quick Access

Shutterstock Premium Access

You cannot buy photos through packs only a stock photo subscription for all its pricing options is the best water remover as with this we can have access to professional images as per our requirement without worrying about watermarks. The best thing is that they come at a lower price and makes all the work fluent and stress-free.

Now what is best is that it carries a Shutterstock coupon code which offers 15% off on all the plans.

Ways to buy a premium subscription using a coupon code are the same as with image pack but you have the choice to select the plan.

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Disclaimer: If you are the author of this program please come forward and let us know. Please use this program at your own risk, we are not responsible for the actions or damage you may cause with this program and are only sharing it here for informational and educational reasons. Please respect the work of the authors and the copyright laws in your country.

Shutterstock Downloader Free Online (Latest Release)

Shutterstock has without a second thought the biggest database of stock photos. It is used by everyone including businesses, freelancers and students. The images it provides are all of very high quality and shared by a community that is adding more daily. You can now use Shutterstock Downloader online for free to save images onto your PC or mobile.

Version: 10.00

Size: 86 MB

Platform: Windows 10/11, Android and iPhone

Shutterstock Downloader (Latest)

Shutterstock Image Downloader
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