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Scribd is one of the biggest digital libraries which have all types of written books mostly in PDF. For now, it has around 40 million books. On this new as well as old authors tend to publish or sell their work which can be accessed by the people to fulfill their needs. Our professional engineers have created a Scribd Downloader that is freely available online for Chrome, Firefox, PC and Safari.

Though it is a charged application still allows viewing certain docs for free, keeping in mind that these can’t be downloaded unless and until you upgrade to a paid membership. By spending little on the subscription fee you can read all of your favorite documents as well as books. It is available for Windows, Android, Linux, Mac and iOS.

With free membership, users can only view documents in limited numbers.

About Scribd Downloader

About Scribd Downloader

I have come till here then it means either you have not tried the above-mentioned methods or are trying to get a book which for now is not possible.

We have one more way in which you can download the required document from its repository.

You shall rarely find a working site whenever you search for this. This application updates it site occasionally after which these sites are not able to download such documents through the URL.

But, some websites such as which is good downloader web application. It lets users download the required documents in a few easy clicks. Do give them a try.

In the trial subscription, the user can only use the platform as a paid member. With a free trial subscription, you can the required documents and 3 books in a month and listen to as many audiobooks as you want.

For this, you just need to sign-up from the site or android/Ios application and begin a 10 day trial for free.

We have found an interesting thing that this application with Samsung is giving users a 2-month extended trial in spite of 1 month which is cool. For now, there is no way to get this. Samsung bears a cost of one month but the condition is that you need to own a Samsung Galaxy device.

In case you don’t own one but one of your relatives or friends has it then you can take help from them and get access to your favorite book, audiobook or any document in just a few steps.

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For this:

  1. Open “galaxy apps” on your device.
  2. Once done, search for “Scribd” and install it for the Samsung application.
  3. Sign in to begin a free trial for 60 days and have access to your favorite books and documents for limitless reading all for free.

As an alternative, you can also choose Course Hero.

Course Hero Downloader and File Viewer

3 Ways To Download Scribd Books and Documents

Ways To Download Scribd Books and Documents

#1: Upload your own books and documents

We found a way on its site where one can view or even download documents all for free. This does not require any subscription payment.

For this:

  1. Visit
  2. Once there, search for the doc or page you wish to review or get without paying any penny, copy the URL of the page.
  3. Login to your account or you can also sign-up from the new account. As an alternate, it carries a Facebook login option as well.
  4. Once signed in, you shall be asked regarding a subscription if you are not a monthly subscription, skip and get back to the account.
  5. Next, upload a doc of any kind, give a title to this and add a description.
  6. Save it.
  7. Paste the copied URL in the address bar to download it.
  8. Hit the download button.

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#2: Use Nice Extension for Chrome and Firefox

Scribd Downloader for Chrome

Follow this method to view all blurred documents on this.

Google Chrome Method

  1. Open “google chrome”.
  2. In here type “chrome://extensions”.
  3. From top right, turn off developer mode toggle switch.
  4. Download “ nice-try chrome extension”, then extract it.
  5. After this click on the “load unpacked extension” button and click on “extracted folder”.
  6. Go to the document page to see and download it.

Mozilla FireFox Method – Works on Safari too

  1. Download “this add-on”, load it through about: debugging as a temporary add-on.
  2. From extracted folder select file manifest.json.
  3. Next, download “extension” for opera.
  4. After this open opera: extensions.
  5. Once done, enable “developer mode”.
  6. After this, load extensions as unpacked there from the extension’s extracted folder.

Internet Explorer and Edge Method

  1. Type
  2. Search the document and then open it.
  3. Anywhere on the page click right and click on “view page source”.
  4. After this search for “access_key”, once done, copy it to the same place.
  5. Get the “documents id” of the one you wish to get for free.
  6. In the URL, replace this and the document and then paste the modified URL into a new browser.
  7. Allow the doc to load, once done hit the “print” option and save it as pdf.

After this, your document shall be downloaded as pdf into your system.

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#3:  Downloading Files using Python DL Script

Though this one is tricky on the list if you follow step-by-step instructions you shall find it to be much easier.

This method might get deprecated after some time as Scribd updates its site and patches vulnerabilities quite frequently.

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For this:

  • You need to download and install Python 3.5.
  • Once done, you need to open the command prompt and type in the following command:
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Users\DekiSoft\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\Scripts
Note: Replace DekiSoft with your PC username.
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Users\DekiSoft\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37
  • Once the environment variables have been set, check to see if python and pip are working or not.
  • Open “new command prompt” and type “pip” and hit the “enter” button. If you witness an output then this indicates that pip is working.
  • After this type in “pip install Scribd-dl” and hit the “enter” key, now let this install the python package.
  • After this you need to go to Scribd and browse for the doc you wish to get, copy the document URL and paste the following command:
scribd-dl [Enter URL Here]
  • Replace it with doc URL and then hit “enter”. Wait for some time for it to download the file.
  • After this browse directory where cms were running and access the book.

Scribd Downloader Quick FAQs

Scribd Downloader Quick FAQs

Are books actually downloadable with this tool?

Yes, we can. By getting a 3-month free subscription you can download any book from this all for free.

Are the documents, books or PDF files 100% free?

Yes, they are. The number of pages does not matter or format. Follow any method mentioned above.

Can I print?

Unfortunately, it does not provide users with this option but one can print books once downloaded to the system.

Is there any other solution online that would work if this goes offline?

The python script is used by Scribd downloaders to get documents. The script can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac, and PC to get any of its documents for free.

How do you unlock the documents, what is the process?

We use a special API that allows us to use such technologies to call the files for the users. These are not gained with account hacking methods with tools like Sentry MBA.

Some content is still blurred, how to fix it?

You can use Tampermonkey extension and custom script for this purpose. With the extension, the user can execute a script on its document page which can remove blur.

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Update: We have now added the functionality of downloading audiobooks. You can also directly save them to your Amazon Kindle for listening later.

Scribd Downloader Free Online 2022 – Access Any Book, PDF or Documents

No more struggling with viewing important research papers or books you need for your assignments. You now have the world’s largest digital library at your fingertips. Many faced obstructions where they could not open a specific URL or page. This is where our development team created the Scribd Downloader online that works on a range of platforms and is free to download.

Version: 1.1.4

Size: 46 MB.

Scribd Downloader 2022 (Latest)

Scribd Downloader 2022
Lee is a full-time developer at DekiSoft that is eager to discover new and exciting advancements in technology, AI, software, Linux and machine learning. He loves playing games in his spare time.
Scribd is a great service where everything is happening online. You can read any book or document you wish instead of going to the library. You can now use Scribd Downloader to unlock any book you want for your reading, studies or research. The sky is the limit.scribd-downloader-2021

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